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  1. Methanol was always one of my favorite Izzy tunes. I love the surf-guitar chords.
  2. Why is Libertad so underrated?

    The producer of Contraband rendered everything in the bass frequencies on that record, that's why it has that late-nineties sound. I too think that, combined with the darkness and intensity of the songs, it did a lot to make it sound like something from the alt-metal genre. But really, Contraband's songs were just more highly crafted. They had a much longer period before Scott was ever in the picture to write and write and they had a honeypot of material to draw from. Scott himself was much more invested in the material. You can hear him singing his heart out on that record. As a Scott Weiland fan, for me it's his last real "rock" moment. Never again did he sing songs with that deep Core voice; the one that established his style on the first STP record. From Libertad on out, he favored the high-register voice and songs had to be written to accommodate that. To me, that robbed VR of a bit of potential. Scott was fantastic in his singing dynamics. Once he started limiting his range (for whatever reason), he handicapped the bands he was in. I know there were some potentially great VR and reunited STP songs that never got off the ground because Scott said, "No, I'm not digging this. Don't wanna sing this one." Take a look at songs like All In the Suit That You Wear or No Way Out, both latter day STP songs. Scott's voice is powerful and commanding. It's a style that would continue on Contraband, but post-Contraband, would never be utilized again.
  3. Why is Libertad so underrated?

    It all depends on what you like. Many folks on this forum did like Libertad, I just get the feeling that everybody, from general music fans to Slash and the band itself, struggled to swallow the pill, because it was awkward to say the least. Scott couldn't get behind the Libertad material. Wherever his head was at- he saw "hard rock" as a boring genre and wanted to test the limits of the music and get a bit more experimental (sounds familiar, right?). The result was Libertad, what I would call an all around "compromise" for all parties involved. The songs that the band had written probably had a lot of balls to it, but once Scott said he didn't want balls, they had to find something that was candy and poppy in the way that STP could do so well. Guess what? VR could not do candy and poppy songs the way STP could. Slash and Duff do many things well, but this is not one of them. The only good rock song on that album was Spay. Like Contraband or dislike it, the album set up a particular type of sound and the fans gravitated towards it for that sound. Because Libertad was a step away from that sound, they lost a bit of the fanbase and the album itself wasn't conducive to getting them any new fans. That, and Scott finally dropped the ball for the first time as a songwriter. This was the first time he bored me with his music. His hooks failed to live up and I started to wonder if giving up dope had killed his creative muse (Scott never got his A-game back, either.).
  4. Suicide Squad/Jared Leto as the Joker Thread

    David Ayer just isn't that great of a director. He suggests a style more than he presents one, that's why his movies are very middle-of-the-road. You can see his influences, but he never rises to the occasion and makes them more than just influences. He is, however, a decent writer. So, we'll see.
  5. I winced in my seat the entire time. It was beautiful, majestic and (to repeat Pee-Wee's word-of-the-day) brutal. It was poetry. I just read the other day how Hardy drew heavy influence from Tom Berenger's Sargent Barnes from Platoon, for Fitzgerald. Holy Shit...that was Barnes. From the southern drawl to the cold pragmatism, the scarring, the justifiable lack of conscience. That was Sargent Barnes.
  6. New Interview with Goldstein

    Totally. You can see from the wavelength on the player where he is actually speaking, because it just spikes when he starts.
  7. Pitman shouldn't be there, I said it.

    We need Pittman to Lusk-up the GN'R Reunion.
  8. The Hateful Eight - New/Second Trailer!

