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  1. Fortus interview in Forbes

    I’ve met Fortus a couple of times . One of the most decent dudes to talk to . I didn’t bother as well to ask him about new music . One time at the hard rock in Vegas , he was walking outside with a hot chick, and I bumped into him and began talking to him. The girl wandered off. After a couple of mins of taking he gave me some guitar pics .
  2. I don’t listen to any current rap. Probably not a rap album I can say I liked in the last decade . Doggy Style by Snoop is one of the best rap albums I’ve ever liked. Snoop is a cool cat, even though he’s a dog .
  3. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    How times have changed . Right now I’m in San Antonio (1 hour or less from Austin ) on vacation and had no desire to go see them . I have traveled all over to see them from 06-16. Probably 15 times. Maybe , it was the festival atmosphere, or how weak Axl has looked ? I hope everyone has a blast ! I for once look forward to hearing new music over going to see the same show over and over . It’s a great show , don’t get me wrong , but If it’s not in my home town , and I’m breaking bank , I’ll pass.
  4. The leaks back in the 2000s were so much better . Still looking forward to hearing more . The leaks at least made me post here, which I haven’t in years !
  5. The only thing that ever comes to mind why Axl keeps all this buried, is when he passes, it’s his gift for Team Brazil. For them to put out album after album . For them to always be financially set . The leaks back then made the concerts more interesting. For certain die hards fans . I remember going to the Hammerstein shows, knowing most of the leaks back then made the shows more special . I only use my iPhone and iPad , so I doubt I can find anything right now.