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  1. The Seeker

    I like it. I swear it's true.
  2. Axl's best year vocally? Your opinion :)

    I voted 2002 for the LOL, but now I want to know who's the other one who picked 2002 and if he did it for my same reason. EDIT: just found out that if i click on that small icon at the end of each bar i can see who voted what
  3. Alright, I heard a third voice, guessed it could be Dizzy but wasn't sure. Thanks!
  4. Is it Duff and Melissa singing the chorus in that soundcheck video of Sorry?
  5. You should have picked Cornshucker!
  6. "New" music

    The most educate guess would be something like this: reworking of some CDII stuff so that just current members are on it, some brand new tunes, maybe a studio version of The Seeker (i know many of you don't like it, but still...) and here's an album. When? I'd rather not guess, lol.
  7. THAT post (kids dancing at school etc)

    That made history as much as Dexter's chats or even the french revolution. I second this request.
  8. GNR Lies recording sessions

    Ohhh, sure, but those are outtakes of the old demo sessions (1986), Live Like A Suicide was put together adding crowd noise over those recordings. I was talking about the sessions for the acoustic side of GNR Lies.
  9. GNR Lies recording sessions

    Was an acoustic Heartbreak Hotel recorded during those sessions? And which are the three outtakes? One is Cornshucker, can't remember the others.
  10. I'm starting this topic to talk about something that always intrigued me. What is exactly known about the sessions for GNR Lies? I mean the acoustic side, of course. All songs were already writtenin 1987, as they were all performed at the CBGB's show in October, but as far as I know the studio sessions took place in 1988 (no idea about the month though). Do we have any interviews or quotes from the band about recording it? Any other interesting informations?
  11. I think I'm one of the two or three poor dudes who actually like The Seeker, lol
  12. Yep, i was wondering because the Grenade version isn't even listed on Discogs (while red hand is). I guess it's just because so few copies are floating around then.
  13. Was it ever cleared if the How Are You Grenade version is legit or not?
  14. I think Slash once said he actually hates this song, didn't he?