    It's for certain, his least creative movie.
  9. Independence Day: Resurgence

    But really, the only reason they had to make a sequel was to shoot their Will Smith load.
  10. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    Scott said it best in the interview "The Devil Gives You the First Time For Free..." Drugs rob you of your ability to feel. They rob you of the specialness of everything. You become stuck in a place where you're numb to just about everything. It's an apathy on par with nothing else. You can see that the many years of drug abuse robbed Scott of his personality. His downward spiral can actually be charted if you have a keen eye. I would say something in Scott really gave up somewhere around Libertad. Maybe it was his brother passing, maybe it was the point where him and Mary fell out of love, but right around 2006/2007, he began to fray at the edges. Both creatively and personally. Libertad was a poor album, and to be honest, everything Scott put out artistically after Contraband was not up to par to his talent. His self destructive tendencies aside, as I fan, I felt that a lot of the creative fire had gone out of him, at that point. Who could blame VR or the Deleo's for not wanting to work with him when he was both a pain in the ass AND now producing poor art. I would say he was out of touch with himself, out of touch with his art. He was marooned on an island of apathy and every year saw him growing stranger and more withdrawn. There are quite a few interviews he gave where I was shocked that this guy could hardly even speak. He used to be very eloquent and funny. He really looks rough in this particular interview.
  11. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    Just devastating. I'm such a fan and admirer. I've admired STP independently for years. They truly were one of the touchstone bands of the nineties and made lasting music that will, unfortunately, never be the same for me. Somehow, I always thought that Scott would turn it around. I never thought he would succumb to his illnesses. I just always pictured him carrying on, even if it was something modest like touring clubs with the Wildabouts. After so many years of cheating death, it looked like Scott would be here to stay, even if he was somewhat vegified. My heart goes out to his kids and the rest of his fans. "Stretch the womb and wet the bed, with a whisper I'll be dead..."
  12. Alien: New Movie Confirmed with Director Neil Blomkamp

    It probably won't tank. My guess is, they'll be conservative with the budget (80-120 mil) and Xenomorphs will be all over the marketing. FOX is biting their nails and they want their Alien back. Over the years, I'm sure Ridley's had more latitude at times to do what he wants and at others, to kowtow to what the studio needs. He still has a vision that he wants to see through, but like that black goo in Prometheus, it just keeps mutating. The mutation here is the relevancy to ALIEN, which seems to wax and wane. First it was a prequel, then it wasn't a prequel, then it turned out to be a sorta-kinda prequel. Now it needs to be a prequel. There's no gas in Prometheus as a franchise, so in order to do another one and to make some sort of follow-up, it has to be an ALIEN film. People don't want to see beating-around-the-bush. They want the iconic monster, the haunting atmosphere, the terror they remember. Ridley knows he's got to put up or shut-up, so now, the idea that the story he's weaving is part of the ALIEN fabric, doesn't seem like such a compromise. But yeah, I'm totally not down for three of these. One will get made for sure. The success of it will be proportional to how familiar the film is to ALIEN.
  13. Alien: New Movie Confirmed with Director Neil Blomkamp

    I love Alien, but we don't need three prequels....especially since they're trying to shoehorn an aborted franchise into it (which makes it four loose prequels). The movie that Alien fans want to see is the Blompkamp one. Ridley had his shot with Prometheus. He couldn't figure out exactly what he wanted to say and he couldn't figure out how much of Alien he wanted to relate to. I love the idea of an Alien movie with David the android, but we don't need to go ten more years telling that story. The excitement for an "Alien prequel," really left us long ago. They should have stuck to their guns and told the tale right, the first time. Three Alien prequels, three Avatar sequels...this company makes long-term bad decisions...
  14. Prometheus 2 is now officially titled Alien: Covenant

    I would say Prometheus is like a cousin to the first Alien film. We all wanted a sister film to the first Alien, especially, when the project was first conceived and the notion that Ridley was directing, was so fucking crazy. But it may be too late to try and retrofit this film into Alien. It wasn't a bad film. It had redeeming qualities (David is more fascinating than any and all characters in the Alien universe). Yet, I can't help but feel that they tried to be bold and deliberately avoid making the film feel anything like Alien. Whatever Ridley Scott decides to title this film, he better just get on with the Xenomorphs, because this franchise really doesn't have much gas, either way.