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Selling my Vegas 01.01.01 shirt (size - large)


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Anyone want to make me an offer?

It's in excellent condition, no fading or cracks, etc.

Just too fuckin big for me....anyone know if they did this shirt in a medium?

anyways, shoot me an offer if you're interested.....I haven't bothered posting pictures because I'm sure you all know what this bad boy looks like!

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Well obviously gunsguy doesn't know what this "bad boy" looks like. Nor do I so...just post a picture please.

Nevermind, I searched eBay...

Is it this?

If so, it's a cool shirt, and that one is medium. I'd jump on it too. Good price if it's legit.

That link doesn't seem to work, but for everyone wondering this is the shirt:


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^^yes that's the one.



pictures are a bit grainy, t-shirt is in great condition

Shame that link didn't work BS

Anyone else know of a medium i can get please let me know. I've had a couple of offers for my large one (!) through pm's which I'm considering.

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The link I posted isn't the same shirt. It's an alright shirt but here is the link anyway...


Cheers man! I've been looking for that shirt for a while, and it was a reasonable price too!

and gavgnr - check your PMs!

Ha, no problem. It's a pretty sweet shirt but I needed my money for Ozzy stuff. :ph34r:

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Thanks to all those who have pm'd me about the shirt. Had some good offers.

Ok time for the business end of this.

Best offer I've had so far is $90.

First person to pm me with offer over this amount gets this amazin shirt.

Still gutted it's too big for me!

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