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  1. May 26, 1993, Istanbul, most beautiful city. We had Izzy, Soul Asylum was swapped with Brian May Band was on fire. We went to the stadium 1 day before to get the first line :))
  2. Happy birthday love! I never got why they made it that shitty anyway
  3. How dare can they? GNR is the biggest touring and actually performing band. a7x SHOULD open for GNR. Noone else.
  4. Nightrain One in A Million Coma Estranged TWAT The General+Monsters full orchestral version 1 song from each album and will represent GNR's diversity.
  5. The General in 1991. But because 90s were way cooler, and production was ace, the video and song is a lot better.
  6. Axl and GNR wasted years with shitty managements, ok, Axl is not a social person and doesnt care about business, but they shoulda gotten a lot more recognition.
  7. Bohemian Like You is a fantastic song, and I loved this one too.
  8. DJ is a nice dude, he may not be cool or look lame with his outfit, he is talented and an easygoing dude.
  9. Axl is a smart, brilliant guy when it comes to music, but it rarely comes
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