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  1. Boy was Rush wrong here, little did he know roughly a year in to the Clinton administration Axl would disappear not to be seen again publicly until the final days of the administration.
  2. I gave up on a new proper album a long time ago as far as the band, I wouldn’t say I’ve given up I just don’t give a shit, now I just check the different forums randomly to see if anything has leaked.
  3. I feel awful posting this but I personally think TB would release anything and everything they had access to (post axl). The reason for no new music being released is purely Axl. Every other member (past and present) of gnr have shown they can release a ton of material on their own or with other bands.
  4. After more artists released new music this week the pandemic obviously hasn’t stopped them. I think our best hope is to wait for another round of leaks in a few years to here some *new to us* music from gnr.
  5. I was told that the some of the original leaks (early 2000s) were traced back to Fernando, I always thought Fernando/TB thought some of the songs were great and ready to release but Axl didn’t feel the same way. I think that Fernando took things in his own hands and leaked some of the tracks to try to motivate axl to do a proper release of an album, but of course Axl didn’t appreciate that approach once it was traced back to Fernando. I think Axl has everyone where he wants them- the band- keep your mouths shut about gnr related items and you’ll keep getting paid.
  6. I agree with the bootlegging part, if it wasn’t for the leaks we wouldn’t have had anything new for 12 years CD- 2008, locked and loaded I don’t consider new. And I can remember when leaks from CD started coming out earlier in 2008 many people refused to download them because they knew an actual release was imminent. Whereas I think most people downloaded the latest leaks from last year just due to the fact of the last 12 years of crap the fans have received from TB.
  7. Here’s the issue, Axl has surrounded himself with a management team that are trolls, and they enjoy trolling their own fans. Having said that, I will say if you are a good little fan and accept whatever cash grab merchandise they put up for sale then you will be treated okay. But if you dare to bring up a new album (that their own members and management team dangle in front of the fans like a carrot to a horse) you are treated like a piece of crap. For someone who proclaims to hate trump the way Axl does he sure operate the same way. If Axl didn’t want that going on, it would
  8. If all of the CD leaks from last year and all of the post-gnr records that duff,Izzy,slash, Gilby proved anything it is that Axl is the end all be all of new gnr music being released. He surrounded himself with “yes people” during the UYI days and it continues now. Anyone who pushed him to greatness has been blackballed from gnr. The ones who remain and/or came back aren’t going to do or say anything to push Axl, they all want their paychecks to keep rolling in.
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