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VMA Nominees Announced

Jumpin' Jack Flash

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VMAs is the time of the year the industry looks at itself and pats itself on the back all while lowering the bar every year.

But seriously, what business does a GNR fan have commenting on mainstream music? The way people talk around here sometimes, you'd think we think everybody but GNR sucks...

That's cuz it's true, meng. :thumbsup:

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For that Moonman category (the only one that sounds semi-interesting), I'm hoping Tom Petty wins. That's my favorite of the songs there.

The video's ok, but I think Tom overplays it a bit with his funny gestures as this sort of mad hatter character.

I've never seen any of the videos besides "California Girls", so I was just going off the song.

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I've watched the VMA's and the EMA's since I was a little kid, which means from the mid-90's. I watch the shows mainly because I'm interested in popular music and how it develops. The last 2 years I've only watched EMA's (EMA's in general have always been better musically than VMA's) because of the nominees and the standard of pop music today. I can't believe how much utter shit this years list also holds. Beyonce in almost every fucking category? Eminem, excuse me? Of course not to mention Taylor Swift, Green Day, Al Rahmaan, Flo Rida and other shit. For example, why is Katy Perry nominated just in one category? Her songs thruout the year have been very catchy, she owns a great voice and has a "rebel" personality, all of which make a great pop artist.

I am, though, very happy to see the Best Video (That Should Have Won a Moonman) category and extremely happy for Cold War Kids, Anjulie and Major Lazer for getting nominated, even if it's in the category that no one gives a shit about.

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