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  1. Only thing that I dont like about Chin Dem is that it ends, especially Prostitute being the last song is terrible, I never want it to end. Best last song would be Scraped imo.
  2. Axl is the best frontman and singer ever, period. He is like Larry Bird of music, he kills anyone with this all around game.
  3. Actually American ones were 1 usd all the time for a while, Europeans were not that much presses I believe and always were around 10-20 GBP, I only bought the US pressings for completion purpose. You should also do Live Era bootleg vs Live Era US pressing too, that'd be very interesting
  4. I hoard them It so funny that Chin Dem vinyl go around 100 gbp nowadays, it was 1 usd all over only 5-6 years ago just random bullshit mate, they dont exist in any form.
  5. cuz if you encountered them, it's impossible to ignore and not adore them.
  6. I got the US, EU, KOR, JPN and Brazilian pressings and can easily say the Brazilian is the best.
  7. good but not enough, he's there with iommi, page,hendrix, may and better than all.
  8. All of them, Slash is never appreciated enough.
  9. like 200. or exact number of performances, whatever it is. myles is so terrible and soulless to me. but the sad fact is gnr never have this kind of quality video recording, such a shame, even cover bands performing at the bars have better quality videos.
  10. I wouldnt judge the stuff he makes, none my cup of vodka, but that voice is so soulless, fake and annoying to me. I hate most of the gnr covers, but only myles makes me wish I had a gun
  11. Not being a fanboy here, but fuck everyone else on stage, nothing compares to GNR.
  12. People can piss or drink beer later, this is not some netflix show you watch at home. It really dont make any sense to me.
  13. what breaks are u people talking about? u go to see gnr and pee and shit when they're on? wtf?
  14. cassette cd mc cost was 75 usd and prolly extra customs and delivery is in 2022 july. I already ordered it in 1st hour but wanna buy here too, it'll be a lot less messy. Btw, it's ridiculous money for the ones who want to buy these at a decent price if they buy from us site.
  15. Axl is way too cool and relaxed, they should piss him off to make him perform better
  16. Mickey all over, band was not that tight as with the other songs. But, this is the first time for this song, they'll get better, Axl will do better. I still dont get why Tracey and Roberta screams this much tho.
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