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  1. I think if they plan on continuing with Axl and recording together then a live concert release would be great marketing technique. Axl sounded phenomenal and with how good the setlists were its a no brainier. I think it would silence even more doubters.
  2. I just read that Neil Jacobson, the new President of Geffen, his favourite artists of all time are GN'R and Nirvana. So hopefully they'll start signing rock bands again.
  3. I think the harsh reality is that Axl, Slash and Duff all seem to be on the same wavelength. They're mature, smart and sober and all share the same desire for the future of the band and where it's going. Steven is like a child, trying to have a proper conversation with him must be taxing. It sounds mean but I just don't think they want him as their drummer. But they've thrown him and the fans a bone by letting him play with them onstage for a little while. I think it's a similar situation with Izzy. I think Axl and, I suspect Slash and Duff too, don't think he's as good of a player as Richard. Plus, he wouldn't be a yes man. So any potential drama is a threat to this thing and any unnecessary threats should probably best be avoided in their eyes. If he's not gonna make a difference to the income of the tour but wants equal pay, AND wouldn't make a difference to the quality of the band (in their eyes) why bother? Again, they've probably offered him a guest spot for a pay check and he's said fuck that. This is just my opinion, I'm not saying I agree with what I think they think about Izzy and Steven. It's just what I think their true reasoning for their absence is. Most of it is speculation, but with little to no information we kind of have no choice.
  4. Yeah I think it's been hacked but because that channel is so inactive he probably hasn't even noticed.
  5. Guns don't even need a label anymore. With the amount of money they would've made by the time this tour is over, they could easily fund a new album and self distribute it without making so much as a dent in their earnings. Plus even in today's musical climate, there would be so much interest in a GN'R reunion album that they would definitely make more than a decent profit from it.
  6. Wow! Thank you so much I can't believe I've never heard these before. Really good interview. Its awesome to hear his vision before it came true, like where he's talking about their plans to release Sweet Child as a single to hopefully boost their album up. They really were largely unknown here and to hear Axl speak honestly and to listen to how determined they were is so good. I mean they were so unknown at this point the interviewer didn't even know who Slash is haha.
  7. It makes me hungry.
  8. The silence is what gets everybody talking. As much as it's probably due to caution it's also a good marketing strategy. In an age where everything anyone does ever gets covered immediately by social media anyway why bother talking to the press? More and more bands are dropping unannaounced albums and the results appear positive. I'm not saying Guns will do that or not announce something if they are going to at some point but they have a huge enough fan base for their silence to perpetuate enough discussion to create huge excitement.
  9. Sorry to continue to derail the discussion but as bad as this show was I actually watched Rock in Rio 2001 last night all the way through. Man, that was terrible. I think even worse than this show. Buckethead and Robin Finck's playing was so sloppy, like the solos were unrecognisable and Axl? Not only was there no rasp at all, he was shaky, out of breath and even his range had suffered considerably. Like his falsetto couldn't even sustain clean notes correctly. At least '11 saw Estranged make a return. Both horrendous though. Well he can always borrow the throne again.
  10. Yeah I was just about to say the same thing. Haha!
  11. Well, they'd already played for an hour and half and no one was stabbed. It's unlikely that anyone would've. But even if something did happen, it wouldn't have been Axl's fault at all. But due to his actions, many people were hurt and that 100% could have been avoided. Do you honestly think the reason he jumped at him was for the protection of others? Really? Plus I don't have a bias at all. I'm just calling out the consequences of his past actions because it was mentioned in an interview from years ago. If anything, defending his bullshit bad boy image as honourable screams bias.
  12. I can just imagine the drastic change in opinions if this was anyone other than Axl.
  13. Of course I have an opinion on what he should have done. Several. Maybe waiting more than 5 seconds for security to remove the so called "problem" before diving at him like a lunatic. Not diving at him at all. Once he's removed, continue the show rather than walking off due to the "lame-ass security." Stop the show and be clear about who he wanted to remove and why or better yet? Not do anything at all! Just play the fucking show. It has nothing to do with Axl. Even if you're gonna argue that the guy was a legitimate threat to others around him it's a hell of a lot smaller threat than the riot that ensued after Axl "handled" it. Tbese things should be obvious. Almost any alternative would've been better than what Axl did.