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  1. Jesus Christ the way your going in you'd think it was you personally selling it. The seller and me have spoke alot so that's what I'm going off of. He had 2 Kobe lithos to start. He sold the 1 a month ago and got so much for it that now he's thinking about moving the one he has left. Taking that into account I don't think it's a stretch to assume the damage on the litho is from being previously framed. Especially when he says the damage can be perfectly concealed by putting a frame over the print. What's more interesting is that in your whole post defending the guy and the listing you don't even comment on the fact that it's damaged and what that does for the value. The shipping thing says "local pickup from Osaka Japan" which i had never seen before and then it goes on to say "i will only ship ems Japan post with tracking and declared for full amount". I took that to mean that cost was at the buyers expense. I may very well be wrong but I wasn't trying to exagarate. Also, thanks for taking the time to explain to us how the Make Offer and Buy Now options work. Nice of you to spend the time explaining it to all of us nitwits. However, the seller isn't a douchebag because he listed the Kobe print at $2,000. He's a douchebag because when I made him an offer on the last one he came back to me with a "final offer" of $1,999.99. So that tells you pretty clearly he wasn't looking to start high and settle for less thinking he'd get chewed down.
  2. Kobe listed on eBay again. Same douchebag as last time asking $2000 and this one isn't even mint. Description said it was framed and the edges are worn. Also charging extra for shipping cost lol.
  3. I bought from that guy. The picture is of 101, he sent me 108 for whatever that's worth.
  4. No I have one. I bought the first one to hit eBay months ago. Since then though I've seen tons of them listed and almost all have the hand written number blacked out in the picture. Seems like more of those available then any other litho.
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Tokyo Godzilla print maybe being fake? So many have appeared on eBay and it's usually the same picture posted.
  6. I don't want to buy it if it turns out i don't have anyone interested in trading something I want for it.
  7. Hey guys I think I have a line on a Cincinnati litho that I'd be willing to trade. Please PM me if you'd be interested and what you would be willing to trade for it. I wouldn't want to sell it, only trade. Thanks
  8. Can you tell me more about this? I'd never heard that.
  9. NY/NJ night 1 was numbered and the second night with the Jersey Devil print was not numbered. The girls at the merch stand said there were 250 but they got them late in the day and didn't have time to number them. No clue how true it is.
  10. Got a San Diego Rocket Queen, original print, that I'm looking to trade. Pm me if you are interested.
  11. I think you may be mistaken on that. He was asking $2,000, and it showed that he took less than that and accepted someones best offer.
  12. I'm also wondering what is going on with this? Weird that we haven't gotten a response. Makes me wonder if the whole thing was bullshit. On an unrelated topic I'm looking for an Arizona litho if someone has one for trade or sale, PM me if you're looking to move it.
  13. That is unreal the guy traded those for Perth! Good for you buddy. If you are ever interested in selling Kobe please let me know.
  14. Which 3 rare ones did you get? I never really got the love for those multi colored prints from San Diego. They were put out by the artist not the band. At the time she put them up I thought it was just a way for her to make a few extra bucks off the same art. I would rather have an Arizona litho then one of those foil prints. No matter what someone says they might be worth.