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  1. No terror attacks but was invaded by Nazis. I know it's not a competition or anything but might wanna be careful about boasting about the strength of your borders. Bro.
  2. Yes and I'm sure they are well informed with regards to the activity of local terrorist cells... Nowhere is safe from terrorism I'm afraid. Good idea.
  3. And you think this is the most reliable place to find anything close to an answer?
  4. Absolutely horrific. Saw GN'R at that very arena back in 2012 and then Sabbath in 2013. If this is terrorists then it's one of the most evil attacks of all time. The deliberate massacre of children. Disgusting.
  5. Scary. I've been to that arena a couple times. You'd think they'd amp up security given the current climate, how the fuck does a suicide bomber get into the venue? Mind you, I've never been searched or checked going into arenas/stadiums. Every single person should be checked, it's worth the extra time, money and man power. Disgusting how shit like this is even capable of happening.
  6. Everything is sorted for me. Except the tickets! I won't be able to fully relax until they arrive haha.
  7. Hopefully because the support bands that have already been announced are underwhelming to say the least.
  8. Some kind of competition for tickets to a newly announced show? If it's anything similar to the Troubadour last year there'll only be a small amount available so fans will have to "fight" for them.
  9. So basically, extra U.S. dates will be announced Wednesday.
  10. Appetite for Destruction feat. Paul "Huge" Tobias. Mixed and mastered by the one and only Dj ASHBA. #Demented #ConquertheWorld
  11. She is younger. She responded to a comment saying that replying with "I'm not I don't know where that rumour got started."
  12. Nah she replied to that comment and said she wasn't. I think she's about 12, possibly 13.