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Recommend me some Nirvana albums


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My friend has just started getting me into Nirvana and finally persuaded me into buying a few of their albums. I know 'Nevermind' is pretty much a guaranteed buy, but what are Nirvanas other top albums I should maybe get? Any help would be appreciated.

Oh and yes, I'm aware that I'm incredibly late on getting into Nirvana but I've just never bothered to check into them before. So don't bitch.

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After Nevermind get Bleach its a kickass album then the Unplugged album if you like those get In Utero but if your just getting into them I recommend just buying the best of if you like it go from there.


stay away from "best of the boxset" its an excuse to rip people off!

The best of the boxset is for people who cant afford the boxset although they did put a few unreleased songs on it to force those who already have the boxset to buy it.

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It depends what you like. If you like proper albums then Nevermind and In Utero. But if you like sloppy punk Bleach. If you like acoustic Live in New York.

Incesticide to me is more like art rock - Sonic Youth/punky.

Best of then you You Know You're Right as well as the hits.

To me it's In Utero and Live in New York.

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Bleach is definately one of my favorites, was not impressed at all with Muddy Banks. I bought Bleach it when Nevermind came out and didnt get Nevermind until later. Loved the whole album and still do.

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I recomend Pearl Jam's album "10" over any Nirvana record.

Dunno about that Tens a great album but Nirvana records (cept In Utero never realy liked that) seem a little better to me maybe ive just listened to ten so much that it kinda bores me now.

if you want to start somewhere,get Alice in Chains - Dirt

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Thanks for the help guys. I decided to get Nevermind and Bleach for my first two albums today and if I like what I hear, I'll get In Utero or Unplugged next. So far I've listened to a bit of Bleach and have already fallen in :heart: with Negative Creep and About a Girl. I still need to get used to the other ones I listened to, though.

And to those who said get the 'Best Of'... I prefer to listen to the hidden gems of albums rather than the hyped up songs. I never buy Best Of or Greatest Hits of anything (GN'R exception).

Again, thanks for the help.

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