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  1. Your favorite GN'R gig of all time?

    Of all time , too many. One I experienced live , the last Hammerstein show. The crowd. Axl's voice. Izzy. I doubt I will ever match/beat that night.
  2. I am just blown away that he is singing like this! And hope that he doesn't hurt his voice for his own band . Maybe he has a new vocal coach? Or and old one.I remember in the Hammerstien shows, he said his voice went out and was saved by a coach that Bach introduced him to. Back on subject . Goosebumps Mr Rose ,on how well you are going balls to the wall!
  3. Favorite GN'R drummer

    Brain is my fav. drummer GNR ever had. I am glad that I go to see him with GNR. Love the way he plays live and in the studio.
  4. They sound like great seats!
  5. NBA Playoffs 2016

    Everyone loves a team or player to hate in sports. Mine right now has to be Golden State. If you are from there, or have been a fan for ages, good for you. Most people I see , are a bunch of POS band wagon punks. That is the big reason I dislike Golden State. And Curry and his mouth piece! I wish I can run up to him and swipe that thing to the floor and piss on it. I hope the Cavs get better and all stay healthy. Lebron gave Golden State a run for their money last year, without Love, and Kyrie. Lets see what happens this year.
  6. 2016 National Football League (NFL) Offseason

    Steelers will do good, but would of done great if they didn't lose a key player. I hope the Pats can make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Gronk and Bennett if healthy , will be fun to watch.
  7. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016

    I need some how to see the games. I cannot believe I am missing a great start to the Cubs. I hope to catch them when they go to Houston. I am sure I can speak for all Cub fans, I want to witness a World Series before I die.
  8. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I wonder when Chnya ever crossed Stephanie's and HHH mind before her death. None! If their intentions were to leave her out of the Hall Of Fame, they should keep it that way, and don't be two face.
  9. I dig her vocals, and do like her moving and showing some spunk. I wouldn't mind bumping into her and asking for a pic.
  10. Axl's 2016 voice

    I think he does sound better than 01/02, but not at the level of 06/07. I was there for tons of shows between 06-14. And 06 was a magic year for his voice. I will go to a couple of shows this summer. And I don't expect his voice to be 06 level, but that's okay. I agree with a lot of comments I have read . It's greatwhat he can still do for his age, and the abuse he has put his voice through. Over recent years, I have seen many old school bands , and the singer is just done with. And sometimes I don't care. I'm enjoying the music as a whole, but makes me think of how Axl can still rock hard at his age.
  11. I am glad Frank is there over Matt. Shows that Axl is loyal. Frank may not be my fav GNR drummer (Brain) , but glad he is still on board. Met Frank twice (free) , and was a cool fn guy to talk to.
  12. Nu GNR . Fake GNR . Axl's project. Point blank , no matter what people' s OPINION is . Fact is Axl carried the name and CD was his baby. It is aGuns N' Roses album. And I wouldn't want themto play any VR songs. More CD songs , bring them on! I don't agree with the it's only fairstatement . Slash and Duff rejoined Guns. Not Axl being lead singer of VR. It's odd that people have a problem with them still playing CD songs.If you don't like the songs, that's fine, but if Slash and Duff have no problem performing them, just get over it .
  13. Which would you choose?

    I honestly love Taco Bell, that was the seller for me.
  14. CD 2 or new album?

    New Album with a bonus disc of CD2.