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  1. I see London, Cash, and Meegan. He must have accidentally forgot to put Perla in there
  2. I still listen to and love World On Fire, if that counts
  3. Roadrunner emailed me today and said that the backorder email for the autograph was an accident lol. Then this came, made my fucking day. This book really is cool. I probably would have kept it, even if they didn't send the autograph. If this was something GN'R put out it would be $700. I don't think I will ever use the Slash picks, but they are better than the temporary tattoos in the Locked and Loaded set Oh and I still like WOF better.
  4. Slash Will Be Doing a Reddit AMA on September 20th

    I am going to ask if I am still getting my signed insert from Road Runner Records and what happened
  5. I was coming in here to share this. It is a good interview. I always enjoy hearing how the artist comes up with the different songs, and ideas.
  6. Now they are doing this but can't send out the pre-orders? Fuck them. Oh and look as I am typing they just charged my card.
  7. Yep. I was wondering if that means they just don't have it yet and are still going to send it or if that means sorry but we're not ever fucking sending it. I am pissed. I just sent them that question worded a little differently lol
  8. Wow just got a email from Roadrunner telling me that my autograph and hardcover book are now on back order and that they can still send me the CD. I'm tempted to tell them I already have the CD and to cancel my fucking order.
  9. That is almost exactly how I feel about this record. Especially the part you said about the different singers. I really liked WOF but this is a different feel. A good feel but a different feel just not what I was expecting. I like it though
  10. Agreed, but what I really like is the fact that they try to sell their fans what they want and that they realize the fans are the ones that are going to spend their hard-earned money on it.
  11. I was coming here to say the same thing. I bought mine but it never hurts to have an early listen
  12. Yes and it does look amazing. It's really crazy, it's like they actually care about their fans
  13. Until GN'R learns to do a boxset like Metallica, I am not really interested. Especially for these prices.
  14. Ghostwriters, no. Taking pieces from different people, who are friends, and helped them create awesome music, yes. Also, if you give credit to people who help you they aren't ghost writers. People like Chris Webber and West wouldn't be mentioned if they were ghostwriters. So I would say no, for sure.
  15. Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Firebird

    They also have another version that is $1,299 and it comes signed. I think there were only 100 signed ones.
  16. Mile's voice on parts of My Antidote sound too much lke Wicked Stone imo. Which, I like WS but, not sure how I feel about MA. Maybe it will grow on me like the others did.
  17. I am almost feeling the same way, although Driving Rain, and that autographed album copy have me a little more excited than I probably should be about what I have heard. I just feel like the GN'R excitement and tour kind of hit at a time when SMKC were really clicking. That is okay with me though, because I would have never even gotten the chance to see Slash and Axl together on the same stage if it wasn't for that.
  18. I feel like he is showing her a penis picture Obviously, Fernado is interested