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  1. Jimmy is an incredible storyteller, taking us through how he consumed music as a boy in Italy to Circle Jerk punk rock house parties in Los Angeles. His first band, Broken Homes, would get signed to a label, feature a cameo in Back to The Future, and even have GNR open for THEM. That's only the beginning of Jimmy's fascinating story. How soon after GNR did Izzy reach out to Jimmy? Do they still talk? Could he see a future for the Ju Ju Hounds even after the loss of Charlie Quintana? What does Jimmy's future hold? ... https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-Appetite-for-Distortion-27615384/episode/ep-69-jimmy-ashurst-izzy-29452626/ https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow
  2. I always offer that, first and foremost to talk about what’s important to them. That’s what I did with Tommy Stinson. Focused on his new music and charity, didn’t talk GNR until the end. I would talk about whatever Matt wanted to. By the way interviewing Jimmy Ashurst today. Questions are welcomed.
  3. Riki revealed that Sebastian Bach told him Axl misses their friendship, even though they haven't spoken in years.
  4. He spoke plenty of GNR. Cathouse beginnings with Axl, Ax getting him the MTV job, Nov Rain video shoot, relationship now with GNR. https://www.spreaker.com/user/theafdshow/ep-64-billy-rowe-jetboy
  5. Remixes and Better acoustic as far as I know, haven't asked for them.
  6. Edited msg I was sent earlier.
  7. All good my man Russ. Just want justice served.
  8. I want the jerks who charge fans for stolen material to suffer the consequences.
  9. Many of us grew up watching Riki Rachtman on MTV, specifically on Headbangers Ball. But our episode 67 guest was and is so much more... Riki opens up about his relationship with Guns N' Roses and Axl Rose, who he credits for getting him the MTV gig. He also shares stories about the infamous Cathouse club, the November Rain video shoot, and so much more! Hope you enjoy
  10. Alan Niven just sent me this about the performance of Shadow... "I remember them playing it often back in the day - so not first live performance ... enjoyed Curly's solo but miss the swing off the kit ... " Curly is his nickname for Slash.
  11. NEW! Ep. 66 - Jamie Hunting Our special co-host this episode and making his return to the AFD Show is author and former LA Guns Manager, Mr. Raz Cue. In our "Shotgun News" segment, Raz and Brando discuss the last episode with Alan Niven and GNR kicking off their European tour by covering Velvet Revolver for the first time! Then joining the conversation is our guest for this episode, veteran bassist James Hunting. James has worked with Eddie Money, David Lee Roth, Vince Neil, Roger Daltrey, and many others. For this chat we focus on his work with the late West Arkeen and their band The Outpatience. West co-wrote several songs with Guns N' Roses and would have many of the GNR guys play on his 1996 album, including the last known studio track to have both Axl Rose and Slash on it. James also opens up about losing West; being in the house and finding him unresponsive. This only scratches the surface of the candid stories that both James Hunting and Raz Cue share on episode 66. Please enjoy and follow/subscribe/leave a review!
  12. I defended Fernando the best I could without being combative.
  13. Back on episode 48 of the AFD show, former Guns N' Roses manager Alan Niven broke the internet when he spoke of Izzy Stradlin showing up at a soundcheck during GNR's "Not In This Lifetime" tour. Alan returns on episode 65, so what will he have to say this time around? Alan has very passionate opinions on GNR's current management, the new box set, the It's So Easy video (which he himself shelved all those years ago), and much more! He also answers YOUR fan submitted questions! Hope you enjoy!
  14. Talks the early Jetboy/GNR shows, times spent with Izzy and "Bill." Also opens up about Todd Crew and how he feels towards GNR/Slash now. First Jetboy album in 30 yrs coming in January. Really nice dude. Hope you enjoy! iTunes - https://bit.ly/2wWYecN iHeart - https://ihr.fm/2kbr1B7 Spreaker - https://bit.ly/2wWYecN SoundCloud - https://bit.ly/2rZ5wXR
  15. Have you ever had an offer to do the Super Bowl? @Fernando