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  1. Old School Hip-Hop

    Snoop is just on the chorus but adds so much flavor. Plus Daz's production really gives it that DPG feel. And Pac is just raw af.
  2. Old School Hip-Hop

    This is like the sequel of 2 of Amerika'z Most Wanted. They sounded so good together.
  3. Old School Hip-Hop

    ^^^^What a great song. One of my favorites. Those two really had great chemistry. Snoop's laid back style mixed with Pac's raw emotional style. They could've done a whole album together. Another unreleased one. The popular version cuts out Prince Ital Joe at the beginning, but I like his part.
  4. Good gangster films

    Public Enemies with Johnny Depp ain't bad.
  5. Funny or offensive? *NSFW*

    I'm more offended by Ace Ventura's fashion style than his gay reaction
  6. Funny or offensive? *NSFW*

    I think you're still glazing over the fact that, Ace isn't freaked out just because the guy is gay or transgender or whatever, it's also about being lied/manipulated/tricked into doing something he's not into. If you go around doing that type of shady shit, then you're in the wrong and should expect a reaction. I don't care if the guilty party is gay or straight or transgender or anything else. You act like Ace found out the guy was transgender and went full on hate. The transgender in question pulled a dirty move, or should we just skip over that little fact?
  7. Good gangster films

    Get Carter
  8. Funny or offensive? *NSFW*

    Exactly and they would deserve it too.
  9. Funny or offensive? *NSFW*

    Why is Ace problematic? He's a straight guy who was tricked into wanting and kissing a man? That's not really a dig at anybody, just someone who freaked out after being tricked into do something he's not into. I'm a straight guy, and if I was tricked into wanting and kissing a man I'd have some type of reaction (not sure I'd cry in the shower ). So if I had a negative reaction after said situation, would that offended you? Would that mean I hate gay/transgender? Would that make me homophobic? That's ridiculous.
  10. Good gangster films

    A few not mentioned, Bugsy The Untouchables Hoodlum Sugar Hill Once Upon a Time in America (the uncut version, I don't think there's ever been a bigger difference in a cut/uncut version making a movie so great/so bad)
  11. Old School Hip-Hop

    Classic album