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  1. It's unbelievable. Bunch of arsewipes. I can't wait until they throw a collective fit when the next albums have loads of Chinese-era stuff on them and their favourite old songs get swapped out for them.
  2. Ouch. He sounds flat a lot of the time and the rest of the band are better singers than him. But good for him still making money with it at nearly 50 after all these years.
  3. Says video not available Can't find the song from further than a few years back. Guess they took the official stuff down. I don't think he sounds shit so much as he's getting a lot of help and trickery. When you hear him sing or try and scream accappella on his podcast it's pretty brutal. And then he'll have Baz on who just opens his mouth and chainsaws effortlessly.
  4. First Fozzy song i've heard and was pleasantly surprised that it's an alright little tune. Question about Jericho's voice: He sounds like absolute shit on his podcast when he tries to sing or scream anything. The vocals on this song sound like they are produced to absolute fuck. So I looked for live versions and it's hard to hear him well under all the background/playback vocals but he again sounds auto-tuned and reverbed to fuck. Can he actually sing at all or is he just playing rockstar because he can?
  5. Atlas Shrugged
  6. You're kidding, right? Ozzy Osbourne spends more time away from his mic stand than Jon. The sad wanker fans at Dry County were creaming over the fact that after about a month into the tour Jon left his mic for more than 5 seconds to go into the crowd and butcher Bad Medicine. His stage presence and "moves" these days are the pitome of bad dad dancing. It's lost ALL of its power and 95% of its range. He worked his ass of to get a lot of it back in 08-11 and sang fantastically. Then he got lazy and started smashing the fags in his gob again. Barring stem cell injections or a shaman vocal coach he's going to have to give up this charade of pretending to be a live "rock" singer withing the next 3-5 years. Oh, and he also lip-syncs the high note in Living On A Prayer every fucking night and always closes his mouth and backs away from the mic stand before the line has even finished lol. AND someone in the truck recently accidentally pressed a button which played a conveniently cued up backing track of This House Is Not For Sale which played over the top of the band leading to speculation about just how much "magic dust" Jon uses.
  7. Jon's voice is absolutely shot to fucking pieces. It must really suck for him to see Axl, who is older than him, out there filling stadiums with two bands and singing Axl/DC shit the way he has. There's even a lyric on the new (utterly rotten) Jovi record where he sings "My voice is shot." HE said on the opening night of the tour that he thought he might have been finished but he worked his ass off to be able to come out and sing Always on night one. He barely got though it whilst hanging onto the mis stand for dear life and it blew what was left of his voice out for the next few weeks. As for Axl, although it sucks for us that he wont sing for Guns like he will for Angus, contrary to the OP's and other's wish-thinking and general talking bollocks, Axl has proved he can sing however the fuck he wants time and time again since 2006. The last time he went balls-out for Guns it was when he was inspired by the Chinese stuff and had something to prove in 06-10. Since Duff, Slash, stadiums and big $ didn't inspire him the same way as Chinese and Angus did, I think it's a fair assumption that if and when he releases a new album he might get his shit together again for Guns. Until then, at least he's still a beast of a frontman compared to poor, sorry, neutered bastards like Johnny Bongiovi.
  8. I just don't understand how anyone can be so daft as to just drop in to a voice thread and say "He's old now." The last 15 years have proved without a doubt that he CHOOSES how he's going to fucking sing. Last year ALONE proved that. In 2011-2014 so many people said "His voice is shot, he's done." I replied "Bullshit, you need to observe the correlation between his relative lack of giving a shit in his stage performance, not to mention The Disguise, and his half-arsed clean vocals. Then compare to him physically running around like Illusions with no hats or glasses in 2006-2010 and singing like a demon. If and when he is motivated to bring his A-Game again he will bring it." I'd bet a grand that the next time he begins a tour with AC/DC/Angus that he will have done the same 20-odd full-pelt rehearsals and will be singing like he was last year.
  9. Great post. I used to analyse every song of every show back in 2006-2010 when he was seemingly 100% in the zone with something to prove and a chip on his shoulder. Now it's just nice to see him happy. Having said that I would honestly love to know how he personally thinks about his singing/fitness. Why is he willing to go full 2010-style hardcore rasp for 20 FULL AC/DC rehearsals and a tour but is clearly holding back for his first tour with Slash in 24 years? Why did he get himself in literally almost Illusions shape physically in 2006-07 and Illusions shape vocally in 2010 but never again since, even for the reunion? We'll probably never know.
  10. Standard yet sincere. Axl always says "See you soon/again/next time."
  11. Just a reminder that last year people on here were talking about tension between them and not vibeing etc. They're clearly having the time of their lives and appreciating every moment of it. Even when he was singing at his best and giving 100% energy to his performance in 2010 Axl didn't appear to be having even 1/4 of the fun he's having here.
  12. I'd really prefer it if Slash wrote his own melodic solo for TIL instead of just noodling all over it each time. It really sounds like he's playing to a different backing track and it just doesn't remotely suit the song. What he's playing is oblivious to the rest of the song and all the orchestral parts. When Axl comes back in at the end it all just seems jarring and out of place. I'm not that bothered because there are countless amazing live versions from 2010 where Axl was fucking incredible. It just kinda spoils one of my favourite songs. Slash pretty much stuck note-for-note to Robin and Bucket's Twat solos and I wonder if that's because Axl perhaps requested that or because Slash liked those solos but didn't like Robin's TIL solo. Ah well, it's a small gripe.
  13. Anyone who has been saying anything recently about them not vibeing is mental. They're clearly loving every minute of it. Not one ounce of awkwardness or tension on that stage. It's fucking wonderful.
  14. True, they should just be banned from using the internet. I'm not watching all the streams of each show. But from the it just me or has Axl gone from changing up his gear and taking off the hat and bandana to wearing The Disguise for the whole show like 2014?
  15. It really is fucking sad, man. So many Guns fans are absolute cunts. And the irony is that the majority of the worst bitches are the ones who bitched all the way through 2001-2014 and now they've got their glass 3/4 full they're spitting their pop out everywhere. Only seven months into a reunion that may well continue indefinitely and likely include new music but nothing will ever be good enough. Sure, I was bitching through 2011-2014, and that was as a New Guns supporter. But how people are shitting all over this now is just bizarre.