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  1. I think Bucket feels/felt especially burned by the whole thing. I doubt they speak. Which is sad because a guest appearance would be so killer.
  2. One time Fernando lied to me twice outside of the Brooklyn Bowl show. Am not a fan. I have barely read what he came here to say because I'm sure it's not that specific and even if it were it probably won't happen anyway.
  3. I mostly agree. I think we were heading for reunion no matter what. The only thing that I think would be different is Axl would have had an easier time. And that is only if: He named the band something besides "Guns N' Roses," the album came out, and the tours were finished. We'd still end up in big reunion, but his life would have been much easier. And if he did all that we might even still see this lineup doing things in the interim ala Slash with Myles Kennedy.
  4. If this weren't cancelled and the tour was successful - where would Guns be right now?
  5. 15 year old me is still crushed by it not happening. I was supposed to go to both too. Now 34 year old me kind of thinks it's sweet I was in the riot.
  6. I remember reading this, but not where. Do you have a link to this?
  7. I was at the Philly show and have always been fascinated with what happened. I can fully believe Axl cancelled it the night before, the manager didn't cancel it, and then all hell broke loose. What I found lame was Axl's interpretation of "Clear Channel wanted the tour to fail because they had some shit going in Florida." I hate that we'll never really know.
  8. I have always wondered this. The alt. ones are so much stronger with so much more depth.
  9. If there are major changes on it I'd like to avoid it, but honestly it's almost nearly identical to the other two (and the 100 shows prior).
  10. Eh, they were so highly priced pre-covid too. Loads of acts are too. So many huge acts cost so much damn money for anything worth sitting in. It's the product of a million factors, but nevertheless it makes it so hard for the average person to buy 3-4 tickets.
  11. What they should be doing is cutting prices for some of these ludicrously priced seats. This is why I skipped the MSG arena shows and buying nosebleeds tonight. Seeing one rock show shouldn't break the bank for the average person.
  12. Yeah - there's not much to say about them from that perspective. It's mostly a notch for the band and could mean big bucks for the promoter.
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