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  1. Doesn't mean anything. Even if Izzy and Steven join them on stage for AfD30 this will have nothing to do with it.
  2. Can you do one of these for every song off of the album? I was never a huge fan of Catcher but after reading this it's now one of my favourite songs. Ever. Haha! I hope you're right and Axl was fully aware of all this and was his absolute intention when writing it. Because if so then it's a brilliant song.
  3. Matt Sorum. Obviously.
  4. Yeah but that's only because so few shows were played since then. I mean, there was only 1 leg of the 2002 tour played fully and a couple of shows in '01. So it was kind of inevitable that they would be played again on the next tour in '06. Although I don't understand why the hell it took until 2011 for Civil War and Estranged to be brought back, so I guess they kind of did become rarities, but still not on the same level as Coma.
  5. Are Don't Cry and Estranged even considered deep cuts? I mean they were released as singles, have iconic music videos and were played live extensively during the UYI tour. So in terms of this discussion I'd have to go with Coma, just because of how rare it was before NITL. Although the other two are better songs imo.
  6. Alice Cooper really is an ideal opener, and yes if he joined them onstage for The Garden it would be fucking amazing!
  7. I disagree. Since Tokyo Night 2 he was solid. Especially in Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane and Sydney. He was a little off during the last couple Australian shows but nowhere near 2011 level. I just watched Singapore as well and that was a brilliant performance, especially on the verses during Better, something which he is usually a bit weaker on but he appears to be rasping them lately. I think it's just a case of him not rehearsing between legs and taking 4 or 5 shows to get back into it, therefore he sounds rusty at the beginning of a new leg. Sure he's better on some songs than others as a general rule but he's by no means bad this year at all.
  8. Sounds like Bumblefoot got a heavy dose of the corn when he left.
  9. Never caught my attention initially, I always found it a bit dull but now it's probably one of my most listened to GN'R songs. Absolutely brilliant lyrics and a perfect vocal melody. Plus I love how it goes from really soft and pleasant to sinister and scary then back again. Really, really cool.
  10. Yeah you're probably right there. But if Axl sounded terrible I doubt everyone would be this happy, so what I'm saying is, he's still really good.
  11. Well how many people on average go to a show and out of that how many are happy? It's almost a unanimous slam dunk of positive feedback. Your use of the word hyperbole is worrying because I have no idea what the fuck it means haha.
  12. If I was Axl I would absolutely fucking hate GN'R fans. So picky and pathetic. He's given some genuinely legendary performances these past 12 months, Welcome to the Jungle is always brutal, It's So Easy, Brownstone, Nightrain, Chinese Democracy, all bang on, great to near perfect more often than not, even Paradise City is consistently good now and is a shit tonne better than 2011. Not to mention his AC/DC performances. Shoot to Thrill, Back in Black, Thunderstruck, Hells Bells and For Those About to Rock is some of the most impressive singing of his career and he's being compared to Bon Jovi? What the fuck?! Are you actually serious? What a joke. "Oh he used falsetto on certain sections of a couple of songs during shows that I didn't even attend" Go and fuck yourself. I understand criticising certain performances at the time or whatever, but to just discard shows and shows of consistently ferocious performances with thousands and thousands of thrilled and satisfied reviews because of nitpicking and comparisons to 7 year old YouTube videos is fucking ridiculous. He's still really good and better than most. Why focus on the negative when there's so much more positive things to focus on?
  13. Pretend to be Fernando and ask casually if Axl left his jacket there or not as he's asked you to pick it up for him.
  14. He looks AWESOME with no hat! Makes you wonder why the fuck he wears that thing 24/7. I thought he was trying to hide the fact that he's bald or some shit but obviously not. Maybe he has Axl hat syndrome haha.