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  1. I have to say, when Atlas first leaked, I didn't know what to think. It sounded nothing like I had imagined for years. But after listening to it quite a bit since, I've grown to love it. The drums are absolutely killer, mixed in with that kind of earthy, jam band guitar going on in the background, and Axl's vocal melodies. It has woven it's way into my heart.
  2. I was just going to suggest everyone stay current on the GNR subreddit, the guy that has all of the cd's is posting there before anywhere else. He even did an AMA earlier.
  3. To me, the 3 second clip sounded louder and better quality.
  4. Here's what I get out of Hardschool/Checkmate/Jackie Chan/Whatever: "To extend myself and lend you my hand...and when we do it, yeah we do it your way. Had to be a fool, had to throw it all away. Too hardschool and you thought you were here to stay, if that were true, it wouldn't matter anyway. As tempers fade, and lies forgiven..."
  5. What does the phrase "hard school" even mean? Never heard it used before.
  6. Same! Nowhere in a million years did I expect this. I remember years ago Mysteron had described it as "70s glam". Dont really get that, other than a Zeppelin tint to some of it. It's interesting. Very earthy.
  7. See? And everyone laughs at us that still buy and listen to cd's. We will have the last laugh!!
  8. I quite liked '02 GNR's take on the Appetite songs. I would be EXTREMELY interested to hear their studio versions. They added some unique and different touches.
  9. Yeah, I'm shocked at how late 80s/early 90s it sounds. Badass.