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Different Gear or BE?


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They are kind of better than Oasis in someways. Maybe they are more rock than psychedelic pop drinking anthems. Noel is a bit played out as in his best stuff was Dont Look Back in Anger and Wonderwall and he keeps repeating them. Whereas BE is moving on. Or did until Liam gave up for no reason.

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Noel and Slash are similar they wanted to go solo but made it seem it was the other guy's fault.

It seemed like Liam was taking the record sales to heart or something. Or actually didn't he knock up some woman in NYC and Appleton left him. So he's getting divorced?

Noel has more of a cosy solo career. Buts it's like a bit dreary. Liam just has more of positive take on life. Chasing yesterday no tequila chasers!

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