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Graspop Metal Meeting 2014


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Graspop Metal Meeting 2014 is still 204 days away but already it’s looking to be a vintage edition! For one thing, 2014 will go down in GMM history as the year we were finally able to realise our plans for a second main stage! Sitting shoulder to shoulder, main stage 1 and main stage 2 will feature the top bands and household names in our GMM2014 lineup. The Marquee and the Metal Dome create a more intimate setting and we’re also erecting an open air stage in the Metal Plaza where fresh metal talent can earn their GMM spurs.

A second main stage means even more metal fun. Our 2014 lineup will feature more than 100 bands on five stages and today we’re proud to reveal the first 51 names for next summer.

Festival tickets COMBI (June 27, 28, 29): 165 euros

Festival tickets FRIDAY (June 27): 85 euros

Festival tickets SATURDAY (June 28): 85 euros

Festival tickets SUNDAY (June 29): 85 euros

The price of your ticket includes admission to the festival, on-site camping, parking and free use of the shuttle buses ‘Station <-> Festival’ and ‘Festival <-> Metal Town <-> K+R centrum Dessel’.

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Not even half of the line-up is announced. And I'd call this line -up far from terrible.

Black Sabbath, Alter Bridge, Opeth, Soundgarden, Sabaton, WASP, Graveyard, Tiamat, eluveiti, Orange Goblin are all bands I'd like to see.

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I recently say Black Sabbath and Carcass, so I'm good. I'll be seeing Soundgarden in the concert venue I work for, same goes for Opeth, Napalm Death & Triptykon. So the only band on the bill I would need to see is Death (DTA).

Even my friends agree that the line-up isn't good enough compared to recent years, but I'll add it's just opinions! I know other people will be enjoying themselves :)

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Meh - not too fussed about missing this. Already seeing Slayer and Ghost with Maiden several times this Summer, seeing Sabbath in Hyde Park, Sebastian Bach at Sonisphere, and seeing Anthrax 3 times while I'm in Europe. Gutted to be missing Rob Zombie and Sabaton though, and Volbeat and Steel Panther to a lesser extent.

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