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Back in the day I remember thinking "I hope Andrew Stockdale doesn't leave Wolfmother for Slash" because of my love for Wolfmother but considering what became of Wolfmother after their third album, I am kinda sorry he didn't just leave to join Slash on tour for what could have been SASC (instead of SMKC). I mean... Impossible to watch this performance and not think "fuck this wouldve been so cool".  Oh, Andrew... I love you voice so much, man... stop being such a nutjob, please :lol:



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Not too knowledgeable on Wolfmother but By The Sword has better vocals, lyrics and melodies than anything Myles did with Slash. I assume Slash picked Myles so he could play a varied set with lots of GNR added in but it's still a shame to think about four whole Slash albums full of great instrumentals pissed down the drain with Myles when almost anyone else would have been better.

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Good song and a great performance, but to me Stockdale sounds just as "one note" as Myles. Not enough grit for my taste. But singers that have grit rarely can hit the high notes of Guns' songs, so I do understand why Slash wanted someone with a more cleaner, higher voice, like Myles. Who is a great and talented musician. His voice just doesn't click with me.

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