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  1. I like that they're doing the videos and they look awesome, but it's hard to hear Axl's voice being so high and clean. I hope they keep coming, but I wish they would only use clips that highlight the rasp.
  2. The lockdown will be a reason to delay recording and releasing anything. There will be legitimate reasons for it and it will also be an excuse to delay and be disorganized.
  3. Something will for sure come out. Think we can bet those are not happening. They'll either be rescheduled or cancelled. If they're cancelled, people will be reimbursed. If they're rescheduled, they'll be reimbursed if they can't make the new date. They'll announce something soon. Any lack of info. I'd chalk up disorganization before greed. EDIT: I just noticed they sent out an email advertising flannel - maybe I should eat my hat.
  4. What exactly are they supposed to do? They don't have answers or information? They're a rock band, not international ambassadors.
  5. I really wonder what happened between December of 2010 & October of 2011. Night and day, really. That said, especially after hearing the leaks of 2000 Intentions and everything else, you can really see that Axl, indeed, had a vision and was actively recording. I think he lost a lot of steam after dealing with record company interference, band members leaving, producers making him overdub everything, the press being vicious at times, tons of lawsuits, etc.
  6. I was there - total blast of a show that I couldn't believe we 3 hours. I was bummed to hear his voice sans rasp on the broadcast when I relistened though. Personal plug: I hope they're using the fan interviews outside.
  7. It will most likely be postponed - hard to see the big stadium shows all moving forward now.
  8. This will definitely be a domino effect. My friend just mentioned that to me, but I think he's right. Wondering if Bonnaroo is next. I also think individual shows go on, but festivals are cancelled.
  9. I was just looking through that reddit thread the other day, thinking that the six months is almost up. I bet he actually meant it, but, of course, plans changed as they always seem to do in GNR world.
  10. Exactly - I think we're reaching a point where tickets for these big tours are going to have to go down a bit.
  11. I am perfectly aware that they are (regrettably) not priced on what I would want. And yes, the prices are the result of a large team who have put this together. This team is also a confluence of influences and each influence has their own stake in it - the artist, the manager, the promoter, the venue, possibly the merch company, and more. Now, though, the record company is getting involved, seeking their stake since no one buys albums anymore. All of this is driving the costs up. And it maaaay even be making a bit of a bubble. Competition is also tight with many huge acts on tour in the
  12. I personally think anything over $100 is ridiculous. There is no universe where things should cost more than that for one rock show. If it's a VIP Package with a meet & greet, a buffet, and a stupid lanyard, fine. The record industry is dead and live performances are the main way that people make money, so go for it. But $250 before fees for floor & lower level seats is way too much. If it were $100ish for floor, $75ish for lower level, and $50ish for uppers, you'd sell it out quick and ironically you could probably book another date based off this price tier. I've made this
  13. So when can we reasonably expect costs to come down? Looking at the Ticketmaster listing for MetLife there are loads of tickets available. This is the show I'd go to, but not for these prices, especially the nosebleeds. When can we realistically expect prices to come down? Week of?
  14. That's true, but it'd be also be interesting to hear him lay out his thoughts on everything post '96 - the new band, VMAs, cancelled tour, radio silence for three-four years, Buckethead leaving, Chinese Democracy coming out, the reunion, etc. But also, any time I hear his perspective on old stuff that I thought I understood it's usually pretty surprising. For example, the myth was that he refused to go on stage unless they signed the name over. Then in '08 we finally hear his defense that that was impossible because it would be "under duress" and he'd have been liable for that. That put
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