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  1. Rumor of a new album???

    My point is Myles contributed a lot to SMKC and should be respected although his voice might not be the best suited one for Slash's style.
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    Myles' voice lacks aggression and power to them. But you'll have to give it to him that he sure can hit all the notes, and not needing to worry about a cringy performance which Axl gives on certain songs such as TWAT. I remember from some interview which Slash did saying that he choose Myles due to his professionalism and his ability to hit all the notes to his catalogue, as well as helping Slash piece together his ideas into proper songs. So without Myles, there wouldnt even be structure to all the SMKC songs.
  3. 1st one is really really good. Just hits after hits. Took me a few years to dig Scott's vocal performance. Messages from second album (bonus track) is one of my fav song from VR. Although you should really give his SMKC's AL album a try. Great as an album with great groove and melody.
  4. Velvet Revolver. Althought personally there are some good tracks which I love from Snakepit.
  5. I'm of chinese ethnicity, and I can confirm that I don't understand a thing from it.
  6. Here's my little contribution for the Singapore show!