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  1. If any Texas dates pop up before Vegas, I will sell my Vegas tickets. I have them for the 2nd night. Section 219. No profit, just face value. Come on Dallas, Houston , and San Antonio !!
  2. Haha! I still have my dvd of the Hammerstein show I attended.
  3. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    I need to be added for the 9th!
  4. Thanks guys , I will play it by ear and see what happens for the 1st night .
  5. I have tickets for the 2nd night . My flight comes in around 830 p.m. , you guys think I will have plenty of time to get a cab to the arena and catch them for the 1st night ?
  6. I bought my tickets for the 9th! I got the $129 tixs.
  7. Been tempted so bad to get them , but too close to Wrestlemania. I will hold for some Texas dates .
  8. It says the code will be in your Dashboard 5 mins prior to the pre sale.
  9. So let me get this right, we can buy presale today. With out fan club password?
  10. Just signed up. How would we know when and if we get passwords?
  11. I know people are bitching about Fortus and Frank. I don't mind them, but if they get Dave......that would be freaking stupid! At least Frank, Richard, and mother goose are officially part of GNR. No to Dave!
  12. Love that Guns can still rule the world! I know I might get crap for this, but I sure hope CD songs will still be played.
  13. Don't give me shit, but what is so promising about the clip? I'm at work and maybe I'm missing something.