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  1. Completely agree - I think CD wouldn't have been such a burden for Axl, it would have been released more easily, and people would have been more generous with it. We would probably have more of that material officially released. Maybe even a reunion sooner and maybe even Axl's solo project happening at the same time as the reunion.
  2. Sure, and that may be true for GNR too. But as it relates to the band I don't think Slash & Duff ever challenged that contract formally, did they? Either way, the moral of the story is that that situation is probably a lot more complicated and grown up than "Axl's oh so bad he would not go on stage unless he got them to sign the name." And there are probably a lot more situations in GNR history like that where his input would be pretty revelatory, which is just one reason I want him to write his autobiography. Probably a lot of light he could shine on the early NuGNR years too. A
  3. The relentless "I Hate Axl" crew is one reason I want him to write it. Whenever I've heard Axl's side of things I generally have thought "Huh, that makes sense" or "Well, that's not as bad as people made it out to be." Case in point: people claiming he wouldn't go on stage until the band signed the legal name of Guns N' Roses over to him. People believed that for years. The legitimate press wrote about it. Then late one night on a forum (maybe this one) Axl said, "that's impossible because legally speaking that's a contract under duress and would not hold up." That simple sentence brought a lo
  4. Right?! He's said before a few times that he has difficulty with it because 1) it gets too depressing and 2) he doesn't know how to phrase things that doesn't sound like he's calling everyone a liar. I kind of worry that the reunion made this way less likely, but that said I am still really hoping.
  5. Happy birthday, Axl. This year please know that I'd do dirty things for some new music from the CD era and even dirtier things for Axl Rose: The Autobiography.
  6. Massive fame and success has such awful downsides. Case in point: leeches and hanger-ons like this guy.
  7. Can you imagine if he was a part of the reunion? I'm sitting here stunned from the thought. The fans here would meltdown. That said - why in the world would you turn that down? And what would his role have been? So many questions.
  8. Yeah - I think it's pretty well known they waited to make the reunion official once Slash's divorce was finalized. Yup - I think it was a combination of truly believing in the New GNR project and feeling deeply burned by the old band. Then it all kind of came to a head and it made sense to pursue this.
  9. That may be, but moral of the story is if Axl just wanted the dough he would have cashed in on it years ago.
  10. Slash was on Piers Morgan in 2012 and said: "You've got a situation where no one wants to revisit - it's not just me, it's the whole band. So I don't think there's a price tag that anybody's going to put in front of us that's going to make that work."
  11. Money is a factor in everyone's life, but I don't think it's the primary motivation for it this time. Axl and Slash knew there was big money in a reunion for years and they still refused. Their feelings of betrayal were deeper and bigger than money. My honest belief, he lost his drive with NuGNR after band members left, managers and labels didn't fully back him doing NuGNR, lawsuits, and other bullshit happened. I think the wind went out of his sails on it and it's hard to blame him. Listen to ChiDem leaks. Those songs were close to done in 01. Then new producers came in, kept having him
  12. That's my guess for the states too. Maaaaaybe the end of 2022, but it's a reach.
  13. Of course - Better, IRS, & TWAT only got played in '06 after the leaks. Without that we probably wouldn't have even heard it soundchecked.
  14. Yeah, this has always worried me. Although Axl & Slash may have buried their personal issues I have to think that their creative differences are still an issue. Maybe they're ignoring it. I don't know, but hard to see Slash getting on board with some of the industrial/experimental stuff from the CD era. I think this is the best reason we have for why he sings like this now. It's just too difficult.
  15. Sigh - I'm interested in club membership, but money's too tight to justify it right now. Anyway, thanks for the insight. I figured it wasn't site related, but wanted to be sure. I'll look through my chrome settings.
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