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death, jail, or rock & roll, never seen this before


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Is it just me or... um... you can't even hear Axl's voice?

How can it sound good? Or even bad for that matter if you can't hear it?

Axl appeared in the video but didn't sing.

Yea, I was trying to get across the irony. The OP said Axl's voice sounds amazing. Never heard him sing like that... well, it wasn't him! Duh. Lol.

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Michael Monroe is maybe most know finnish rock singer. He used to play in Hanoi Rocks which inspired Guns N' Roses. Michael Monroe's solo band is going to play at the same festival as Guns N' Roses in Finland this summer. Who knows maybe they even do some song together? I was in Sebastian Bach's gick in december Monroe came there to sing this song called taxi driver with him. It was cool.

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