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  1. This is fucking stellar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSxv85c_GgE Where has that Axl gone? Dude's just come back from 6 months off and he still doesn't have that energy and his voice is only now starting to pick up. It's frustrating to be a GNR fan. lol
  2. The This Is It DVD gave me so much respect for MJ. Axl seems to have that same need for perfection only he doesn't have the same work ethic sadly.
  3. It's really apparent Axl did not hold back in this show. At all. Even Jungle was much better. Bit weak for those first few lines but he found his voice, and the scream at the beginning was an unnecessarily high note. Good show.
  4. The band looks weird, Axl looks weird, Axl sounds.. different (not bad to me, just not old Axl or current Axl), but you know what? This is fantastic. Axl has that fire... he's a raging bull in a tiny cage and it's incredible to watch. I wish he still had that fire with GNR now. Time to shake things up Axl.
  5. Yeah sign me up. Standard def or not, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  6. Setlist so far for those of us still in work?
  7. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I love the way Axl sings the chorus in this. Fuck me.
  8. Haha "Maybe we should just start again?" *Duff plays ISE intro*
  9. Axl/DC levels of rasp at the end lol. Bit wobbly at the beginning still, but good job Axl.
  10. Good ending yup, hopefully he just had a dry throat lol
  11. Dropped an octave again, it's hurting him man.
  12. He's skipped a bunch of lyrics during it dude - it IS one of the raspier versions in recent times but he's struggling a lot to achieve that.