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  1. What other deep cuts should they play?

    with Melissa on vocals
  2. Axl Breaks A Bone In His Foot

    it's 1991 all over again. Now we only need two new double LPs in September.
  3. How do we know she is just a live member? I mean, she took Pitman's place, and Pitman wasn't just a live member. I read a post where it says Slash introduced her during band introductions and she bowed to the audience with the guys after the show.
  4. Yep, sounds like good news to me.
  5. Ifa new album or an EP with a bunch of new songs are not an option, I'd rather get a live album recorded during the reunion shows plus a couple of new tracks instead of a Best Of.
  6. Maybe there's a new flash drive with a new power point presentation!
  7. Do we really need a new best of package? If not a full new album, I'd love 4 songs released as an EP or something like that. That said, I hope it's true. Shame they will erase Bucket's and Robin's parts, but as long as they release some new music in any form I won't complain.
  8. Wish he comes to Europe sooner or later
  9. What a treasure!This looks absolutely awesome. I hope Alex can get stuff as precious as this in trade and then share all the stuff with us, ahah
  10. I know the chants were recorded in Saratoga and as far as I know the song has never been played live,but the user I was quoting said he was at that 1988 concert and claims they played the song. That sounds unlikely to me, but what if Slash was actually playing live here and there the guitar solo that he later recorded in studio (i meanthe solo at the beginningGet In The Ring)? Pure speculation, but that would explain why user fabrph5 remembers the song being played at that show.
  11. Found a setlist... :! Wonder if where it says "Slash guitar solo" it was actually the one he then recorded as an intro for Get In The Ring
  12. Are you sure? As far as I know they never played that song live. At least that's what all the verified sources report.
  13. Is this pic with Del James new? Where does it come from?
  14. That's my favas well! You should read Duff's second book too, it's as good as It's So EasyAnd Other Lies. Hope he put out a third one as well. I like his writing style, he could write about whatever he wants and I would just read it anyway, lol