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Merck Says Brain Still In The Band


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oh c'mon guys, the dude got time out from his gnr duties to spend time with his new family...we don't know if there are complications, the baby could be ill, his wife could be going through something as well....its nice that they let him off for a while.

as far as the praxis gig goes, GNR BAND management means exactly that....BAND management....not just Axl, but the whole band, and he wouldn't have played that gig with Bucket if Merck didn't ok it first.

besides, its cool that he managed to find time to get together with his old friends and do a gig.

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:huh: Honestly, how moronic can you people be? It's not like they'll both play at the same time on stage.

People will continue to complain, about anything, just because they can. It's fucking stupid, but it's the way it is.

.and you. You complain about the complainers :laugh:

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This band is just getting bigger and bigger with how many musicians they have, they have 9 now...how many more do they want? Gn'R literally have made themselves the biggest rock band in the world...they got 9 members :lol:

It does seem a bit ridiculous, but I can only assume that some of the new songs will require more musicians to play live than the old material did because the arrangements are more complex.

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