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  1. Just wondering if Axl owns the gnr audio masters?
  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures, or topics….
  3. If Axl were to do an interview between either Joe Rogan or Howard Stern who out of those 2 would you want Axl to sit down with?
  4. I compare being a gnr fan to being a Cubs fan. Once the Cubs finally won the World Series it became less interesting, still a fan but not as intriguing as it once was. Same with gnr, we got CD, then a reunion, then the locker leaks. Outside of a maybe supposed new album what’s left? Axl has made it very clear with his actions over the past 10 years+ where he stands and anyone involved with gnr falls in line with that.
  5. The unfortunate thing I’ve discovered about most leaks (even those other than gnr leaks) are that typically the little clip you hear is the best part of the song, or the mystery around the song before it leaks is better than the actual song. maybe my expectations are high, but that seems to be the case for me.
  6. I would be more hopeful if it weren’t for so many people would had worked with Axl hadn’t all been quoted saying there are very few songs with vocals. And lots of ex-members of the group have all vaguely mentioned that they (meaning the band) had recorded lots of instrumentals. Obviously we all assume they have gag orders written into their contracts so they can’t come out and say “we did a ton of music but Axl didn’t do vocals” Having said that they all have certainly beat around the bush about it.
  7. I can certainly say that this is the lowest I’ve ever seen demand/interest in gnr leaks. Speaking for myself when the locker leaks happened it was exciting but it also proved true of what many people around Axl during that time had said- “lots of instrumentals, very few songs with melodies, even less with full vocals” I think Axl spoke the truth to zakk Wylde when he told him he had no inspiration for songs considering all he had been dealing with were lawyers and lawsuits (in the mid 90s).
  8. Illusions had too many good tracks for it to be just 1 disc, but not enough good tracks for it to be 2 discs.
  9. *looks around, kicks rocks on the ground* asks “so a new album, huh?”
  10. Rapper layzie bone from bone thugs n harmony gifted platinum plaque from Adler- https://www.instagram.com/p/CMfscBJnx8w/?igshid=puoqp1kabz6a
  11. Boy was Rush wrong here, little did he know roughly a year in to the Clinton administration Axl would disappear not to be seen again publicly until the final days of the administration.
  12. I gave up on a new proper album a long time ago as far as the band, I wouldn’t say I’ve given up I just don’t give a shit, now I just check the different forums randomly to see if anything has leaked.
  13. I feel awful posting this but I personally think TB would release anything and everything they had access to (post axl). The reason for no new music being released is purely Axl. Every other member (past and present) of gnr have shown they can release a ton of material on their own or with other bands.
  14. After more artists released new music this week the pandemic obviously hasn’t stopped them. I think our best hope is to wait for another round of leaks in a few years to here some *new to us* music from gnr.
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