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  1. He seems to be a cool and down to earth guy. I think he's just grateful for Axl to include him in the band even when they didn't need him back in the 90s. As long as he's able to play Pretty Tied Up with Hookers & Blow, he's a happy man!
  2. IMO a live album is a bad idea unless Axl tighten up the vocals in the studio. It's too embarrassing to be released.
  3. Sounds very promising! They have probably decided to do an album prior to making that statement. Or else he wouldnt have said that. He said they'll have to finish the tour for something else to come. It wouldn't make sense if it's just another tour. Let's hope for the best!
  4. https://www.quora.com/Did-Slash-ever-play-with-Michael-Jackson-If-so-when-did-they-play-together
  5. Just done watching the Queen biopic. -SPOILER ALERT- There was this scene where Freddy went solo and begged to be reunite dwith the band after he was done with the solo albums. He mentioned that the musicians he worked with for his solo albums will do anything he asked them to, and he realizes that he didn't want that, as he wants constructive comments from his band, and not just people who says yes everything. Axl is a big fan of Freddy, so perhaps he will be more motivated to put out something after watching the flim as a lot of things might be very relatable to him as a singer im a rock band. I believe there will be a new GnR album as having Slash and Duff back is gonna make it a collaboration again, which will make it seem less daunting as CD.
  6. Don't think it'll ever happen as VR was possible due to Slash and Duff not being in GnR. Now that they're back, and not exactly young anymore, I don't see why they would wanna revive a band who's lead singer is dead, which will make it sound totally different and thus makes it pointless.
  7. The only new materials we'll be getting are his angry Trump tweets. Let's hope those anger will translate into some songs.
  8. Maybe in a Universe Studios souvenir store bundled with A top hat Minion plush.
  9. It's great being a Slash fan. Can't say the same for GnR!
  10. For guys who hates Myles, here's a treat for you! Apprently Slash just released a new instrumental album for Universal Horror Night. On Spotify now! Pretty cool. Link: https://slash.lnk.to/F4pp1AW
  11. After listening the album a couple of times I'll have to say Im really enjoying this album. Getting use to Myles' melodies. Read Between The Lines have such a great riff that my head automatically grooves along with it. The Great Pretender is a Anastasia-level epic-ness kind of song, but more in a ballad kind of way. Kind of reminds me of She's Gone by Steelheart. Rest of the album is pretty solid with songs like Driving Rain, Serve You Right, Boulevard of Broken Hearts besides weaker songs like The One You Love Is Gone, My Antidote and Lost inside The Girl. They have potential but Myles missed the mark. Seems like he can't really figure out how to approach those songs. But they aren't bad too! Best album by SMKC so far. Concise and straight up rock compared to WOF and AL.
  12. Just listened to the entire album. Impression after 1st listen is that best work from Slash in years. A lot of stand out riffs and aggression similar to those Snakepit albums. Myles could have done better with his vocal melodies. A lot of his vocal parts sounded like he did it for the sake to fill in the specific parts. But that could be just the way they write their materials as Slash is the one who set how the songs will sound, and leave not much of a room to play with for Myles. Need more time to process the album, but I like it so far.
  13. My Antidote is avaliable in PledgeMusic if you've preorded the album!
  14. I think CD 2 would have been released in 2014 or 2015 if nuguns members did not leave/ Slash and Duff rejoining. If Slash and Duff can't get Axl to release a new album, then it'll truly be the end of GnR in terms of new materials. I'm gonna be optimistic and say we'll see a new album before 2020. No AC/DC for Axl and Slash finished touring his new album, there's gonna be a good chance for them to go into the studio.
  15. Anyone knows what can be a real reason for them to do that? Perhaps past members from NUGNR sued?