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  1. Apu Will Be Removed from the Simpsons

    It's not about being sensitive I just don't fuck with that cat like that.
  2. Apu Will Be Removed from the Simpsons

    Oh I knew it was a joke, and I'm far from sensitive. It was a hint that I don't wanna joke with you like that is all.
  3. Recommend me songs like these

    Yeah start with Traveller. Great album. His other two, From a Room Vol. 1 and 2 are both great too. Traveller is #1 though. And it's one of those things where if you don't like that one you probably won't like what comes after. He's good though. Highly recommended. Tennessee Whiskey was the big hit off Traveller, but this is probably my favorite from it.
  4. Old School Hip-Hop

    Classic posse cut right here. Very early Busta Rhymes sighting.
  5. If That Ain't Country

    New Upchurch. Supernatural album.
  6. Apu Will Be Removed from the Simpsons

    This type of stuff is gonna kill art. Tv and film makers, musicians, authors, they're going to be too scared to just create art. Too conscience of social backlash. Thinking if this is right or too much or will they called out. Pandering to a certain side. I don't say this just because of the Simpsons, I've seen it in the other mediums too. Damn shame. Art is a beautiful thing and I hate to see it get handcuffed and diluted down. Smh.
  7. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Yeah '76. And I have to agree. I heard him say once that he regarded it just as high as Unforgiven, I would too. It's one of those films that has it all. Action, redemption, drama, funny but not the made up bullshit comedy type of funny, it looks great. To me it's his best self made western, I put it right up there with the Dollars trilogy. Maybe a step behind those but not by much. In a way Unforgiven is it's sequel. I know it's not meant to be or anything but you can make a good case it is. Josey and the chick had kids, he changes his name and settles down raising hogs, she passes on at some point, he's moved past the gunslinger days but still has it in him. Doesn't say much but carries a big stick. Killed everything that walked or crawled. That's my little fantasy anyways On topic: Hostiles. Thumbs up. I'm not big on "revisionist westerns" as they like to call them but liked this. Christian Bale is a great actor. Probably one of the best modern actors. Really good looking film too. Great western scenery.
  8. Always liked it. Not a top UYI track or anything but it's cool. I always dug that line, it's not a problem you can stop it's rock n roll.
  9. I can hear it on UYI. Not full blown southern rock, but def roots of it here and there. Civil War, 14 Years, Bad Obsession, You Aint the First. I can actually hear just a touch of it on some of AFD and Lies too. It's a good sound when done right. Guns does it very well.
  10. Recommend me songs like these

    Not trippy by any means, but it's new, laid back, and you can smoke to it. Fun fact: He opened for Guns in Nashville on the first leg of the NITL tour.
  11. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Yes sir. Classic g-funk. Check out her unreleased track with 2Pac, he does the hook. Just too funny hearing bald head Pac singing I rock ruff and stuff with my afro puffs On topic
  12. Last full album you listened to?

    Insecticide - Nirvana Piece of Cake - Mudhoney The Real Thing - Faith No More
  13. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    So, Philip Rivers and my kicker could've had even more points, but the Titans decide at the end of the game, after fighting their butts off to come from behind and score a touchdown with just seconds left, this dumb coach decides to be stupid and go for 2 point conversion and the win instead of the automatic extra point, which would have tied it up and went to overtime. Titans head coach is now officially my least favorite coach. I'd fire him in the morning. No, I'd fire him right after the game. Let him walk home. (from London )