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  1. Contracts

    Thanks again Marc I appreciate that this is a delicate subject and that it might put you in a sensitive area betwen friendships. What they told you about Axl not willing to perform anymore unless he had rights to the name is probably exactly how they felt and maybe even what they were told directly from management. However, once the whole story about holding a specific crowd hostage, and preventing a possible riot from happening, and signing over the rights for the fans safety, it becomes a totally different matter. One that paints Axl in the worst possible light, as someone who is so petty he would put thousands of people in harms way as a legal maneuver. As Axl said in the chats here , "if I did what they said I did, I'd say "fuck me" too".
  2. Contracts

    I really wasn't trying to open up another debate about if it was right or wrong, I simply wanted to know if Slash or Duff said to Marc "we were doing a show and Axl wouldn't come out until we signed it". Sounds to me from Marc's answer that they did not tell him that story, thank you for answering the question.
  3. Contracts

    Mech, I'm not debating if I think it was right what Axl did (even though I do), I think Slash and to a lesser extent Duff told a story that they both knew was fabricated to media outlets for years to gain public support. And I'm interested to see if they told this same lie to close personal friends as well. As for Slash and Duff using hazy memories to justify creating this entire story, thats laughable. Your telling me that they BOTH have the same "memory" of an incident that has now been proved to of never hapened??? I'm fully aware of each ones drug history , but when you write 2 books on the time period, speaking at great length about a numer of topics and events that took place before and after this "amost riot" , trying to chalk up this incident as just a foggy memory is bullshit!
  4. Contracts

    Hi Marc, Thanks for all the time you've spent here filling in holes in the GNR history. You really are probably our best source into the inner workings of the band, besides ex-members themselves. My question is about the signing over of the GNR name by Slash and Duff, to Axl. I know it's a very touchy subject where Slash and Duff have claimed they did it in an effort to coax Axl on stage in an effort to prevent another riot. However, recent documents have leaked onto the internet showing when Slash and Duff initaled the contracts and the dates they signed were on seperate occasions, neither of which coincided with a GNR concert. Did Slash or Duff ever pass off this "preventing a riot" senario to you, or have you never really asked them about why they signed over the name. Any insights you may have would be really great, thanks again.
  5. Do you think Kurt Cobain's death lead to Axl's decline?

    I started a topic a few years back based on a quote from one of Axl's old assistants in regards to hearing about Cobain's death. It was written in a book called "The Oral History of Grunge" , it had a couple of GNR/Nirvana stories in it but the one that stuck out the most was where Axl heard what Kurt had done. Apparently he didn't let the assistant leave and wanted to have her stay with him all night. He was really really broken up about it, so whatever feud or bad blood I'm sure went away once Kurt offed himself.
  6. My World

    Marc, in the chats that Axl had on this website a few years ago he got pretty in depth about this song. He said it was a demo and nothing more, he played it for Slash and Duff and they said it was awesome and to put it on the album as is. Even though he thought it needed more work, Slash pushed on saying not to change a thing. Axl said he thought Slash knew the track would get bashed and it was done to make Axl look bad. Any thoughts on that?
  7. How would you feel about a MyGNR podcast?

    I'd love to hear it but I would be afraid of what previous posts have stated. With his board at an all time low (even in HighVoltage's opinion) the possible topics to disucss on the podcast would also be at an all time low. I think it's a great idea just at a really bad time. Were in the quiet period now and who knows how long it's going to last, if this was was after the album dropped or during a tour then you have something. Now it's gonna be rating top 5 GNR relatted solo projects, or best 3 performances of "Don't Cry" (alt lyrics only).
  8. was Axl addicted to heroin?

    When was it that he said that?
  9. November 1995. I was 9 years old and my uncle who lived in New York sent me tapes of Extreme Championship Wrestling. At the end of the first tape was a highlight video leading up to their annual event "November to Remember" and it was a mix of the November Rain music video cutting in and out with wrestling matches from ECW. It was a combination of the best wrestling I could of imagined with the greatest music I had ever heard and it would change my perception of what I thought was cool for ever more. Here is the exact video , . I went on to be a pro wrestler for a few years and meet the majority of my heros in that video, and have seen Guns live 3 times. Only thing better would be to of met Axl.
  10. Axl and other artists

  11. Axl and other artists

    Thanks for getting back to me , would of been amazing to hear the boys cover a Lizzy song back in the day.
  12. Axl and other artists

    Never had any discussions with Axl on either of the 2 bands? Thanks again, wasn't sure if this one was missed with all the activity in other threads.
  13. The "Better music video" - what happened?

    From what I remember reading the video was mostly just live concert footage so I wonder if it was cheap enough to put together that after a while it became redundant to put out a video for an album no one was talking about anymore. And I suppose the argument can be made that the music video could of jump started the album, but thats asking for too much as the label botched everything about the album release and roll out.
  14. Rod Jackson and Aint Life Grand

    This one I'm really interested in hearing about, I was totally surprised to read that Axl liked some of the VR stuff. Any extra comments on the subject would be awesome.
  15. Axl and other artists

    Hey Marc, thanks again for taking part in this section this is becoming my 1st stop on this website. Axl has the Thin Lizzy tattoo and has wore one of their t-shirts at the Ritz concert, although I don't think I've really ever read or heard him speak on Phil Lynott as a song writer or artist. I would imagine to get a tattoo of the band he must of really been inspired by their work, do you recall him ever mentioning Thin Lizzy or Phil as a major influence of his? Was he bummed out when Phil died in '86? Also on another front, were all aware that he gave Shannon Hoon a huge break on the Illusion albums, but was he a fan of Blind Melon at all? Did you ever talk to Axl about Shannon's death? Were they close at the time? Any light you can shed on either subject would be really cool to hear.