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Help Slash find an old friend…

Crash Diet

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A note from Slash:

“I’m trying to find a Les Paul that I used back in the early 90′s. I’ve since lost track of it. It was an 1989/90 Gibson Goldtop, serial #70854. I always loved that guitar and would be interested in buying it back from whomever has it…. I’ll make it worth their while”

If you have any information on the location of this guitar, please email SlashGibsonGoldtop@gmail.com

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I hope too

Wonder how it was "lost"

Maybe he pawned it for some crack or lost it in those endless days of sex, drugs and alcohol. That's how he lost his hat, you know?

He recently donated his red BC Rich Mockingbird guitar to charity. :( He should've kept it, that was an awesome guitar.

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I think it got stolen in 1999 according to wiki. might be a different one tho

Two more guitars were introduced in 2008. Gibson USA issued the Slash Signature Les Paul Goldtop, modeled after a 1991 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop that was stolen from Slash's collection in 1999 and never recovered.[37] It features a mahogany body and a hand-carved maple top with Gibson's classic Bullion Gold finish. Production was limited to 1000.[38] Epiphone introduced a more affordable version of the Gibson model, featuring a traditional Les Paul body with a maple top, a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, and Epiphone's classic Goldtop finish. Production was limited to 2000

so, is it a 1991 or a 1989/90 ?

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Probably. Little piece on the guitar:

The amp was a mysterious one he rented for the AFD recordings. He liked it so much he decided to to steal the amp, but eventually the owners stole it back and he never was able to get ahold of it again. Recently, he and Marshall released the AFD100 amp which is based on that amp. He said in some videos it was based on a JCM800 and I believe the AFD100 is too, but in reality the amp was actually a modified Marshall Super Lead or something.

You can read about the amp here:


more on the guitar:

You’re usually seen playing Tobacco Burst Les Pauls, but the Goldtops have also played important roles in both your studio and live setups. Why?

It all started with a 1991 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. As soon as I played it I realized how well rounded the Goldtops really are. They’re just great rock and roll guitars, and they’re even better for all the bluesy stuff. They’re very flexible and solid.

So I used that ’91 Les Paul Goldtop for all these really key songs in our set, especially those that had those really long sustaining note solos … songs like “November Rain,” “Estranged,” “Sweet Child of Mine,” “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and “So Fine.”

What I would do for all these songs is turn the tone knob down completely, and what I’d get are these notes that would sustain for days, giving me this really buttery singing sound that worked really well. And I only got that on that Goldtop guitar.

What happened to that ’91 Goldtop?

Someone broke into the studio in my house in 1999, and all of my guitars that were in my studio at that time were stolen. I eventually got them all back, but the only one I didn’t get back was that one particular Goldtop that I loved so much.

You approached Gibson about recreating it?

I really wanted a guitar from Gibson that would revisit that sound for me, so Gibson decided to make one for me and make it commercially available. It’s exactly the way I like my guitars set up, with the thin neck, the Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups, the old classic hardware, everything.


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I remember reading about the stolen guitars at the time Snakepit II started touring, there had been a party at his house a little while before. And someone who attended clearly knew where to look when breaking in and knew what to take. They pretty much just narrowed it down from the people who were there at the party and managed to recover most of the stolen stuff.

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