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  1. EPISODE 1 SLASH Slash, legendary guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, and countless other projects sits down with host Dan P. Carter. An iconic Marshall fan and player with almost 40 years of stories to share, Slash covers topics such as why he picked up a guitar in the first place, the sound he aims to create, and what it’s like still playing in front of thousands of fans years later. https://marshall.com/live-for-music/the-marshall-podcast
  2. After watching all of the complaints from this leg about the set list here is a chance to give some suggestions to the band.
  3. Same thing Friday night. All the people I talked to have seen multiple shows. Some of those people had seen multiple on this leg. I can tell you a lot of the people in the 400s sat down most of the show on Friday. There were times were everyone was excited and jumping around but they were mostly sitting. All I know is I enjoyed it and this was my 3rd show this leg of the tour.
  4. When he got up he said I am literally busting my ass for you guys tonight 😂
  5. Easily 30 or 40. I was here 2 and a half hrs and talking to people in the very front and the merch booth broke up 3 or 4 lines on each side. The guy was right next to me and cleaned up. I went to the others side and it sold out before I got up ther. I was easily within the first 100 in counting early vip entry. There was no show specific merch on the higher levels. Only the 20 or so sold in the show outside the venues per the guy I talk to in the store and the rest were in the very front when you came in to the show and got your tickets scanned. The show seems empty but I think everyone is still getting here now. Sorry Honey is on now and the sound is sounding good. Hoping for a good show from GN’R tonight.
  6. I have been talking to him for a while today. He really did look like Axl. He was actually a pretty nice guy.Just a big fan. Also to the guy that bought the whole stack of lithographs I hope you and your wife get hit by a big fucking bus and everyone of them flys all over the street and everyone in Vegas gets one. Sorry but I had to get that off my chest, and I kind of mean it.
  7. If anyone wants the shirt specific for tonight it is in the shop now.
  8. You are correct me and a couple of other people posted some pics of the store a few days ago on the FB fanspot page. Like you said it was mostly regular GN’R stuff nothing show specific. I was talking with a few people who are already lined up down there and they confirmed that all show shirts and lithographs are inside. I was hoping to get down there and grab some stuff early and bring it back to my hotel so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during the show but I guess that’s not happening now.
  9. I have the super deluxe and the box is all really want from the L&L
  10. That would be nice
  11. Keep watching Ticketmaster the next couple of days. Face value might show up. I have been watching the last couple of days with hope that some of the platinum seats will go back down to regular price. I have been thinking of calling and upgrading my tickets if I can, but only when and if the price drops.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    But if they fired them who would clean Axl’s house? Fernando would have to manage a GameStop.
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    Okay, let’s say all of that is true and that is why they are doing this, the problem I have is the attitude of TB. There are ways to talk to people and ways to communicate things to get your point across without being a 100% bitch or dickhead. They either don’t understand that or don’t care, probably the 2nd one. It is just really sad.
  14. Copyright Strikes....

    I was all into this, like, yeah me either. Then I remembered I am flying out to Vegas in a few days to go see them.
  15. Copyright Strikes....

    Thank you, I just assumed that it said,”Me and my midget/talentless son will try our best to run off all of GN’R’s fans.”
  16. Copyright Strikes....

    Fuck TB! @RussTCB has it right they are unprofessional assholes! Although nobody in the band would ever talk about it, I get the feeling a lot of them and their families feel the same way.
  17. 10/25/19 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience

    Glad you enjoyed it. When I saw them at Exit 111 I have never seen so many smiling faces. I had a ton of pictures from the rail and a lot of them had smiles, more than any other Guns shows I have been to. I really hope that they take advantage of this and keep trying new things, like songs they haven't played in a while, and new music. Also get rid of some of the covers.
  18. 10/25/19 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience

    When Chris died it was cool to play Blackhole Sun. Now in 2019, almost 2020, it's not too exciting!
  19. 10/25/19 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience

    Good! Although I was just glad to hear it the other night. It definitely needed to be improved
  20. Eddie trunk rant and gnr discussion

    Eddie really did sound like he was holding back when talking about the Exit 111 festival. Probably a good move, but I bet he is talking so much shit behind the scenes to any band from the 80's with less success than GN'R has been having, because he knows they are all jealous and feeling just like he does. I went from listening to Eddie everyday, since he started his Volume show, to not being able to listen to a whole show. He really thinks he is a rock star, but he's not. Oh, and it looks like Axl doesn't want that interview, Eddie lol.
  21. Eddie trunk rant and gnr discussion

    Eddie is still just being a bitch because he is really mad at GN'R. He never got his interview, and he got pissed at them at the Exit 111 festival. I was listening to his show a few days after Exit 111 and he said that security treated him like shit and he kept getting moved back farther and farther back from the stage. He didn't get to introduce them and he also said he left and did not watch their show. Made a few comments that it was like the president showing up and that Richard invited him to watch the show from the side and that "security" told Eddie that Richard didn't have the authority to tell him he could stand there. I really think it all boils down to GN'R see how much of a douche bag Eddie has become. Probably pretty hard on his ego, since they are such great "friends".
  22. Me too. I really feel like he has improved, or the band just has more chemistry now.
  23. Did Dead Horse sound perfect? No, it surely did not, but I am just glad to see them trying different songs. Now bring on Hard School.
  24. All I know is Dead Horse sounded better than when Duff played it this summer on his tour