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How do we know that they wanted to call it "The Legend of the Red Pander" where did the rumor start ?

A guy in Germany faked(?) the Monstrosity single, and in that single was album art/title



Another title that patronizes and condescends to a country he's never been to please. :)

North Korean Democracy starts now?

He's been to China though, GN'R played in Hong Kong and he mentioned visiting mainland China in Fear N' Freedom in the Chinese Democracy booklet

When I was fortunate enough to visit both Hong Kong and Mainland China, I experienced different levels of fear at all times in relation to the particular area I visited. I did not experience the fear in the sense of having feared for myself, I witnessed it in others everywhere around me, and kept my demeanor calm, observant and extremely polite. What I felt was emotional heartbreak. I’ve never witnessed so many individuals going about their lives in such a degree of visible fear, especially the average citizen in the spectrum of social, economic or social position. The military were nearby in some form or another, from one lone sentry to marching drill teams. It was not like a movie as it was much more exreme in the sense that this was real. I did not ask or talk about any of these issues with anyone in public.

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I don't know about the title of it but I'm personally 50-50 on whether that was the cause of the Great Touring Depression of 2011-2014 where he repeated the same thing like a trapped ghost going through the motions.

Yeah, something sparked an intense loss of interest. I don't know how the last show on the 2010 tour went, but by all measures, that stretch of dates was solid. Then, without warning, 9 or 10 months later, Axl is very lethargic and uninterested. Who knows what it was that did it, but CD pt. 2 getting slapped down could have something to do with it.

I also hope to God it wasn't self-titled.

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On the subject of song/album titles. Axl is such a prankster/jokester, you've gotta believe he's laughing about the fact that he has a bunch of people on the internet calling some song he's working on, "Jackie Chan."

good point, we have an album called Legend Of The Red Panda and two of the tracks on it will be 'Jackie Chan' and 'Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul' but it wouldn't be GnR without the fans being taken the pish out of

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