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The Tentative Release Date of March 6th


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i just wish axl would update the their website because its obvious the album is delayed again, and he said he would tell a new date if there was any more delays. theres only two freakin weeks left till march 6th so he either better have a new plan in mind for when the album doesnt come out because i bet alot of people will be extremely pissed.

and then i think about what happens if they release chinese democracy and then in a few years they say there gonna make another album, will that one take like 5 to 10 years to make, by then axls voice will be gone completely

Nos Merck is gone ... who will be the next culpable? fan´s fault? label´s fault ...? let´s guess it

Izzy will probably be the next one to be blamed. :rolleyes:

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yeah your probably right about the album hopefuly getting in stores in april but i doubt that even may happen because their on tour, and theres the problem, if they were not on tour so much( ON A TOUR FOR AN ALBUM THAT DIDNT COME OUT YET!) they probably would have time to sit down and record the dam thing, but they just keep going on tour. its good that they cut those four shows to supposedly work on the album but the only thing i heard is that axl put the final vocals down which was in the janunary editions of las vegas review magazine that found that axl had been working in palm studios putting down the final vocals

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Sorry if this has already been mentioned but I was at HMV yesterday and they had their own radio station on. They were talking about what the upcoming releases were and they said that the new Gn'R album would be released on March 5th and that it was available for pre-order.

I'm in the UK by the way.



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Let's see...

Figure Axl being a perfectionist, figure 8 weeks to mix the album. 8 weeks puts mixing completion down to sometime towards the end of April. Depending on the label, figure another month or so for Sanctuary (that is their label, not?) to get marketing and promotional material done (provided their recent monetary troubles don't create too much havoc). Include in this mix a tour starting in April, which might foul up the mixing process. Honestly, I see this as being released late summer/early fall of this year.

Thoughts? Arguments? Poster Flaming/Bashing?

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