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Would any of you pay to see Guns N Roses again?


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Don't think I would. I already saw them in Glasgow, and with the repetitive setlist... I'd just be paying 50 bucks to see the same show over again. Although, I'd be more than happy to pay double that if they add a couple new songs to the setlist.

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I thought about that.

I saw them twice in NY and once in Detroit.........NY shows being better.

I hate to say it but I probably would go to see them again..... I mean c'mon its still Axl.

That being said I think it would be fuckin lame to not have an album out if they come back around and I also doubt many "casual" fans would want to see them again if theres no album.

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I would. Same setlist or not, I enjoy it more than any other concert.

But I am only going to 1 of the 3 LA shows since I've seen them 2x already this year. I'm hoping to attend all of them near LA on the 2nd leg AFTER the album comes out.

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I see plenty of bands live that have no current album because I ummm...


But I would also like the album. :P

Word. I've seen Aerosmith 10 times with basically the same setlist. I'd see GNR over and over again too. Why, because I LIKE THEM also:)

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Only if they come close to wear I live again like they did this year in Halifax, I have travelled to Toronto to see many bands because they don't play down here, even did it for GNR in 2002, but if they don't come close to where I live with no new album i wouldn't go again, unless its a reunion show

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I thought the ticket prices when I went to see them in 2002 and 2006 were very fair

The tickets I got in 2002 were £27.50 and the tickets for 2006 were I think £37.50

Guns N' Roses are my favourite band, and I obviously missed out the first time around ('88-'93) so I'd love to see them any chance I could, regardless of what the set was - Axl could just spend 3 hours on stage doing a medley of My World and Silkworms repeatedly and I'd enjoy it, obviously not as much as I'd enjoy the shows in their current state though - also if they get a kick ass support act - such as Sebastian Bach, again I'm guaranteed to go, to be honest I was just as excited to see Sebastian as I was to see Guns, Skid Row are also one of my favourite bands, I loved it.

And there's also the chance I could meet 'em again, which would rule - and to be honest with ya, I wouldn't spend that much time hanging around with Axl - just don't really see the appeal why he gets all the limelight/blame, the other guys are just as cool!

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Yes Kaneda- Yes.

And I would do it over and over again.

Because I share an undying amount of love for this band's music.

An unconditional love- and CD will not be the determining factor of myself attending a GNR show.

Because just seeing GNR is un-fuckin'-imagineable to me . :heart:

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seeing as I've only seen them once..


I'd love to go to a show..where all the douches in the audience..

diddnt watch the stage, like it was a wall of paint drying... <_<

and, it wouldnt hinder my choice if the suicide girls went again.. :xmasssanta:

Ya man,

the detroit crowd was weak, that was my main disappointment with that show.

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