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  1. THE most overrated GNR song?

    You're mixing up overplayed with overrated. SCOM is many things but overrated isn't one of those things.
  2. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    And for those who don't know Alf garnett is the British version of Archie bunker except not as warm.
  3. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Not just John Lydon but Alf garnett is till death do us part calls out saville during one episode.
  4. Sp What Happens Now?

    Had you eaten cheese shortly before bed when this dream happened ?
  5. If it wasn't for this virus I and thousands of others would be in Marley park in dublin right now enjoying GNR. So, fuck covid-19 and the horse it rode in on.
  6. The TSI cover.

    That ship has sailed and gone around the cape of good hope and come back again.
  7. New Melissa Reese Article

    Well Fatima is a place not a person is this case and its secret is religious in nature.
  8. New Melissa Reese Article

    For the love of god why are people caring this much about Mellisa's age ? It's hardly that important lads. It's not the third secret of Fatima .
  9. Melissa Reese Article - Rolling Stone

    She herself has said that 1985 is wrong and that she was born later but doesn't say when so if it's not 1985 than it'd have to be 1989/90 then. I never imagined I'd ever be four or five years older than an member of GNR but it's 2020 and given what the first half of year has been like nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.
  10. Melissa Reese Article - Rolling Stone

    She adds youth but she's not a miracle worker. The few interactions I've had with on social media she seems like a nice enough person who's presence in the band won't hurt it.
  11. I don't think this forum is very negative at all. I think what does seem to be on the rise is posters unwilling to just repeat the same topics without anything new to talk about. I mean it's nearly 12 years since CD came out and it wasn't a bad album in all fairness but there was no follow through at the time. I mean for all his faults perceived or real about axl, the number of albums albeit not massive show that he is ridiculously talented and surely to Christ that can't have vanished completely in the 21st century. It is is becoming more difficult to care about the band and I do think the fact most of us say slash, duff, and axl back on stage together may have raised expectations unnaturally.
  12. I truly believe that angelina jolie will fall in love with me once she sees me but that doesn't make it true. Also, the pandemic has affected 2020. This line up has been back since April 1st, 2016 so what's the excuse for the other three years ? I'm sure Fernando actually believe that stuff he's said but unfortunately from reading this message board it seems fans patience for these riddles of quotes if not gone is wearing thin.
  13. NITL live videos on youtube

    I think it's half and half being honest. Yes axl has to take some blame for the mess it is but team Brazil have to also take a huge portion of the blame. In the end they will be and should be blamed for the mess on the band promotional side. They do not do what they should do and as a consequence axl rose and the band have suffered.
  14. I didn't know being an asshole affected a persons singing voice.
  15. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    I believe I said that even a holding statement should have been put out and even the one they have put out makes it sound like things are being cancelled and shut down now when all of us living in Europe know that the way it was going to play out was clear very early on.
  16. NITL live videos on youtube

    Well axl is part of it but honestly as others have said team Brazil might be very nice people outside of GNR but they are the management team of this band and they have made a balls of it on serveral fronts. They could have done so much to promote the band but they seem to do the bare minimum.
  17. NITL live videos on youtube

    Non GNR fans see the word soon and are happy. Us GNR fans see it and roll our eyes.
  18. ive no idea what to actually say to this news. Why are his child and niece named rose ? He hasn't been part of the GNR family for 30 years in reality. He should send Stephanie Seymour a big Christmas card every year because without her fernando and the rest of his family wouldn't be known. He didn't become involved in GNR because of any other than because he was close to the red headed lad. Edit: on second reading of that quote it may be that the second child's middle name is rose but it can be read either way.
  19. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Even a holding statement would have been something though. Other bands have commented on the covid-19 crisis and its effects on live music. It's not that hard surely ? I mean I know we should be used to the way this band operates but still this isn't a normal situation so why can't the band try and do even the simplest things normally.
  20. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    So has there been anything at all from the band about what is happening ? It's obvious as the day is long that no shows will be happening in Europe inlcuding in Ireland where I'm from where the government have announced five step plan to reopen the country that if all goes to plan august 10th will see the country back to something resembling normal albeit a new normal. I'm not asking the band to make a lethghy statement or anything but even an acknowledgement of the situation would be appreciated, and I think fans if not fully happy would have something to work with.
  21. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Was just going to post the very same thing. I assume those of us who have tickets for this gig will be informed about what will happen next ?
  22. I think they should have left the rest of GNR lies off the locked and loaded boxset if they were going to leave one in a million off. I'm in no way defending the lyrics at all and the specific terms used shouldn't be condoned but neither should they be ignored. The world isn't all sunshine and rainbows and yes bands released songs with very questionable lyrics and themes. I see they left I used to love her on which in a way isn't a great message if taken literally. My point is that the way things are going nothing pre 2016 with anything even remotely questionable will be rewritten. You don't learn from history in general if you sanitise it. You don't have to condone music or comedy or whatever it was from the past that was not PC but don't pretend it didnt happen. ive no idea if I'm taking shit or not but I needed to say that.
  23. I know and I wrote massive back catalogue intentionally and it was nice to someone notice the joke quickly.
  24. Back catalogue. I means stuff they've released.
  25. I was just last night thinking was the appetite for destruction in the locked and loaded box set the first of GNRs albums to be remastered ? I think it is but just wanted to check. I know led zeppelin have remastered their stuff several times but I'm happy with my copies of those albums of the 1994 remasters. My point is if GNR start remastering all their massive back catalogue will we lose what made the albums great at the time of their release ? I mean I've things I don't like on the UYI albums and given I've relistened to very recently during my in order relisten but if we start messing with stuff too much we may lose the magic. Also, while I'm here. Has look at your game girl been removed from the end of TSI or is it still there ? It's still on mine but I've had my copy for years.