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  1. He says "I guess I'll keep it to myself" on every verse of Chinese Democracy now, rather than "gonna find out for yourself" and "I guess you'll find out for yourself" on the first and third verses. It's cool that he sings the last chorus of It's So Easy like he used to with the "Hell, it's so easy" interjection again.
  2. I said if anything. Not that I want that to be the case. But if there were to be a change I'd rather them reduce it than spread it over three and include more covers.
  3. I meant Godsend in the sense that their lyrics have left a lot to be desired since Back in Black. Not that they've always been bad and Tongue in Cheek isn't an insult, just not Axl's style at all.
  4. He absolutely could sound like he does with AC/DC at every show he just can't be bothered putting in the effort. And by effort I don't just mean during the show, Axl always tries 100% during the show, I mean maintaining his voice and warming up etc. he's only willing to do that when he feels it's absolutely necessary. He must've done it a bit during the start of NITL but they've probably got all the footage they're gonna use for a DVD or whatever and now he's just content to half ass it for most of the way. It is what it is but it has nothing to do with capability.
  5. Worst idea I've ever read. If anything it should've been one album.
  6. He sounds incredible when you're there in person, agreed. But videos don't lie and it has nothing to do with age, AC/DC proved that. I thouroughly enjoyed London and could hear when he wasn't using rasp but it sounded good through the PA. It's just effort. He's 70 something shows into this tour now and he's most likely stopped warming up etc. and become complacent. It is what it is, but don't just assume that it's age or whatever because it's obviously not and that gives a false representation of the quality of the band. Comparing him to 2016. Not 1992.
  7. Doesn't mean it's damaging and it didn't happen at every show. It's simply a matter of the note getting away from him. When you're singing that high and with power it's pretty much inevitable occasionally. Nothing dangerous about it at all. If it was there's no way he would've been able to complete a 13 show leg and a 10 show leg sounding that consistently good. Not to mention the GN'R NA leg was sandwiched in between them and he sounded strong on that too.
  8. Angus should run on during Wish You Were Here shouting "Oim still 'ere Exl! Don't you warry mate!"
  9. When it comes to Axl and albums the word "obviously" should only be used as a response to asking if it'll be fucking years before anything sees the light of day.
  10. Yeah I cringe slightly whenever I hear that haha.
  11. Cool to see Angus using his red SG.
  12. Everything's better with Angus!