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  1. I was there and it was amazing. I read an article that said 60,000. That seems correct .
  2. In have to agree with Nightrain, best in years! Almost reminds me of 2006 Rock Am. He went crazy with that longer Nightrain!
  3. You might of nailed it . Brain and Melissa were both working on the remix album .
  4. I knew it was way more than 35. I was there and it seemed insane . My estimate was 55-60.
  5. I can't write anything that hasn't been said . This was my 12 or 13 time seeing Guns since 2006. And was defiantly one of the best . I can't decide if I personally liked the Hammerstein show or last night's show better. Hammerstein was my first time , Axl was on a different level in his voice in 2006. And I really liked the 2006 lineup. Last night though Axl did prove to me that he is like a fine wine. His voice was great! The band played awesome ! My highlight of the night was better. What Slash added to that song is amazing ! Hands down Melissa is the best in background vocals , ever! She is fun to watch . I can always see her jumping around . Great addition to the band .Slash has always been one of my favorite guitar players because of the stuff he invented for Guns. I , however never considered him on a buckethead level of playing . Not that I like bucket better . But last night Slash took it to another level. Seeing what he can do live was incredible. The man is a fn beast! My friends that joined meboth said it was thegreatest concert ever ! I would love to know the amount of people that attended . I say 60 plus. 5 star concert for me .
  6. Getting ready for November Rain.
  7. This is the best I've heard Axl sing My Michelle live !!!!
  8. Very curious to see the crowd when Guns hit . I don't post as much as I used to, but I thank everyone who has attended , keeping us informed. I can't wait for the Texas shows! I'm excited for lots of reasons. This will be my 12/13 time seeing Guns since 2006. And I hope it can top Hammerstein. I think the band isplaying great . Axl is sounding very well. If I could add my two cents , only judging by the videos. And I only say this because lots of people are saying , it's Axl's best voice since the illusion tour . Based on what I hear, I still think his voice was stronger in 2006. And I'm not saying that in a bad way. I dont even care that I went to some shows andhis voice was Mickey. I honestly am too wrapped up on having a good time to even notice at times .
  9. I know the giant screens on stage , but is the show playing on the stadium screens ?
  10. More Openers Announced!

    I am going to both Dallas and Houston. I was having trouble finding someone to go with to the Houston show . And then Skrillex was announced . Mind you , never heard of the person. My cousin called and is in because of him. He likes Guns, but now wants to go because of Skrillex. I had a friend try to convice me today if he can go because of Skrillex . We might not like or agree as forum members, but looks like the plan to fill more seats is going to work.
  11. Your favorite GN'R gig of all time?

    Of all time , too many. One I experienced live , the last Hammerstein show. The crowd. Axl's voice. Izzy. I doubt I will ever match/beat that night.
  12. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    I am just blown away that he is singing like this! And hope that he doesn't hurt his voice for his own band . Maybe he has a new vocal coach? Or and old one.I remember in the Hammerstien shows, he said his voice went out and was saved by a coach that Bach introduced him to. Back on subject . Goosebumps Mr Rose ,on how well you are going balls to the wall!
  13. Favorite GN'R drummer

    Brain is my fav. drummer GNR ever had. I am glad that I go to see him with GNR. Love the way he plays live and in the studio.
  14. They sound like great seats!