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  1. Well I'm making a freaking YouTube channel with the help of Raz Cue. I don't copyright shit. And if all the pages/forums get shut down, you'll always have a voice on my podcast. And if my podcast gets shut down, well...
  2. What is it like to be 15 years old, creating one of the 80's premiere rock bands, but then only to be booted before they went famous? Would you have regrets or did life actually work out for the better? That's only part of the story of singer/songwriter Josh Lewis. Having gone to Fairfax High School along with Slash, Tracii Guns, Flea, Hillel Slovak, and many others who would go on to create a name for themselves, Josh is no different. From starting Warrant, being a roadie for Hollywood Rose, to VH1 Fantasy Camp, Lewis has built up quite a resume which continues today. At the end of the interview, enjoy a FREE stream/download of Josh Lewis' "Lay Down Your Guns." You can also email Josh Lewis for MORE FREE MUSIC at josh@joshlewismusic.com. Also mentioned in the episode is a fan petition to ask Izzy Stradlin to play 1 show. You can sign up here --> www.change.org/p/izzy-stradlin-p…ou-and-your-music https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/ https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow/ep-78-josh-lewis-original-guitarist-of-w
  3. She has a type-writer version too. “A gift from Axl.” Also the attached Aerosmith pics are copies of the originals Slash gave her. Izzy saw one of them in her place, asked who drew them, that’s when she referred her friend Saul.
  4. What's it like going to High School with Slash? ...sharing a crimping-iron with Izzy? ...having Axl read you the lyrics to "Back off Bitch" on Chris Weber's bed? ...being in a band with Tracii Guns before LA Guns? ...having your first slow dance with Hillel Slovak? ...seeing Flea run around naked at house parties? Those are just SOME of the experiences our guest has had in her life. Marcelle Sirkus comes on the AFD show to share her adventures with the GNR guys as well as talk about her new book, "A Shiksa's Guide to Shabbos: Don't blow out the candles!: Helpful Tips for Blending In with Your Jewish Significant Other." Also joining us is friend/author/LA Guns first manager, Raz Cue. Episode 77 is a fun conversation and you may learn some things about GNR that you never knew! Please follow/subscribe/leave a review! https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/episode/ep-77-marcelle-sirkus-authormedia-29676514/ https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow/ep-77-marcelle-sirkus-author-media-produ
  5. All agreed. I too am laughing because in addition to my original content, this has been a nice little WWE-like storyline. It's brought me new listeners. More people have come out sharing stories of similar attacks, it's bringing the rest of the community together. While over the years this has been boiling over the forums, it now has an audio platform. And "Bagel Boy" and "Made-Up Man" (my new nicknames for Alfred and Mofo) can't handle it. They're deflecting, trying to create false narratives in defense. Very Trump-Russia They have an involvement in the chaos and have left a trail to prove it. Sent this morning a Bagel Boy convo saying he works for TB (I think he's lying) and his goal is to take everything Slash-GNR down. Also told a story about Made-Up Man doing the same fake profile to them as they did to me. History doesn't lie.
  6. Just addressing the trolls directly. Seeing if the realization that someone could get hurt or worse would settle in. Nope. Didn't think it would because of the mentality of who we're dealing with. It was more of a call to arms, which lead to this thread and others speaking up.
  7. I've had a few people tell me they're too scared to tell their story. Ms Metal was even worried.
  8. I hear you. And it will be stopped. Some behind the scenes info gathering. I'll keep giving anyone who needs it a platform on my podcast.
  9. Probably the White Pages. See the thing is, I know these guys are lonely. If I get them arrested, their dim future becomes even darker. I don't want to actually ruin their lives...yet.
  10. Alfred hates Slash because he wants DJ back in the band. When I interviewed Billy Rowe, Alfred left a tweet that said #SlashMurderedToddCrew. I wish I screen capped that. His goal is to break up the reunion and get NuGNR back. I wish I was making this up. He bashed Perla on my show and on his FB. I'll have to go back and find where in eps 31/36. Said things similar to the Blabbermouth article.
  11. They made a fake profile of me, giving out my mom’s address/# asking people to come over for sex. Would actually be funny if I was in high school or real murders didn’t actually start that way.
  12. Alfred hates Slash because he wants DJ back in the band. When I interviewed Billy Rowe, Alfred left a tweet that said #SlashMurderedToddCrew. I wish I screen capped that. His goal is to break up the reunion and get NuGNR back. I wish I was making this up.
  13. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/report-slashs-estranged-wife-is-seeking-to-unmask-internet-troll/ This must be him, yes? In my experience "Alfred" always said nasty things about Perla, on my show too I believe.
  14. Didn't see you posted this before I did, thanks...admins you can delete mine. Here are some pics Marc shared with me.