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  1. Dude, this is the real type of interview I like to hear. He opened up about it all. Very good interview @Gambit83 and @ArtTavana
  2. Going to check this out at work in a few hours!
  3. Ep. 41 - Christopher Thorn, Blind Melon Glad to hear a new one
  4. Guns N' Roses Comic Books

    I looked and thought, I should get a few of these. Then I thought, what the fuck do I need GnR comic books for? I already have enough things associated with the band that I am just collecting. My wife loves to remind me of that every time some little "thing" comes in the mail. They are cool and I still might buy some lol but for now I think I have talked myself out of it. Thanks for sharing @sidman69
  5. I think this is very cool that he agreed to do this and that you guys got access to have him on. Going to listen later. I am trying to wake up and get rid of this little hangover. Can't wait to see what interviews you have in store this year. The podcast is definitely growing. I can't believe it is already on 40. Keep up the good work
  6. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    I didn't even know I had won until you posted this and I saw it in my email . I started drinking early yesterday and went and watched my tennessee titans win to go to the playoffs for the 1st time since 2008. I really expected to lose with all the injuries I have been dealing with the last few weeks. I guess a miracle happened lol. Good season everyone. Good game @Getizzyback. See everyone next year.
  7. God, please no. I don't think I could handle it. I guess it could be possible but would hope not.
  8. Slash Buys $6.2M home in Encino

    Nice house but I would probably not want to be around Perla. I guess it makes sense though, so his kids are close to both parents.
  9. Guess they have to get money anyway they can. Probably doesn't help that kids now are not in to playing or listening to rock the way most of us were when we were growing up. The ones that are, probably aren't starting out with $5,000 guitars. Henry also treats workers like shit. I have known a few people who have worked for Gibson in Nashville and hated it. Check out the glassdoor reviews lol
  10. Same man that brought them back is the same man that made them a "life style brand" and is killing them now.
  11. Wow, what a joke ! Ever since Henry took over, Gibson has become a joke of their former self.
  12. the one I am listening to now is Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson by Randall Sullivan. I also listened to his bodyguard's book from some of the last part of his life, while he was in Vegas, it is called Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days.
  13. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Didn't help me losing Antonio Brown and Adams in the same week. Its not officially over, but its over. Oh, and can't the 50 points Gurley carved my Titans team up for. He is pretty ridiculous.
  14. Obviously, I don't know if Slash said this or not, but I really don't trust anything any of the Jackson family says. I especially don't trust his father or Jermaine, from many books and stories I have read. I am listening to a book on Audible about Michael Jackson and it seems like most of his life after the Jackson 5 was over he didn't trust them. He thought they used him for money. Toward the end of his life the only real contact he had with his family was mostly with his mother. He really didn't want to speak with any of them because he didn't trust them. It is actually pretty sad.
  15. Greta Van Fleet

    For anyone on the fence about going to see them you have to go. That fucking singer can sing his ass off. Everyone around me was very impressed. If I had tickets for tonight I would go again.
  16. Greta Van Fleet

    Going to see them tonight. Actually kind of excited.
  17. The hardest working guitar player in the world! He can never stop and take time off!
  18. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    So many good ones, but for me, my personal favorite was getting to see Steven in Nashville. He was so fucking happy during the few songs he did. If only he could keep his big mouth shut.
  19. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Yes, teams 5-10 play each other in the consolation ladder. The top 4 teams play in the playoffs.
  20. Really fucking cool! This website gets me more obsessed evey day.
  21. Wish I could stay up and enjoy the show with everyone but I have to be up early. Hope Sirius has it on demand on the app so I can listen tomorrow.