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  1. I'm selfishly/humbly awaiting for a rock news site to pick it up and do the transcribing for us. My last few episodes were. And if 1 "masterpiece" quote from Bumble can go viral...
  2. Didn’t miss, just didn’t want to push anything. I don’t like to press too much first time I speak with someone, but yes I’m hoping that’ll be answered next time 🤞
  3. Appreciate the feedback, hopefully he comes on again to get more and talk the HOB show.
  4. 2 hours of Brain. I look forward to your comments. ENJOY!!
  5. I thought the same! Must not be officially announced yet.
  6. As we all know here, Blind Melon and GnR have a special connection. Shannon Hoon's sister having gone to school with Axl. Christopher Thorn does talk about what Axl meant him and Blind Melon, touring with Guns, and a cool/funny story about plane rides together. This and a lot more! Enjoy!
  7. --- his answer will shock you then. This should be up by weeks end, the Christopher Thorn episode will be up tomorrow.
  8. I appreciate all the questions! Rod is in the studio, so all we have to do is hammer out a date/time, but he's in! But be out on the lookout for 2 new episodes this week with Christopher Thorn from Blind Melon and BRAIN.
  9. Thanks! And I thought that was so telling, but didn’t want to press it and this get negative attention for them or Slash. I WILL say I’m supposed to get Rod Jackson for a future episode. Thanks so much. That’s always my goal in interviews, make it relaxed and casual. Especially since they’re teenagers, regardless of who’s kid you are talking on the radio can be scary.
  10. Haha, I was so happy when he said that. Yup, 40! I can't believe it either. Here's the one with Slash's first roadie.
  11. This is Slash's 15-year-old son's FIRST interview. Slash and Perla along with Nico's dad manage, so Slash gave this is approval to do. I was in shock at all of this. Enjoy!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appetite-for-distortion/id1116569741?mt=2
  12. I agree that he might have more info, didn't want to press him. Hoping he comes on again and can find out.
  13. So who went to the 2002 Chinese Democracy tour? Who had tickets only to be cancelled on? 15 years after I saw GnR on the last show of that tour before it was cancelled, we interview Deron Miller. He told us that NO ONE has asked him about it since. The most curious takeaway for me, who were the other bands that CKY was up against that Axl picked them over to open? Enjoy! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/appetite-for-distortion/id1116569741?mt=2