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  1. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    I was at both shows at MetLife and was a little disappointed that the Devil on night 2 wasn't numbered. We will probably never know for sure but I asked multiple vendors at different stands how many posters they had of the NJ Devil and they all said 250. For whatever that worth.
  2. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    Thanks for the info. Question about the Las Vegas slot machine litho. The lithograph is stylized to look like a slot machine, however it also contains a hidden feature. The design features a fold-in design with arrows on the outside border section; when the design is folded in to line up these arrows, the lithograph displays a stylized skull which pays tribute to the old Golden Nugget Gambling Hall casino sign. Does anyone have a picture showing this?
  3. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    I have the set as well but don't remember anything specific standing out about the paper. I have mine framed now, but they seemed to me to be printed very similar to any other the other lithos I have.
  4. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    Those look amazing. That's always been my goal is to have all my lithos displayed in one room. Glad to see it executed so well here. Any rhyme or reason to the order you displayed them in?
  5. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    I like this one. What do we think the "JP" stands for?
  6. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    I'm still not sure I understand the harm In posting this on the main forum and having it discussed. You would think if they are fake then Team Brazil would contact the appropriate people and shut it down instantaneously. By keeping it on this sub forum you stand the chance of Team Brazil and Axl's camp never seeing this. And if it is indeed fake wouldn't they want to put a stop to it and take it down? You might be doing them a favor.
  7. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    @Jordan Rose thanks for posting this and taking the time. Good thinking to not post about it when it was active. I think you're on to something here. I've read every Axl statement, press release, and interview since 2000 and these tweets have the same type of structure and humor we've come to expect from him. There are so many references that are coded or purposely vague, but in a way that is meant to hook you and leave you wondering. That could be because of the Twitter rules about how long posts can be. But it's also the way Axl talks sometimes when he wants to vent but still has to stay professional. The amount of insider knowledge on that page is massive, and it also has an air of disdain for the super hardcore fans [understandably so]. The amount of time spent updating this over the years would make you think it would have to be a die-hard, or the ultimate insider. Have all of those pics been posted on Axl's and TB social media accounts? Also the frequency with the start-stop type of posting for months at a time rings true to point towards Axl. Whether it's fake , which i don't believe, it's an amazing satire. But, if it's a legit account made by Axl as a way to vent through a public forum, that wouldn't get the type of mass media coverage he gets every time he opens his mouth, then this is the biggest GNR find since the reunion at least. If legit this is a fascinating deep dive Into the mind and business dealings of the guy who almost never lets us peek behind the curtain. My favorite lines are the part about "me and daddy busy looking for the muse" , and the part about the Slash interview "the cat in the hat...etc." AWESOME post, great work.
  8. 2002...Your memories

    2002... yes the VMA performance was a huge setback, but there were enough solid live clips from the time to quiet the doubters for a time. I remember showing my friends clips of Axl on LALD, Bucket doing Nightrain, and Robin on SCOM. All In 30 second files on a Windows Media Player lol. But there was enough raw talent to be seen in those small grainy clips that it could combat what people were saying about the VMA meltdown. Obviously you couldn't show those clips to everyone who saw the VMA's but I certainly showed all of the people in my orbit. I convinced my friends to give the band a shot despite what the press was saying about Axl and the lineup. We all bought tickets to the nearest show on that 2002 tour, Greenville, South Carolina. The 1st show comes and there's the riot. I remember hearing at the time that it was possibly a clever marketing tool to make sure that dangerous vibe was still ever present. My friends laughed and said see the band wouldn't even make it until December [when the South Carolina date was scheduled]. The tour rolled on, solid performances, good reviews, then MSG! By all accounts a triumphant return by Axl to the biggest stage. The papers gave them great reviews, the websites at the time even ate their earlier criticisms, and my South Carolina show was less then a week away. I figured it was timed so perfectly that me and my friends would catch the tour at its apex! Then Philly goes down and a second no show/riot. For the next 2 days no one knows anything about the rest of the tour, the future of the band, or what the hell happened. It was someone working at the Bi-lo Center in Greenville that was the one who broke the news to me the tour was scrapped. Calling me back after I had left multiple messages. She told me they had just received word Clear Channel had pulled the plug on the remaining dates. That was hours before the news was widely available, and I was devastated. My buddies didn't even joke about my misfortune knowing how bummed I was. I had run out of excuses for the band. I still followed their every move, and it wasn't until Bucket officially left that I had a fatal blow struck at the heart of my Nu-Guns fandom. I saw them in 2006 at the first Hammerstein date in NYC and they were great. But it wasn't that freak show 2002 lineup that so captured my imagination.
  9. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    It's a shame this website stopped getting updated http://gnrposters.rocks I liked having them all in one place with some info and back story on each.
  10. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    You didn't like Winnipeg?
  11. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    Great detective work. I do believe that some will be offered in a lot of multiple lithos down the line when some collector is in need of fast cash, but this one did seem pretty odd from jump street.
  12. Can anyone decipher what they're talking about? Ask is asking Duff if he went "there" and pointing to his shirt I think.
  13. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    Straight off the shelf at Michaels.
  14. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    http://i.picresize.com/cWni Can't ever figure out how to resize and post the image within the post but here's the link of my MSG framed lithos.
  15. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    Very cool. Thanks for the insight. @mikeman5150 I don't have an extra Pittsburgh but I will tell you it's one of my sleeper pics for most underrated. It looks amazing in person with the little flakes of molten steel.