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  1. Does GNR ever tour again after 2018?

    Yes, and I hope we see new music from this current lineup, even if it takes a long time to record. I would not want a rushed half done album. As long as Slash stays, and Dj doesn't come back, I will be happy with almost anything
  2. Hopefully they all just go do their separate things and link backup in a year to do more GnR. I hope this isn't actually the end of slash's gnr contract. God, please don't bring Ashba back!
  3. http://www.tmz.com/2018/03/12/slash-guns-n-roses-restraining-order-threatening-harassment/# SLASH WINS RESTRAINING ORDER Against Scary Man at Super Bowl Party Slash Gets Restraining Order Against Scary Man at Super Bowl Party Slash claims a man tried make his way into the guitarist's home during a Super Bowl party by convincing Slash's girlfriend he was a friend ... and Slash is so concerned and scared he's gone to court for a restraining order. Slash claims when he was turned down by the woman, he rang the doorbell several times and got so angry he violently bashed the security camera. Two weeks later, Slash says the guy showed up at an invitation-only party, claiming to be Slash's friend. When he was turned away he sat on his motorcycle in the parking lot revving his engine. It's unclear why the guy wanted to get at Slash so badly, but it was enough to scare him into run to court. The judge granted a temporary restraining order. What the fuck is wrong with people?
  4. But sitting outside is still stalking
  5. Pharma Bro Sentenced to 7 Years

    Sure is, Welcome to the Jungle.
  6. I mean, I love the guy, but come on. I can't wait to show my wife so I can prove to her that I don't have a Slash "problem"
  7. Wow, I just realized I put this in the unofficial social media thread. I must have been a little tired and a little buzzed last night. Oh well, story of my life
  8. You could tell he thought about some questions longer than others and paused here and there to be extra cautious with his answers? Who could blame him though. He knows the click bait boys will be out ready to cut and paste everything he said.
  9. I kind of want to pre-order Slash but I don't want to pay for it . That $125 price is bullshit 😁
  10. I thought I remembered some one saying they thought Izzy was going to come out at Nashville and that he had been spotted. I was so excited because I was keeping up with it while I was hanging out before the show. As soon as Alan said it was at a show in the midwest I blew it off. Glad you guys remembered that too. Oh, and @Gambit83, the topic with Izzy just came up in the Rock news during Eddie Trunk a few minutes ago on SiriusXM. They said your name and the AFD Podcast out as the original person who did the interview.
  11. I have seen almost every artist that I wanna see, some multiple times. I have never seen Metallica though. So this is a must see show. Even though I sometimes look at them as arrogant douchebags, they have made some very awesome music. They also try to give their fans a lot of cool stuff to look forward to. I really wish GnR would take a few pages from their fan club book. With all that said, I have my presale code ready and will be purchasing 2 tickets for the Nashville show. Even though I won't see them until fucking January 2019😂
  12. Major Collection Update!!!

    Very, very cool !
  13. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    This was very cool to listen to and to see how the songs progressed over time. I love the rawness of this. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Yeah, I don't want them for that price
  15. Great... another thing to take up space that my wife will call me a kid for having . Who makes them?
  16. Books/Reading Thread

    Just finished this today
  17. As always a very cool interview! @Gambit83Did you ever hear anything back from Lzzy Hale?
  18. I tweeted her and told her she should join you and the show sometime when she wasn't busy. I don't know if she will read it, or even care, but I know she talks to her fans on twitter a lot. She seems like she is pretty open to answering questions. You should try to get in contact with her.