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Stephen King's The Mist

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8 hours ago, -W.A.R- said:

speaking of SK has anybody seen Riding the Bullet?

reason i ask is because eveybody thinks its terrible however i happen to like it but can't figure out why...wondering if anybody else likes it

I saw Riding the Bullet screened at a film festival where director Mick Garris was present and enjoyed it for the most part. It's very off beat and I'm not sure I totally bought David Arquette in that character, but at that time it was definitely one of the better King adaptations to hit the screen. Garris did "Desperation" afterwards and eventhough Ron Perlman is amazing in the first half, it's a bit of a clunker.

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Regarding the Mist, I also saw that in the theatre and like it for the most part. My major gripes with it are the first tentacle attack in the back of the store which looks atrociously fake and the ending. I don't mind the ending as chosen, but the way it was shot and rushed looks so tacky.

Great score with Lisa Gerrard btw.


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23 hours ago, AtariLegend said:

I loved the movie. Liked the ending too, apart from it essentially ending the possibility of a sequel.

I take it the new series will not star the cast of The Walking Dead :P?

lol I doubt it! Would be great to have Thomas Jane, but no actors were mentioned yet.


Okay refresh my memory. What was Riding the Bullet about? Was that the one with the guy trying to get to see his mother in the hospital? I saw that one and the one with Gary Busy and Cory Haim with the pastor that was a werewolf?

Okay, read another message. yeah, I saw I that movie. It was weird, but I liked it. It was different. I wasn't sure until the end if the guy was really dead or dreaming, but it was all real. I was glad he got to his mom and had some time with her before she died, but I felt bad for him being alone.

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10 hours ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

I saw that one and the one with Gary Busy and Cory Haim with the pastor that was a werewolf?

Silver Bullet, great 80s horror. Normally I'd scold you for not using a spoiler tag about the pastor being the werewolf, but it was so freakin' obvious from the get go. :lol:

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