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  1. Wellington
  2. As someone whose collected quite a few of the lithos I would hate to see them get reprinted. Part of the appeal is the limited printing. Someone had mentioned putting them all together as a coffee table book which sounded cool. But even if they differentiated the second printing I feel it would flood the market with people passing them off as legit.
  3. I just bought one of the lithos off that site. For $50 it was worth the risk I figured. I'll report back when it comes to me.
  4. Yes sir
  5. I just grabbed a Godzilla litho for $150 on ebay. Not sure if it was just the first of many that will appear but most of the American lithos are going for at least that so I thought the price was decent. Now I have to find an osaka one
  6. For anyone interested in a DC litho one was just posted on ebay with a Buy Now option for $175 which is super reasonable compared to other DC lithos that have sold.
  7. Just got my KC litho in the mail today. Framing it and hanging it in my office tomorrow. Probably overpaid but only 200 were ever made and how many people out of those 200 really want to sell their copy? Like it's been said in this thread before, if your buying these as an investment opportunity that's pretty dicey. But if you're a die hard and you love the concept of the original city specific art then they are well worth it. What's the most expensive litho we've seen sold so far on ebay?
  8. I'm pretty pumped about it. Did anyone else from here bid on it while it was up? I didn't see any active bid I only saw an option to make offers.
  9. Thanks so much for the heads up. I actually just pulled the trigger on it. I know it's overpriced but I haven't seen any others pop up since the show and this one was special to me. I'm in the meat wholesale business and this is going right over my desk! It actually looks like they're only numbered to 200 which I believe is the smallest print I've seen on the tour.
  10. I brought this up a couple of months ago about people listing some of these as reproductions. I think we all assumed that since each litho is a reproduction of the original it made sense. With that being said, for as scarce as some of these are I would definitely pay $100 for a Kansas City reproduction if someone was capable of making a good one.
  11. Still looking for a Kansas City litho over here. I'd even pay top dollar for a high quality reproduction of that one is anyone here is good with that type of thing.
  12. Thanks for the update Bubba. I'm going to MSG in a week and I was wondering about this.
  13. Finally snapped a good pic of my New Orleans litho glowing in the dark.
  14. Finally got my other litho's framed. Picture is a little crooked to avoid the flash but you can get the idea.
  15. Zoso, You mentioned a GNR subreddit. I'm not super familiar with that site, I always found it hard to navigate. Have you seen lithos for sale by users on that site? I'm dying for a KC litho still, and nothings coming up on ebay. At this point if someone who had the equipment could print out a high resolution copy of the KC litho on poster size paper I would pay them $100 for the effort even though it would be a replica.