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  1. There's a legit Cincinatti on eBay right now thats going for a steal. I think people are hesitant to bid on it with the flood of unnumbered lithos recently listed. But this is a different seller who I've bought from before. It's the real thing.
  2. I have 2 subscriptions. Signed up for both. If you win it's tickets to the Apollo show and you can pick another show you want to attend as well on the tour. I picked the St. Louis show.
  3. In the Patience video from 4:40 - 5:00 that is the voice that made me a diehard fan, and keeps me interested 20 years after I first heard them. I totally get that it's probably impossible for him to do a long lasting tour and use that voice from start to finish, and it probably did him a world of damage using it like that on the UYI tour. But GOD DAMN if it doesn't bring the biggest smile to my face when I hear it. I'll be attending my 3rd and 4th shows of the reunion later this Summer and I'll be happy to be there no matter what, but it's the small moments like this one that will really make my night.
  4. Did you get your hands on a London night 1 yet?
  5. It's cool but I think I'd rather have Munich if it was between the two. On a side note I don't know what to make of the guy on eBay with all the unnumbered lithos. I'm worried someone will buy one then number it themself and try to resell.
  6. I really like that Munich one. I'd trade an April Fools and a San Diego Rocket Queen for that if anyone's interested.
  7. What's interesting is that the April Fools gig has 400 lithos printed and I think only around 500 people were able to attend. But it makes sense that there would be a lot of them left over because a ton of that crowd were industry people. And I doubt many of them were buying these. In comparison 400 of the NJ lithos were made for night 1 and there were around 70,000 in attendance. Still a few left on the way out the door. So I'm sure it's hit or miss based on the average income in each market.
  8. Section b on the floor cost me $500 each, got them this morning. Looking to pick up a litho from the Wednesday show. If anyone's going to that and not attending the Sunday show i will pick up an extra litho and trade with them.
  9. I grabbed tickets to the Sunday show at MSG in october. If anyone's going to the Wednesday show and wants to get an extra litho for me I'll do the same for them at the Sunday show and we'll trade. PM me.
  10. Did anyone on here make an offer for the damaged Kobe that was on eBay for $2000?
  11. "youre friend...and mine" is what he said, which is pretty damn cool to hear after all the history
  12. I think it's because we're so used to seeing the official bullet logo reprinted a million times that when we see an artist recreate it it will always look a bit "off". If you see the NJ Devil litho where the bullet logo is also drawn in rather then photo shopped it has a unique feel like this too. It reminds me of when your sketching your favorite bands logo on a piece of paper to pass the time when you were in high school lol.
  13. Cool, thanks so much for posting. Not my favorite, but very nice.
  14. I echo those sentiments lol. How many MyGnr posters are at the show do we know?
  15. Agreed, I think that was a promo piece. Maybe something for VIP ticket holders. Too small, and not numbered for an official litho I would imagine.