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"Ah, I feel stupid!"


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Okay, I'll try to explain what I mean with this topic! :P

When I first started to listen to GnR I wondered many things and thought many things which I today find very amusing and embarrasing! In this thread you can tell others which stupid things you've thought about GnR or stupid things "How could I think like that". Well, I suppose you don't get what I mean now either, so here are MY EXAMPLES! :D I hope this will show what I mean.

Here we go, these things are funny and somewhat embarresing!

When I was new into GnR, and watched some live videos, I thought "These are two different singers! Has GnR had different singers?" I compared KOHD Live at wembley, UK and November Rain live at Tokyo. I didn't think a) the singers looked alike B) the singers had the same voice. Haha, well :rolleyes: How can you think something like that? Sorry Axl!

I have a KOHD song on my computer which's title is "Guns n' Roses - Knockin on heaven's door live at rock in rio III". But the problem is, it can't be GnR! The singer doesn't sound like Axl at all and the intro has mouth organ in it. I got sure when I heard the real KOHD rock in rio III ("since this is a new band.... and the next song is a timeless song..."). But I thought for ages that this song I had on my computer was GnR! I still today don't know what group it is! Maybe someone can help me out! ;)

My GnR music taste has changed pretty much since I began to like them... But I guess that's pretty normal! Before I hated the outro of November Rain, now I really like it etc.!

When I made a school work (paper) about GnR when I was about 15 (I'm soon 18 now) I made some embarrasing mistakes! First, I wrote Izzy Reed instead of Dizzy, but that's not the huge thing! I will quote the worst: "Dizzy Reed... But he didn't become very famous so to say, he only did some background sounds mostly." Haha how can I be so rude to Reed. I mean, now, my favourite GnR song is Estranged and the best part of the song (live version) is Dizzy Reed's keyboard solo! I can't believe I was so clumsy back then when I wrote that!

This is the ones I can come up with now! I hope you understand my point with this thread.

And, if you want you can tell me which one of these you find dumbest/most fun/wierdest! Hehe

Go Go Go!


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for a few days i kept getting duff and izzy mixed up

Haha, yes mixing up band members is pretty common I guess :D

Your knockin on heaven's door could be Bon Jovi. They did a live cover of it, and if I remember correctly, JonBon slammed Axl beforehand (I could be wrong, though).

Oh now when you say so... It can be Jovi, sounds a bit like him! :D

edit: now I feel EVEN DUMBER. Haha, it's Bob Dylan himself live, I downloaded one of those and they are the same! hahaha. Wops.


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About a year long I thought the vocals on patience were done by Izzy and Axl only sings the last bit (the streets don't change but maybe the names etc.) When I found out Axl sang the whole song I thougt: wow this guy's a genius, he can sing in so many different ways

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I claimed that Cats In The Craddle And The Silver Spoon is a GN'R-song to a girl once.. I still feel embarassed everytime I think about that situation :laugh:

:unsure::unsure: oops..i thought it was a GN'R song too!!!! wow..i learnt something today :P

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Haha great! :D It's fun to read all of yours!

Now I know another one (I was reminded when I read about "Axl singing patience")

I always thought Axl was singing 14 years... It was just a couple of weeks ago I learned that it's Izzy :rolleyes:

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When i first started liking gnr i always got duff and izzy confused until my friend said if thats izzy why is he playing a bass in that pic. And ive never gotten them confused since.

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I had a hard time trying to figure out which skull was steven and which was duff in the cover of AFD

i couldnt tel apart slash from izzy on that thing.

they shouldnt have BOTH been wearing tophats.

that was just confusing.

also i'd get confused on who played bass and who played rythm.

also when i first got into them about a few years ago i was confused and thought they were still together but in the back of my mind i knew.

and also when i saw that 2002 thing on the biography show thingy i thought buckethead was just like that because axl went crazy and wanted him to look like slash's ghost or something.

i think thats it

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I used to think that duff was who says "The Perils Of Rock N' Roll Decadence" in the intro of pretty tied up.

I realized it was Axl until I bought the Tokyo Dome 92 DVD and watched it myself.. :laugh:

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