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  1. Haha that is EXACTLY how I recall it. I was looking forward to Axl's super loud ending parts, oh well. At least we got a nice solo by Bumblfoot. I really miss this lineup, they were technically amazing, second only to the 2002 era with Bucket and Brain. My dad and I met Bumblefoot randomly by walking around the streets. Got his autograph on my ticket. I couldn't think of what to say or ask, so I complimented him on his hat. I should of asked him how Bucket's solos he recorded over sounded. LOL
  2. Wow, that's awesome! Interesting there are no recordings. I may have taken a few photos. There are, or were some decent recordings taken at the 2011 show. I recall seeing a few on YouTube. I remember Axl was sick at the Fillmore show, and he never sang the last part of the November Rain for some reason. My dad thinks he said "We gotta talk" to a band member around that moment.
  3. I'm thinking about getting a pair of tickets for my dad and I. A nice father and son tradition for us to see GN'R. Detroit in July, Comerica Park. Smashing Pumpkins is opening. I really hope they play some new stuff for a change. We saw them in 2016 at Ford Field, 2012 at The Fillmore Detroit, and for the first time in 2011 Allstate Arena. The first two shows were the best in my opinion, 2011 probably being the top, both in Axl's performance and the performance by the band. Lots of great classic and CD era songs executed beautifully.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Substitute that with the 1999 Oh My God single.
  5. The new album is going to be way stranger than CD if it consists of CD era songs, reworked or not, with new songs, or a blend of both. I'm okay with that, I like bands who evolve. I'll take anything at this point, I'm just really hoping they keep Bucket on some material on the new album.
  6. I don't think I'll buy tickets to another GN'R show until they release, and/or play new music. The Village "locker" leaks are the best thing to happen to hardcore GN'R fans since the release of Chinese Democracy, and some live shows.
  7. I love how Zodiac starts with piano, then "messes up" with an effect and goes into a rocker. Would make for a decent album opener, or a single at the very least. It's catchy like Better. I also like some of the Buckethead instrumentals. Me and my Elvis is a fantastic instrumental. State of Grace needs finishing, but the ending vocal performance by Axl is amazing. Quick Song is catchy, would love to hear a finished version with the Buckethead solo included. Nothin doesn't do nothin for me. Perhaps and Atlas are good songs, album worthy, probably mid album. I really like Eye on You, but would be difficult to say how it would fit in with any album. Hardschool is my fav. Would be a decent album opener as well with the long intro. Silkworms needs more work, even the newer mix with Bumble's playing (which sounds better) needs work. I'm really hoping they keep Bucket's parts intact for an eventual release, especially his subtle guitar work in Me and my Elvis. I have some hopes of this as he was all over Chinese, which was released years after his departure from the band. The Brain - Bucket - Tommy - Axl lineup not putting out at least a few albums is a missed opportunity of the century in my opinion, along with Disney's poor handling of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.
  8. Zodiac was also labeled at not having vocals on one of the disks.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    Are you talking about Tracii Guns? Axl and Buckethead not putting out more material than they did together is one of the biggest missed opportunities next to Disney screwing up the sequel trilogy.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    Time will tell. Lots of guitarists were on CD who were long out of the band by the time it was released.
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    I believe Axl's vocals on the This I Love remix were recorded after CD was released. I actually was not fond of how he sounded on the remix version. His rasp sounded very forced. He was screaming almost the entire time. I'd rather have a more natural clean singing Axl than a forced screaming rasp Axl. He seems to be able to only achieve that when screaming, which is most of the AC/DC stuff. Still sounds good, but would get old, especially if he sings an entire album like that. I like a good mix, like in Hardschool, of course that was recorded 20 years ago so who know what he sounds like now in the studio.
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    Don't forget Buckethead's parts. I really hope they keep him on most, if not all of the material intended for release. On the bright side, I believe Axl would be more likely to keep old Bucket parts over Bumble's parts.
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    Axl sounded amazing on Angel Down (Sebastian Bach) and that was recorded and released in 2007 (Axl's parts, at least) His clean singing on CD was by choice. I like a balance of the two. Works great on some songs, like Catcher, Atlas, Soul M, Prostitute for clean. And the rasp works for Shacklers, parts of Hardschool, Zodiac, State of Grace, etc.
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    I highly doubt Axl would re-record vocals from even the oldest of songs, sure maybe re-do bits here and there, but 90% or more of the vocals on the leaked songs that were officially released on CD has those same vocals. I'm just hoping they kept Bucket's part on those songs.
  15. One leaked years ago with Bumble playing awful solos, and had great Buckethead parts during Axl's singing.