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  1. "Arrival" is the best movie to hit theaters this season

    It is quite good, but I didn't find it pleasurable to watch. Obviously, this isn't the kind of sci-fi one watches for pleasure. Dennis V is among the best working today.
  2. If the World was written by Axl and Pittman in Axl's home studio. Sometime in, or before 1999. Same with Madagascar.
  3. how good is Garden of Eden

    I hold it up as one of the highlights of UYI. If I had my druthers, it would have opened the first album. Completely taking the place of Right Next Door, a song I never cared for and always thought of as under-realized. Garden of Eden is like a runaway train. I adore the music video too. So punk rock. Love the song-along!
  4. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    The title was always way cooler than the song ended up being. All those years, when "Prostitute" was name-dropped in the gossip articles, I got to expecting a very different type of song.
  5. Suicide Squad/Jared Leto as the Joker Thread

    He was very pretentious in his performance and the filmdoesn't leave room to show the definitions of the Joker, so you're just left with him sort of entertaining himself. He cackles, he croons, he waves his hands and gestures emphatically and he tries to look scary. The film failed him and he failed the film.
  6. Suicide Squad/Jared Leto as the Joker Thread

    Got to say, this wasn't as stillborn as every review would want you to believe. I actually enjoyed myself. Then again, I never had high hopes for this film to begin with. But it was passably amusing.
  7. Stranger Things // Netflix Original Series

    I applaud how it has that sentimental 80's feel to it. Not just in the production, but in the way the characters carried themselves and interacted. That was the show's strongest asset. Although I was satisfied by it, I did feel it was sort of underdeveloped in the later episodes. Matthew Modine is a perfect example of this. His Dr. Brenner character never got to do much and we never saw much in the way of his personality.
  8. Axl, you need to play Slither, please. I'll be waiting in Foxboro. You really will tear the roof off of that place if you break out that song, just once, this tour. But do it in Foxboro, if you'd please.
  9. Any chance of "Always On The Run" or "By The Sword"?

    I'm putting good money on Slash coming out during Lenny Kravitz's set to do "Always." Much, much less of a chance of it happening during the Guns set. I fully expect something of the sort to happen.
  10. He's not wrong, but he's not right, either. Kalodner has made his name famously telling artists that 'they're wrong.' He's all about polishing something to the point where it's so accessible that it has no edge. There would be nothing dynamic about a Guns album if he had authority. But part of what he's saying is right; you should challenge the artist. Often times, it's the pulling indifferent directions, the creative tension, that produces remarkable results. Personally, I think if GN'R manages to record and release a new album, that in itself wouldbe a titanic miracle. Whether or not it wouldbe something that would hold up to the legacy, would be incidental. But yeah, no need to call John Kalodner for his opinion.
  11. Stephen King's Cell (John Cusack, Sam Jackson)

    John Cusack should headline every Stephen King film adaption. I actually always had Cusack in my head when I was reading 11/22/63. He still is Jake Epping, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Surprise album?

    I think there's too much money, too much promise for there not to be another GN'R album featuring Slash and Duff. Maybe an EP. Which seems more likely than anything else at this early juncture. When, it might come is anyone's guess, this year or next year. Something tells me it wouldn't be CD leftovers, even though that would be the easiest route. I feel like Slash would really gravitate toward songs they wrote from the ground up. It makes lots of sense to me that they would be recording, because, nothing has to be released. They can just feel the material out and see if anything comes to them. If so, it will set the world on fire with fanfare, if nothing comes of it, they can just turn their backs on it with no other obligation.
  13. Franco directing? Hopefully just executive producing. He directs indie type movies. Idon't know if he has the je ne se quoi or the visual style to do a mean Appetite film. I hope he doesn't cast himself, either. While a fine actor, I want my GN'R film headlined by unknowns who can really inhabit the skin of the famous five.
  14. How cool was it to see JOsh Freese?

    He's friendly with both Slash and Axl. I'd love to actually see him play a GN'R tune, considering he was gone long before touring began. Freese is the shit. You can put him in just about any band, on any album, and he kills it. He makes everyone sound better.
  15. American Crime Story

    That's a pretty big leap in logic, though. If he was wrong about a hunch, then he was a duck waiting to hear the gunshot. A very dead duck.