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  1. The video quality is amazing. I wish we had different soundboards though. Apollo was rough to hear. I judge it based on If I would be embarrassed listening to this in front of other people. And for more then a few of these tracks that tends to be the case. There were really great moments over the last few years, and I know we have had really good - great vocals for almost every song at least once through out the whole tour. I'd rather have a lower quality audio of a better vocal then soundboard quality of a bad performance. Really great effort on the dvd and the work is really appreciated. But I went to 2 NITL shows in 2016 and 2 in 2017. And the last two had a noticeable drop off which I'm sure were due to how many shows they did. I'm sure Axl gave it all he could while preserving the voice for the rest of the tour stops. But I would have loved to see this with a 2016 soundboard quality. And even more so, an Axl/DC compilation DVD project. Because I saw that show at MSG and those were the best vocals I've ever seen Axl pull off live. Granted I never got to see him live before 2006.
  2. Agree with all the points above about limiting the scope of the questions. We know he won't be able/willing to answer the biggest questions on everyone's mind about new music and inter-band workings, and so fourth, so let's go for lower hanging fruit. He seemed excited about new merch. Soooooooooo, @Fernando You brought up the lithos before, I love them and have collected over 20 myself. The idea has been tossed around here about having a coffee table book with all the lithos compiled. Some info about each gig, the print number, artist info, etc on each page. It would be the ultimate companion piece for us litho collectors after the tour officially wraps up. Do you have a favorite litho so far? And do you think this is something worth exploring?
  3. @Fernando Can you speak as to what parts, if any, of the new single were re-recorded? We can put the discussion to rest and just get back to digging the track. It's killer by the way.
  4. Finally on Sirius Xm Ozzys Boneyard. Its about Damn time
  5. Still nothing on any of the Sirius XM stations that feature GNR. I don't have Facebook or Twitter so there isn't any other way to contact the channels or the DJ's but if someone on here does they should reach out to these people and request the song. You'd have to believe they're starving for new content. Ozzys Boneyard, Hair Nation, those would be the first two to try.
  6. Yes It's been purchased
  7. I've PM'd you as well.
  8. I've been waiting to see if SiriusXm picks it up on any of their rock stations. They have a few channels dedicated to just hard rock that you would think would be starved for new material. But haven't heard it on there yet.
  9. If you cue up the old demo to 1:16 and listen to the "Stole my changes helplessly" verse, Axl doesn't sing the word "I" when the lyrics are "I said yea but I got no regrets" Then cue up the new single with the lyric video the same part 1:20 and Axl clearly sings the word " I ". I don't hear that at all one the old demo.
  10. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    I was at both shows at MetLife and was a little disappointed that the Devil on night 2 wasn't numbered. We will probably never know for sure but I asked multiple vendors at different stands how many posters they had of the NJ Devil and they all said 250. For whatever that worth.
  11. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    Thanks for the info. Question about the Las Vegas slot machine litho. The lithograph is stylized to look like a slot machine, however it also contains a hidden feature. The design features a fold-in design with arrows on the outside border section; when the design is folded in to line up these arrows, the lithograph displays a stylized skull which pays tribute to the old Golden Nugget Gambling Hall casino sign. Does anyone have a picture showing this?
  12. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    I have the set as well but don't remember anything specific standing out about the paper. I have mine framed now, but they seemed to me to be printed very similar to any other the other lithos I have.
  13. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    Those look amazing. That's always been my goal is to have all my lithos displayed in one room. Glad to see it executed so well here. Any rhyme or reason to the order you displayed them in?
  14. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    I like this one. What do we think the "JP" stands for?
  15. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    I'm still not sure I understand the harm In posting this on the main forum and having it discussed. You would think if they are fake then Team Brazil would contact the appropriate people and shut it down instantaneously. By keeping it on this sub forum you stand the chance of Team Brazil and Axl's camp never seeing this. And if it is indeed fake wouldn't they want to put a stop to it and take it down? You might be doing them a favor.