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Explain Them Lyrics!


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In latest post made in this thread, somebody has mentioned title of a GNR song. Explain what lyrics of this song mean to you. Then provide a new song title for the next poster. It's okay to go back to songs already mentioned. No 'right' or 'wrong' replies here, just your POV.

Pretty tied up

I love songs that are about creativity and inspiration. I think this is one of such songs. Get rich and famous and life as you knew it and life you turned into songs people loved is over. Or at least, very different. You start of as homeless douche with big dreams, serious drug problem and life rich in various flavors of sincerity. One AFD later you are suddenly a multi millioinare douche with a drug problem. You just don't walk around streets of Hollywood wasted with your pals anymore, randomly shouting Nightrain and then proceed to make it in to a song. You all are now dudes with 20 mils in bank and everybody knows your name. Life that got you there has pretty much ended and turned in to something else. Fucking the proverbial muse is fun and all but everything is too easy now. Without pain something is missing. You have ridiculous amounts of money and nothing around you feels real anymore. Finding inspiration and genuine bits of life to bitch about is getting more and more expensive, in every imagineable sense of the word. Everything that used to be difficult is easy now. many things that used to be easy are now difficult. TLDR Perils of rock n roll decadence!

Oh My God

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Tastes Good, Don't It?

Axl bein' a rudeboy :lol:

I think you ruined it :max:

poster 1 says a song

poster 2 explains what they think that song means/what it means to them

poster 2 names a song

poster 3 explains what they think that song means/what it means to them

poster 3 names a song


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Riad N The Bedouins

Fight against the opressor. Axl has always had his anti-social Me Vs Rest of the World - vibe going. In Riad And The Bedouins he ties himself as part of some eternal out-of- time war people such as himself are destined to wage against some inevitable opressor or another. Basically I think the song is 50 year old millioinare writing Out Ta Get Me. It is pretty outgoing song in it's way, seeing his rebellion as small fragment of something eternal, something much greater than he or people he hates. In that sense, his POV isn't self centered like in Out Ta Get Me or isolated like in Madagascar. The song also has bit of Axl's reincarnation/past lives philosophy going I guess. Maybe he has figured it is always his destiny to repeatedly born as leader of some rebellion or another;o It ends with a pretty dark note; sometimes the opressor butfucks you.

....song means nothing to me so that turned out more "what I think it means" rather than " what it means to me" :l

Welcome to the jungle

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Pretty self explanatory: detailing the seedy, darker side of LA in the mid 80s. It was a time of excess, danger, drugs, opportunity. And clearly it was culture shock for young William Bailey.

Bad Apples

Axl singing about how even though he's rich life is still a bitch in a different way. Dealing with the business side of things. The part about "Got me some genuine imitation bad apples" seems to be talking about GNR's bad boy image and how that's what they are selling, he sounds disenchanted with it.


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PROSTITUTE Axls declaration to the world that its all or nothing and that he wont sell his soul for anyones approval or peace of mind. Why would he sacrifice his life for the approval of others and live a fake miserable life himself? A very strong message to the fans out there and who ever is in his world: Leave me the fuck alone and I will do what I do as I do for who ever I do it for .

I think this song is the most sincere of the songs on the album.... a explanation for the world that he has big plans for himself and he wont be sticking around to be drug down.

What would you do if I said I was to blame? Interesting lyric


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Breakdown - one of GNR's very best songs. Beautifully surreal and mysterious, but seemingly about how we hurt the ones we love the most. How the singer feels lost and alone, wondering why nobody takes the time to try and understand him. Whether he can ever recapture moments of happiness he felt in the past. And is there a breakdown in his future?

I've always though of this part as very Axl - honest and direct:

When I look around
Everybody always brings me down
Well is it them or me
Well I just can't see
But there ain't no peace to found
But if someone really cared
Well they'd take the time to spare
A moment to try and understand
Another one's despair
Remember in this game we call life
That no one said it's fair

Also, a reference to the band and how all is not as it seems:

Fun how ev'rything was roses
When we held on to the guns
Just because you're winnin'
Don't mean you're the lucky ones


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Looking back on a long, dead relationship and seeing just what a waste all of it amounted to. Yet it's burned you out so thoroughly that you've got no more pain left to feel about it, in spite of all the ways she keeps trying to hurt you, to rake you back over the coals. Fuck you, you say, you're done agonizing over her side of the story, done fighting her over what the truth really was. All that's left is resignation over how much of yourself you put into such a fruitless miserable attempt to keep a good thing going that really was no good at all. Resignation but also a clarity of vision, seeing just how pathetic she and all the others who keep trying to add more years to the last fourteen are.


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