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  1. Just booked an interview with Constantine. Questions welcomed.
  2. It's all interesting!! Haha, nah I get it and appreciate who sum up for those who don't listen. Though a FB like and a Twitter follow would be greatly appreciated facebook.com/TheAFDShow & twitter.com/TheAFDShow Jack was interesting for sure, those comments you mention in particular. Doesn't seem very fair to him. And fyi I should be interviewing Johnny Kelly (Type-0 Negative/Hookers & Blow) on Sunday.
  3. I still would have done it if he couldn't, assuming we all would like to just hear from him regardless. I got the impression they've (his reps) had bad interview experiences in the past. I was shocked I was given approval at all, so I didn't want to fuck this up. The "GNR specific" is why Bumblefoot won't come on. He was my very first radio interview ever, before Chinese came out. Met him a couple times, very nice, but even though I'd offer to only talk new stuff, won't do it.
  4. I admit I was more timid than usual when asking GNR questions. His reps, while very nice, kept reminding me that he really preferred to talk about his new stuff and the charity event. GNR was not off limits, but it could not be the focus. My goal was, since he did not know me, was to win him over and show I cared about what he cared about. When it came to the GNR ques, I was very aware of his cadence, trying to read his reactions to see how far I could push it. When I mentioned Bucket, I was hoping he might jump in and say something. After the meeting Axl/Going Down/opening for GNR ques, I figured I got enough for this specific interview. His reps were very happy with it all, even giving me credit for how long I kept him. Now I'm hoping when his Cowboys in the Campfire EP and new Bash & Pop, I can get him again, asking more since I have a level of trust now.
  5. Spoke mainly about his new music, but we did talk GNR. Called what Axl did with reinventing the band "punk rock." Also asked about his unreleased GNR song "Going Down" and if either of his new bands would open for them. Hope you enjoy! itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appetite-for-distortion/id1116569741?mt=2 iheart - https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/ spreaker - https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow/ep-59-tommy-stinson-the-replacements-gun soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/theafdshow/ep-59-tommy-stinson-the-replacementsguns-n-rosesbash-pop stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/appetite-for-distortion Episode 59 of The AFD Show features perhaps our biggest guest to date, legendary bass guitarist Tommy Stinson. Tommy is iconic from his band The Replacements, a special era of Guns N' Roses, and is now in TWO bands. He is back with Bash & Pop and also with Cowboys in the Campfire, playing guitar in each. Tommy joins us to talk about a special charity event happening in May - Safe At Home--A Benefit For Hudson Little League. The two events will include live music from a plethora of national and regional musicians with all proceeds raised going to the Hudson Little League Association. The first event will be held at Hudson Brewing Company on Saturday, May 5th featuring Tommy's "Cowboys in the Campfire." The second event will be held at Club Helsinki,on Saturday, May 12th with Bash & Pop. For more information on the benefits please visit hudsonbrew.com and helsinkihudson.com Tommy talks to us about how his new bands formed and that we have NEW music to look forward to! He also shares how he met Axl Rose and what ever happened to his unreleased GNR song, "Going Down." Also, would any of his new bands open for GNR in the future? All this and a lot more! Please follow/subscribe/leave a review...and DONATE!!
  6. On the phone with Jamie now. Interview will be happening.
  7. Jack was the only one in the photo pit along with GNR's current official photographer Kat for Coachella and Vegas, but isn't allowed to release them. Curious why he was allowed in the pit and then unable to share his pics. He's a really nice guy who still does this today strictly for the passion of it. Hope you enjoy! iTunes - https://apple.co/2n7jDJl iHeartRadio - https://ihr.fm/2IYvj9i Spreaker - https://bit.ly/2vld8so SoundCloud - https://bit.ly/2IYKbV7 Stitcher - https://bit.ly/2HnXGhC Some of the most iconic Guns N' Roses photos you have seen were taken before they were famous. Photographer Jack Lue was lucky enough to capture these special moments in rock history, especially since he went to High School with Slash, or as he knew him...Saul. Before Jack calls in from Culver City, we are joined by another California native and frequent guest of the show, journalist Art Tavana. Art gives us updates on his GNR book and upcoming Chinese Democracy article. Then the guys happily welcome Jack Lue. Jack takes us back to his High School days, where he met Slash, Steven Adler, and Marc Canter. Many of Jack's classic photos are featured in Marc's book "Reckless Road: Guns N' Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction." We learn about the early days of rock photography and if there are unreleased photos of GNR. What is in Jack's collection that fans want? What is his current relationship with the band? We answer these questions and a lot more!
