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No Album this Year? ... Theories?


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i have to say that i am still on the fence. i want to believe it will be released this year. i guess if you have enough money and are willing to fork it out and pay off the right people to keep something secret until a tuesday were to come around, i guess it may be possible. i think that has to be the only real way that axl and com. could keep this under raps until the CD is shipped to the stores to sell. if giving the right amount money i assume anyone can keep a secret right? with this in mind (maybe), do you think we could get this thing this year still? rock3

I can guarantee that no amount of money can keep a pending GNR release secret. Once Interscope gets the album and schedules it for release, everybody will know.

Right now, they don't have it. (Unless it's been handed over today and GNR play Letterman and make the announcement tonight :D ).

On the good news side, as per my previous post, there is still hope for mid-December.

No earlier, though.

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Axl said it's coming, that's good enough.

And he said "Soon" wasn't the word... and that is about the only true take- it -to- the- bank statement to come out of this whole charade.

starting to sound like a Johhny Cash song.

well its a 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001 rock and roll album.... its a 2002, 2003,2004, 2005, 2006.. music extravaganza......we recorded it one piece at a time- on the record company's dime...

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