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  1. If That Ain't Country

    Yeah I like that one and the Scarecrow one. This is the other one that's already out there.
  2. If That Ain't Country

  3. If That Ain't Country

    Chris Stapleton's 2nd album this year. From a Room vol.2. I liked vol 1 and this sounds like it'll be good too.
  4. Books/Reading Thread

    Thanks. Makes perfect sense
  5. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    I'm the opposite, I'm tied for 2nd in my other league and straight garbage in this league. Me and you just had a shoot out. Actually there were a lot of shoot outs this week. Except Jan vs the cougars. That was a defensive struggle
  6. Charles Manson dead!

    I agree with the op (not about it being 50 years when it was only 46 lol who does that? Speak in general round numbers when referring to something in the past lol that's like me saying such and such was 100 years ago when it was really 102 lol when will these fools start using google every second of their life to avoid looking like bafoons ) but I agree, glad he's dead! 50 years, whoop, 46 years is long enough to live in prison. Ol Charlie probably feels free. So I'm a burn this one for Manson, who might've been the first to show us that you can be a psycho and still achieve a certain popstar status. That you can kill and murder and actually gain some coolness. That committing random senseless acts of violence can actually win you some fans. Helter skelter!
  7. The MYGNRFORUM Make a Connection Song Challenge

    Another Iggy/Bowie collabo
  8. What Are You Listening To 2017

    Thank ya sir. I like that.
  9. other bands' appetite

    2Pac - All Eyez on Me Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker AC/DC - Back in Black Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced.....
  10. Books/Reading Thread

    What's the deal with the last book? They say it's like book 4.5 So do you read it last like it came out or read it between books 4 and 5?