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Not trying to be funny, but...


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LOL the picture of the original band

Yes, the AFD lineup did look ridiculous, haha.

That wasn't my point. It was funny to see the picture of the original band along with the "Atlas Shrugged" title. :lol:

It was sarcasm directed at you...prolly due to your sig

What the hell is this?

Surely this track info has just been added by a random fan makin up the track length?

Anyone know anything about last.fm?

It's fake but why would it be up there probably just a fan and you can't hear it right?

Exactly. It makes you wonder, but it's tough to get too overly excited about anything. LeaDS me to believe nothing gets leaked by accident..This song still hasn't been leaked, yet chinese was. Figure...

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I see all in this page is in PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN). Team Brazil is the new management. Maybe they´re preparing all for a online distribution through radios......who knows? but it seems unlikely that a serious

radio station let anybody to post something fake or not official...... Atlas, The General, Seven,....

Hope we got something new soon!

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