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  1. My guess: Frank is the drummer. Steven and/or Matt may pop up here and there as special guests on a couple of songs (like Duff in 2010 or Izzy from 2006 onwards)
  2. Line Up? and Old/New GnR Songs

    That's my guess too. As far as CD stuff goes, an educate guess might be they stick to the more "classic" sounding tunes, like SOD or TIL or maybe IRS. No way Slash would play any of Buckethead's crazy shredding. Maybe in some songs (Better, for example) Richard could play most of the leads.
  3. I wish that i was talking about the DVD!! I was talking about RIR not HOB, sorry for not clearing it out. For whatever reason I thought the topic had steered to RIR. I swear i was not drunk, lol. Sorry again!
  4. I guess it's focused on 85/93. None of the people listed have had any involvment in the making of CD except for Zutaut, it won't really male sense to talk about 97/2014 with Adler or Vicki Hamilton.It looks like something really nice, especially because it seems Marc Canter is heavily involved. Definitely looking forward to it. Nonetheless, I would totally love a 97/08 documentary about the making of chidem, a sprt of video version of Chinese Whispers *opening my umbrella before you start to throw stones or vegetables or cans of piss at me*
  5. Me too, definitely. I was listening to a 2011 bootleg the other day and it started with The General intro. It made me wonder if we're ever going to hear the full song (and all the others, of course)
  6. Depends: their "value" might actually increase, as an official release of that material after the reunion might become less and less likely (I mean the songs. I don't think VMA rehearsals would have seen an official release anyway).
  7. Nice to see another italian user around here! Back in topic: this is one of the bootleg dvds I like the most and my fav GNR line-up from 2000 on hands down. 2002 with Fortus replacing Huge could have been as good as this, but Axl sounded much worse then. EDIT: i was talking about RIR3 dvd, not HOB, of course. For whatever reason I thought the conversation had steered to RIR
  8. If you mean the kill your idols t-shirt, I think they were easily available on ebay (and probably still are)
  9. I took this pic in early 2009, right after ChiDem release. Just some GNR items I own, not an extensive collection at all. In my old place I had on the wall a poster of Duff circa 92 holding a handgun, but I can't seem to find any pics of it. Oh, and around 98 or so when I got my first pc I had this handmade (by me) Slash mousepad, lol.
  10. How about Sympathy For The Devil including special appearance by Paul Huge with him and Slash hugging before and after?
  11. Has anyone already posted this? http://www.alternativenation.net/guns-n-roses-first-rumored-reunion-show/
  12. Audio engineering thread!

    ok, I'll start First of all, thank you for taking the time to do this. My question is: I'd like to get a small midi keyboard to be hooked to my computer. Something that would allow me to play some notes on my input track and then switching between vst instruments trying to find the most suitable sound for that part. I'm not a pro and my budget is quite tight, I'm actually a bass player just messing around with cubase to record some demos and ideas (i would use the keyboard to play stuff in the vein of new wave, 80s synthpop etc). Any advices on what would be good to start with? And would a keyboard like that be a good choice or should i get a real synth like a korg or something?
  13. Music Videos that should have been made?

    And when the Civil War EP came out, the version of the song from the Tokyo VHS was used as a video to promote it on MTV
  14. I think Marc Canter said it became a Snakepit song with a different title. Speed Parade, if I remember well. Does anyone remember that?
  15. Live to Air

    I'm italian and i confirm every single word ludurigan said. Not all of the bootleg CDs were top notch, but most of them were. I remember some very nice and crisp soundboard recordings. There was an italian label called KTS (Kiss The Stone) who used to release the best bootleg cds ever, with some high quality artwork sometimes even better than some official releases. All of that was legal because of a loophole in italian laws. Many of those bootleg manufacturers even opened bank accounts to deposit royalties for the performers, but no one ever collected them. Then a new copyright law came out in 1995 and the party was over. If anybody is interested in this topic i'm happy to discuss and show pics, been collecting bootlegs and live recordings for years.