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  1. If you can find any videos from Sheffield 2006 he uses that voice predominantly throughout the show. There was a great full concert video a while back... but it's gone now.
  2. See I don't think it has to match up to the old material, it never will anyway. All they need is a solid album, properly produced by one (not one hundred) producer who knows their shit and can make a great sounding album. Axl is a talented writer but he needs someone to keep him in check, someone to stop him going off the rails and overdoing things.
  3. 2016 was fucking fantastic. Super conveniently I was working nights most of that year and got to watch all the live streams either during or after work with a wee beer. The hype was unreal. Also thanks Fede for the streams The only thing that makes 2017 a little better in my eyes was that I finally got to see Guns, REAL Guns, in person... "you know where the fuck you are SLANE?!"
  4. Houston, plus a few select cuts like BHS, I Feel Good, Madagascar, Shadow, OTGM/My Michelle with Adler, Witchita, etc etc, and you have a huge live album. Like Russ, I think I'd rather a new studio album though... CD2, UYI3, AFD rerecorded... I'll take anything
  5. I used to love Bumble's solo work but I never really followed SoA and only watched a video of them just yesterday. Can't believe they're 2 parts Dream Theater... they sound good.
  6. Haven't found any yet. There was a good video of a few songs from the concert but as I was in the middle of watching it, it was removed "due to a legal complaint". This is getting ridiculous.
  7. That's a good photo of Axl, much better than the official images with the weird photoshop accented jawline...
  8. Ooo that was a pretty good Jungle.
  9. You know Fortus has spent too much time around Axl when he's wearing a red bandana and a big hat..
  10. I noticed that, throughout the night he was asking for the levels to be changed. I think he's putting the effort in again. He seemed a lot more focused and in to it during the last 2 shows than most of 2018 so far.
  11. As others have said, there definitely is something peculiar about the way Axl's pronouncing things.. he really seems to be concentrating on proper vowel shapes, etc. Looks like he has spoken to his vocal coach maybe?
  12. I think he's referring to Trump being afraid of a little rain... clearly GNR are not. lol
  13. You've got to wonder what Duff and Slash think when Axl shows up so unprepared. Wasn't it rumoured that the contract for NITL stipulated that Axl has to show up to rehearsals? Please Axl, go see your vocal coach.
  14. They need to pick the best recording of each song.. I'm pretty sure there's a good version of each song from the NITL setlist.
  15. That's pretty cool, did he play anything with them? Edit: According to Setlist.fm he joined them for Rocket Queen.. I need a video! Edit 2: Found one