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  1. Ballad of Death

    I actually like Ballad of Death. Hey, at least it's new music, right?
  2. Silkworms is worth a listen as it's the only studio version we have, while OMG sounded like a demo to the 1999 release!
  3. Been searching all over. Damn these are hard to find! Very excited!
  4. Beautiful disease

    me too please!
  5. A live album will be great! Looking forward to touched up CD tracks with Slash and Duff.
  6. GnR Slither!

    Looks like they will finally announce a new singer for VR.
  7. @Fernando Thanks for coming on here and answering questions! That's really cool of you. Axl mentioned a few years ago that CD2 and a CD remix album are already done amd ready. Obviously the renuion happened around the same time and plans have changed. Will they ever be release? Or are they still being work on? Thank you!
  8. Cool! That's not too bad. Might just pop by!
  9. To be honest I thought they were pretty solid. Singer's not as bad as some people are making it to be. I'll be in Melbourne the same time they're performing. Might just go and check them out if tickets are reasonable.
  10. Loving SOYL! Came out of nowhere and it sounds incredible! Hope more tracks will receive the "enhanced" treatment.
  11. I got into GnR late due to my age (28 now) and was extremely thankful that I got to see them live a year ago with Slash and Duff. Broke the record for the biggest rock concert ever held in Singapore. An album now will really give me nothing to complain about, but I'm just happy Slash is at least making an album with SMKC. So yes, im happy about the current situation, but moving forward, they have to release something, and I still believe they will within the next year.
  12. Great that Slash is hard at work. At least we are getting some great tracks from SMKC. Still thinks GnR will put something out eventually when Axl is ready. Maybe his potential involvement in AC/DC's next album will push him to make a GnR album.