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the only reason I would like LOTRP to be true is because i can imagine it having kick ass artwork (i dont think it would be a pic of an actual Red Panda), needs some epic fan art or maybe some indie band with 10 fans will use the album title first

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Anatomy of a Silkworm.

Ok ok may sound lame but it looks great in print.

I made a mock GNR album cover using it Just to see how it would look. Remember an old thread asking us to submit our cover art ideas just for fun? I posted it there if thread still exist.

I think with silkworms being so highly desired by fans why not design the cover around the silkworm? A cool picture or xray of a silkworm which whats looks to have GNR being threaded....

Blabbing sorry!

Godamn! Not using mobile anymore to type! :has fit:

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Self-titled would be ridiculous going by the nature of the band's output and line up the last decade.

Legend of the Red Panda is weird, if there's a story around it, why not?

CD2... CD was an alright title but there wasn't much to the theme apart from the opening track, the other songs from that time could go on the record since from what we know it was a mix and match of what was finished.

I wouldn't like CDII, it isn't a franchise, then again we had UYI2 but one after the other, the time to call it 2 has passed. An EP is the answer cause trynna blend this line up's material with now ancient 'new gnr' material just wouldn't work.

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I'd like a lyric from the last album.

Summat like

'That's not stardust on my feet' or 'Just shut up and sing' or 'It don't really matter' yeah they'd all be dodgy as fuck titles but CD 2 or red panda lol, I'd go for one of the lyrical lines, problem is Axl's lyrics aren't as good as they were.

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