  8. Jack Lue! Questions welcomed! ...and ICYMI from the Chip interview... https://www.alternativenation.net/guns-n-roses-member-allegedly-smoked-pot-not-lifetime-tour/
  9. https://www.alternativenation.net/guns-n-roses-member-asked-to-leave-show-he-was-crying/
  10. Chip does not hold back about Jamie Adler, Steven's feelings, insight on the reunion, and how Adler's Appetite got started. Super nice guy and great storyteller. Hope you enjoy! https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow/ep-57-chip-znuff-enuff-znuff https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appetite-for-distortion/id1116569741?mt=2 https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/episode/ep-57-chip-znuff-enuff-29169824/ When the AFD show announced that Chip Z'Nuff would be our next guest, listener of the show & Netherlands native Remco Ver submitted questions to be asked. However Brando took it one step further, asking him to be our special co-host for this episode. So Brando & Remco welcome Chip Z'Nuff from Enuff Z'Nuff to the show. Chip calls in from his studio in Chicago, first reminiscing of his baseball history and local radio. He takes us through the early days of Enuff Z'Nuff, but things really get going once Guns N' Roses is brought up. Chip was an original member of Adler's Appetite and his solo record features both Steven Adler and Slash. Steven and Chip have a special friendship, so when asked about his feelings about Jamie Adler's recent comments, Steven's health, and GNR as a whole, he did not hold back. Chip Z'Nuff is a great storyteller and an extremely positive person, making this episode a fun and informative listen. With Enuff Z'Nuff set to release a new record, Chip is fired up and ready to rock.
  11. Interviewing Chip Z'Nuff tomorrow. Please feel free to submit questions for him!
  12. Ernie said he’ll come on again too 🤘🏻🤘🏾
  13. https://www.alternativenation.net/body-count-guitarist-reacts-axl-rose-accused-racism/ I'm so happy with Ernie's response to One in a Million. I'll still see fans use that song as an attack on Axl when they don't like his politics or Eric Andre (wannabe-Tom-Green) spread racist bullshit about Axl still ...
  14. Ernie addresses the infamous GNR/Metallica/Body Count shows, his relationship with Duff, and plenty more awesome stories. Hope you enjoy! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appetite-for-distortion/id1116569741?mt=2 https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow/ep-56-ernie-c-body-count https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/episode/ep-56-ernie-c-body-29155336/ A magnitude 5.3 earthquake could not stop our guest on episode 56, legendary guitarist Ernie C from the iconic metal band Body Count, Before Ernie calls in from Los Angeles, Brando is joined by special co-host, Katherine Turman. Katherine was not only our guest on Ep. 21, the radio producer of "Nights with Alice Cooper," co-author of "Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal," but also has been friends with Ernie C for decades.... Ernie takes us all on his journey as an only child in Detroit, then moving to LA where he was immediately recruited for a gang but was able to avoid trouble the best way he knew how...the guitar. We hear about how he met Ice-T and the infamous Guns N' Roses/Metallica/Body Count shows in which Metallica asked BC be dropped from the shows because of the "Cop Killer" controversy. How does Ernie feel all these years later? Also we discuss race, his friendship with Duff McKagan, the FIRST Lollapalooza, and so much more! Ernie is a charming and funny guy, and this is a can't-miss episode for every metal and Guns N' Roses fan. Please follow/subscribe/leave a review!