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  1. Man I fucking love that movie! Rutger Hauer made some wonderfully awful shit in the 80's and 90's. See also Blind Fury, Wanted: Dead or Alive and Wedlock.
  2. How does an underwater MP3 player work then? I mean I get that you can make the player waterproof but how do headphones work underwater? Wouldn't the sound get all fucked up when you get the water in your ears?
  3. Now that's fighting talk right there! Smoggy if you don't mind thank you very much!!! Was that @Len Cnut? He did send me a baby sized Arsenal kit when my daughter was born a few years back.
  4. I'm a Middlesbrough fan so I've not got a leg to stand on. That said I've not watched a game since they had a halfway decent side which is about 20 years ago. Couldn't name a single player these days.
  5. Is that just because they're shit?
  6. So her defence against the defamation suit is that she knowingly committed perjury?
  7. Not yet. We were supposed to be getting our first doses in April but I think it's going to be May now as we appear to have to share our toys with the bloody Europeans!
  8. The strategy was to invest heavily in vaccines from many different sources in order to make sure that we had access to whatever was approved first basically. There was no way of knowing back in early 2020 which of the many vaccines would be successful (if any) and which would be approved for use first. It wasn't so much a case of vaccine hoarding but rather a hedging of bets over what would be available. We ordered 400 million doses from 7 manufacturers which would be enough to vaccinate the adult population with both doses seven times over but so far only three suppliers have been approv
  9. The irony is that Brexit is irrelevant here. There was a absolutely nothing about membership of the EU that stopped us from pursuing this strategy as evidenced by the fact that we were still within the EU framework until January 1st this year. Any EU member state could have copied our rollout strategy, they just chose not to.
  10. That's basically the plan I think. One shot offers very good protection against the most serious consequences of infection so the idea is that we protect more people from serious illness rather than less people against all illness. Got to hand it to Boris and Co. in this instance. They've not done a lot right in this pandemic but credit where it's due as far as vaccines are concerned.
  11. Like you you tubby little fucker!
  12. 50% of the UK adult population is vaccinated.
  13. I said exactly the same thing to my wife when watching it earlier. That said, all things considered, I'm shocked to say that I did really enjoy it. I've not seen the earlier version for comparison but this was very enjoyable.
  14. How the fuck did you get a jab? Since when were shortarses a high risk group?
  15. You know we're living in the end times when Boris Johnson of all fucking people is showing the world how it should be done.
  16. Heard a great story on the radio about this sort of thing the other day. Guy calls into the show and says he’s sick of all this cancel culture because he can’t say anything in public anymore without fear of reprisals. Host says to him “so what is it that you really want to say that you can’t because of cancel culture?” Guy goes onto say that he lives near Heathrow airport and he’s sick of all the Pakistanis because there’s loads of them and they all stink of curry. At that point you have to ask yourself, is it cancel culture or do people just want it to be okay to be rac
  17. And it probably would have been a lot fucking cheaper if she didn't keep leaving the fucking heating on all the time or is that just me?
  18. At least Jeremy Clarkson punched him once.
  19. Well making blacks work for free is kinda their thing.
  20. It's fucking great for a country that thinks the welfare state is the devil. In good old Socialist Blighty over here unemployment benefit is fucking shit. For a single person under 25 you get $120 a week in total.
  21. Was the motherhood penalty as a result of offside and if so how did she know? *hides*
  22. Apparently we've got a serial sex pest shortarse on the loose in my area. Hope the little cunt gets a good fucking kicking! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/police-hunt-mountain-biker-who-19985194
  23. I've never heard that he was abused himself. Do you have a link to the story?
  24. Irrespective of that, my take on it is that Brexit represents a fundamental change to the conditions under which the first referendum was held. For that reason alone I think the Scots deserve another vote. A second referendum on Brexit doesn't really come under the same criteria as nothing fundamental has changed with Brexit since the first vote. It's turning out to be just as big of a clusterfuck as we all thought it was going to be whereas the Scots who voted to remain part of the union did so under the assumption that the union would remain part of the EU. In fact if I remember correctly wa
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