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  1. Stephen King's Cell (John Cusack, Sam Jackson)

    John Cusack should headline every Stephen King film adaption. I actually always had Cusack in my head when I was reading 11/22/63. He still is Jake Epping, as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Surprise album?

    I think there's too much money, too much promise for there not to be another GN'R album featuring Slash and Duff. Maybe an EP. Which seems more likely than anything else at this early juncture. When, it might come is anyone's guess, this year or next year. Something tells me it wouldn't be CD leftovers, even though that would be the easiest route. I feel like Slash would really gravitate toward songs they wrote from the ground up. It makes lots of sense to me that they would be recording, because, nothing has to be released. They can just feel the material out and see if anything comes to them. If so, it will set the world on fire with fanfare, if nothing comes of it, they can just turn their backs on it with no other obligation.
  3. Franco directing? Hopefully just executive producing. He directs indie type movies. Idon't know if he has the je ne se quoi or the visual style to do a mean Appetite film. I hope he doesn't cast himself, either. While a fine actor, I want my GN'R film headlined by unknowns who can really inhabit the skin of the famous five.
  4. How cool was it to see JOsh Freese?

    He's friendly with both Slash and Axl. I'd love to actually see him play a GN'R tune, considering he was gone long before touring began. Freese is the shit. You can put him in just about any band, on any album, and he kills it. He makes everyone sound better.
  5. American Crime Story

    That's a pretty big leap in logic, though. If he was wrong about a hunch, then he was a duck waiting to hear the gunshot. A very dead duck.
  6. 07/19/16 - Foxboro, MA - Gillette Stadium

    Going! Section A4, second row.
  7. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    I'd love to see Royal Blood get the opening slot, for Foxboro.
  8. Slash Health

    It appears to me he's got a fair amount of muscle with some fat draped over it, which can lend the illusionthat he's out of shape. It might be that he's into hitting the weights, but not the treadmill. Under those conditions, a person will look bulky, but a little round. A moderate amount of cardio would solve that. Axl is really managingto turn it around with the cardio. Wonder if he's still got that ROM machine? He could supposedly get an intense hourworkout in the space of ten minutes. State of the art in 1990. I still have no bloody idea how that thing worked and since, it's disappeared from the collective conciseness.
  9. What other deep cuts should they play?

    Oh yeah, I wanna hear Slash do If the World, too.
  10. What other deep cuts should they play?

    Locomotive Garden of Eden 14 Years Move to the City (especially as an extended jam) Black Leather Don't Damn Me(If a second person split the verses with Axl, this would work. Give everyone a chance to breathe) Reckless Life
  11. Reasons behind the performance of Coma.

    It was Slash's baby, at the time of UYI. Why was it played? I get the feeling everyone is being diplomatic in terms of what songs they want to play. Slash, freshly back in the house that he built, wants to play the songs with teeth, and God bless him at that. Double Talkin' Jive at the first show and Coma at the second! Axl, wants Slash to lay into a few of the harder hitting Democracy songs, and Slash is able to put aside any awkwardness of that (still, This I Love is probably going to played more frequently than he'd like).
  12. Scored a few tickets for the Foxboro gig. Second row behind the pit, couldn't have asked for much better!

  14. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Oh me, oh my... Why Zack Snyder is a self-defeating comic-book director Every word of this is just truth. This writer has encapsulated Zack Snyder's obvious strengths, his obvious weaknesses and why the two go hand-and-hand to make inevitablyjoyless movies.
  15. American Crime Story

    For those of you who never saw the original trial back in 1995, you're in luck! Esquire is condensing a year's worth of testimony, sidebars, and evidentiary hearings into a much more digestible twelve hours of trial highlights. The Real O.J. Simpson Trial will air this Monday, April 3rd in one twelve-hour marathon. This will be nostalgia at its best for me. I was but a tween when all this went down and back in the nineties, some of us remember, most households had one TV, at max two. So when I got home from school, I had to acquiesce the television to my parents, who sat enraptured for a whole year and by proxy, I watched the trial too. I'll never forget my mother telling me "No! You cannot have the remote! The limo driver is testifying today!" and my dad "Why don't you go play with yourself in your room, if you've got nothing to do, son?" I ended up watching most of the trial and remember bits of it better than others. My one qualm with ACS is the fact that so little of the show focusedon lawyers taking testimony, which really, for me is what the trial was all about. I know its hard to make testimony look sexy and the back and forth editing of it all gets cumbersome, but there was some great stuff that got left out of this show. (Barry Scheck's, "Scheck Attack!" was but ten seconds worth of television on this show and left out one of the trial's most memorable moments "How about THAT, Mr. Fung!?") So I'll be glad to see the real thing presented again, this time with the fat cut out. Set your DVR's for Monday!