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Why is the forum sometimes in Portuguese???


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2 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

Já vi citações traduzidas para espanhol e alemão :lol:

Talvez seja as definições de um utilizador browser? Mas porque é que todos o vemos? :lol:

In my case is because the entire site is translate so what appears on the quote is also translated.

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As others have said, it's the translation within Chrome - ever been to a foreign site where it asks if you want to translate the page?

When people hit quote on a post (with translation enabled on the whole site), the "translated" text gets transferred to the post box and the rest of us get a post in Portuguese, German or wherever the user is from. 

Hint: If you're using Chrome and you find a page with quotes you can't follow - you can right-click anywhere on the page, then click "translate to english". ;) 

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