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Who Is your Favorite band?

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Is yours Evanescence?

...well I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I'd say VR.

It's pretty hard to list favourite bands in order :huh:.

it's not that hard.




Green Day




Foo Fighters


The Offspring


new found glory






fall out boy



It's a close call four # 11

led zeplin or velvet revolver.

but really it's not that hard.

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Top ten excluding GNR (and just bands not solo artists) would probably be;

1) Rancid

2) Pantera

3) The Ramones

4) Terror

5) Nine Inch Nails

6) Sepultura

7) Rush

8) Ignite

9) Operation Ivy

10) Bleeding Through

But seriously. Thats fuckin' hard.

I mean - I find it difficult to think of a band I dislike.. :blink:


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Judas Priest

Amazing singer with a razor sharp voice ready to inflict damage...two fast-as-hell dualing lead guitarists, a classic heavy metal bassist, and my favourite of all....the formiddable double kickin' drummer from hell...Scott Travis rock3 rock1

This band is just fucking amazing. They laid down the classics throughout later 70s and earlier 80s, and in 1990 brought a new and improved lethal weapon Scott to the group to enhance their beast of heavy metal, and launched the Painkiller. Although they broke up in 1992 they had managed to make 11 albums prior to this, and temporarily closed off this beast concluding with their ever definitive Painkiller, and came back together 11 years later (excluding Ripper years), made a successful reunion tour, followed by an amazing first post-reunion album Angel Of Retribution...with undoubtedly my favourite 'Priest song "Judas Rising", redefining Judas Priest once again, claiming worldwide success in their tour...and yet...ready once again to soon hit us with another wave of metal this year, a double disc 18 song album about Nostradamus. What a band....I must say what a truly great talented band rock1

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