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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - Official Trailer


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My sister and my friend came came over last night after work... Was streaming Adult Swim for them last night, (came back around 3am) @ 5am (local time) (Was streaming off of US TV) Dragon Ball Z came on... My sister loves that show... Geeked out talking all new episode etc... After American Dad!.. I jumped on a guitar and played that while they did their anime/Dragon Ball Z thing.

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Apparently these are actual, unedited caps from the latest episode of Super. Into the trash it goes.

Lol. Worse than those filler episodes from the 90s. I knew it was going to be absolute shit. Glad I didn't care enough to download the episodes.

that's just episode 5, like always, DB has good drawings in some episodes, and terrible drawings in other ones

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Hopefully there's a lack of Krillun, Yamcha, Yajirobe, Tien and Chiaotzu the filler characters who's only purposes during Z is to show up and die until Goku shows up most of the time.

I started a Kai rewatch, using Subs, not the dubbed version. Krillun is one of the most annoying anime characters ever in the early seasons. Even in shorted form, there's a 12 minute scene in which Goku essentially tries to get Gohan/Krillun to piss off so he can fight Vegeta. Krillun though stalls, makes serious face and repeatedly asks are you sure Goku?

Please stop spelling "Krillun"

jon konnur

EDIT- Just fuckin' with ya! I remember you getting mad about spelling in the other thread too!

What have you got against Sara Conner anyway?

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