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  1. Very cool, thanks for doing this. I think you might be missing the April Fools Day litho from the surprise gig in West Hollywood. I'm not seeing it on the site. First one I see is Coachella.
  2. That's brutal. I have one Australian litho [Wellington] and I bought it off that Australian website selling the extra shirts and lithos they had left over. I paid $60 total and it came in perfect condition in about 2 weeks.
  3. That's pretty interesting. I've not seen something like that. Really makes it look important.
  4. The point Holographic made earlier about the lithos being the most exciting aspect of the band due to no new music was spot on. I never thought about it that way before. And Estranged, your absolutely right about my signed Cincinnati! It's not going anywhere.
  5. I was emailing back and fourth with the seller before it was posted. The last contact we had was about 3 days before he posted Kobe on eBay for $2000. He wouldn't take a cash deal he wanted my Atlanta, my signed Cincinnati, and a litho from a show I'm going to later in the year. I told him I didn't want to trade those and he seemed upset. Then I see it on eBay with the note to contact him about trades. Then we haggled back and fourth and he did that counter offer of $1 off the sell price. I rejected his "final offer" and then the very next day he found someone who was willing to give him his price. A part of me feels that he only posted it in the first place because he thought it would strong arm me into making the trade for the 3 lithos of mine he wanted. I love my Cincinnati print and the more I look at it the more attached I get. I wouldn't even do that one straight up for Kobe anymore.
  6. The only reason I didn't bid the $500 when that one showed up on EBay was because it seemed to good to be true. The same guy had just posted a Kobe poster that wasn't a litho but just a promotional poster and I was concerned it may be another one of those just mislabeled and the seller didn't take returns. I even posted on this thread at the time "anyone curious as to why no one bid on this kobe?". I am kicking myself on a daily basis for not pulling the trigger on it then.
  7. Thanks for the tip. Amaninjapan had a cool line earlier where he said he thought Yokohama was a "sleeper". Does anyone else have any specific lithos that they think don't get enough love and have the potential to increase in value? April Fools has been another one recently discussed that may fall in that category.
  8. Really? My email says it sold for $2,000 and it says it sold for $1,000 more then my best offer.
  9. Just got an e-mail saying that Kobe sold for $2000! I have a working theory that the guy bought it himself just to make the perceived value that much higher because he had other copies he's trying to unload.
  10. That's exactly what I thought. I kind of felt with that response i wouldn't want to give a guy like that any money at all. I am fairly desperate to get that Kobe but not at that price.
  11. I offered $1,000 to the guy who posted Kobe on eBay and he counter offered me at $1,999. I don't want any lithograph that fucking bad. This guy will never get two grand for that.
  12. I'd LOVE to talk to this guy if he is sitting on a stack of Kobe lithos. All I need is one lol and I have some expendable cash and lithos for trade.
  13. Kind of touching on what amaninjapan said earlier in regards to the types of rarities. Kobe checks all those boxes. Rare in quantity [150], rare as to how many come up for auction or trade, and along with Cincinnati it's the most beloved art work.
  14. If someone was offering a Kobe straight up for Perth that would be an incredible deal. All 3 for Perth is unreal.
  15. Someone is offering you a Kobe for a Perth spider?