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HURT - Trent Reznor X Johnny Cash


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See, I used to think it was all about Johnny Cash's version, and the music video was brilliant.

In the past few years I've come to realize that Johnny Cash's music video is kinda cheesy, and makes me cringe a bit, so once you remove that factor...

Trent wrote the song, created it beautifully, and the chilling choice of using a harpsichord was purely fantastic.

Trent wins easily. But Cash's version is still wonderful.

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Mark Romanek was the perfect man for the job. Without the video, it never would've had the impact it did on people. You also have to remember people didn't associate Cash as he was portrayed in the movie, they think of him as being a TV host and buddy of Willie Nelson and a Christian.

This is Trent's commentary on Cash's video.

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Both. One day it'll be NIN and the next it'll be Cash. I don't really like the original studio version though. I prefer Hurt (Quiet).

I agree with everything you said, including about Quiet. I love Quit, but I think Still is better.

Still's version of Something I Can Never Have (specially the video) and The Day The World Went Away gives me chills every single time.

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Guest NGOG

Credit to Trent for writing the song and creating such an emotive piece. The Nine Inch Nails version is good in itself, but as Trent said through what Cash invoked covering that song, coupled with the extraordinary visual, it literally became Cash's song. A lot of old men seem to relate to certain attempts at poetry, Oscar Wilde's assertions or even William Butler Yeats have this powerful ability to invoke a time and place in an old man's life. Old men become attached to the words contained in the poetry as an ode to their own lives. This is kind of what happened with Cash and Trent's song. Lyrically and in tone it captured the angst and bittersweet nature of Cash's life, that is why Cash was able to invoke himself in the song and put it across in such a powerful way. It actually said more than a 15 chapter autobiography. Reznor unintentionally documented Cash's life in a matter of minutes.

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Uh... No.

Cash did a great job covering a song. The song does not 'belong' to him in any symbolic or figurative or literal way.

Trent's version is still the best, and has the deepest meaning because he wrote it about his own internal struggles.

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cash's version is more emotional, he's a better artist than reznor by a landslide

Wat a dumb thing to say about the guy who wrote the song. Cash is a better artist because you prefer his version to the original? Lol. It's Trent's song.


i know it's reznor's song.

i also know that johnny cash was a greater artist than reznor will ever be.

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