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5 Things Your Favorite Band Does to Exploit You


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Overzealous fans can be an endless source of income for a successful band. Musicians and record labels alike are well aware of this and aren't above exploiting it at every opportunity that presents itself. Whether it's the doing of the actual artist or just corporate music shenanigans that are out of their hands, the fact remains, when the music industry decides to sink their teeth in, the ones who get bled are usually the most loyal supporters. Here are a few ways it happens ...


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Multiple album covers (e.g. Contraband) are a bit of a con, creaming extra money of the crazy hardcores who insist on having the set.

The special editions are also a bit of a swizz. You buy an album on the release date, only to find, six months later, a special edition is being released of that same record with 3 extra tracks! You somehow feel that you have a, disabled, version of the album and desire these extra tracks yet that entails putting your hand in your pocket again.

I hate it when bands release archive boxsets but insist on including the well known studio material in the boxset also (e.g. Kiss and The Doors). Surely If a fan is willing to pay £40 for a boxset of shitty demos, the chances are he will already own all of the regular albums beforehand?

Endless greatest hits albums - Led Zeppelin and Queen must have released about five each in merely the last ten or so years.

Re-masters. Sometimes it is needed, but, sometimes it is not and it is merely cashing in. Sometimes the second batch of remasters actually sound worse than the first batch (case in point, The Stones).

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