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  1. The band sounded great.. I'd like to assume Axl will work out the kinks vocally.. Might be an eye opener to practice with the band a bit more on such songs.. Maybe earlier in the setlist would help.. (not sure what song played prior to HS but) maybe a few easier vocals prior might help initially as well. This is what we wanted.. Let's be greatful in terms that a week ago neither a studio version or a live version of Hardskool existed.. And 3 months ago there was no signs pointing towards any new music in terms of released singles.. Let's hope this is only the beginning to more new music... No matter what Era it's coming from. It's why most of us have been floating around here for 16+ years. Thank you Guns.. Keep it going
  2. Just listened to it using an Australian VPN (easy to find on Google play) through the gnr YouTube channel.. It's a bit different from the Village sessions (hearing that version hundreds of times in the past 2 years it'll take some getting used to the changes.. But) it's sounds great.. Maybe I'm biased beings I'm starved for new music but the message of (semi) new material is extremely exciting.. Hope they play it tonight.. Also.. Just a theory.. Similar to the leaks prior to CD maybe they are releasing songs accordingly now with the village leaks and (if there is actually an album coming) we could hear some actual new songs or finished instrumentals.. (I hate this word...) soon.. 🤟
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