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  1. 1st one is really really good. Just hits after hits. Took me a few years to dig Scott's vocal performance. Messages from second album (bonus track) is one of my fav song from VR. Although you should really give his SMKC's AL album a try. Great as an album with great groove and melody.
  2. Velvet Revolver. Althought personally there are some good tracks which I love from Snakepit.
  3. I'm of chinese ethnicity, and I can confirm that I don't understand a thing from it.
  4. Here's my little contribution for the Singapore show!
  5. [REQ] Singapore 25th Feb 2017's Audio / Video

    Thank you all! Managed to compile and edited the full show. Hope some of you guys like it! <iframe width="686" height="419" src= " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. After a full week of editing, here's the full complete show! Hope you guys enjoy it. Been a really fun project to edit on as a huge fan! https://youtu.be/ot42TAswjF8
  7. Does anyone have footage/ audio of the Singapore show? More specifically for Better, Double Talkin' Jive, Coma, This I Love, Sorry, and The Seeker. Trying to compile the full show, but are missing those.
  8. Apocalyptic Love for me. Flow of the entire album sounds great with rawness of great grooves and melodies. You're A Lie is an instant classic, but most songs works well together as an album, but not so great individually. Never thought WOF is better. Have some great songs but also a fair bit which seem really out of place as vocal and guitar doesn't really fit well (Unholy, Savage Sun, Iris, Dissident). Too Far Gone, Battleground, Safari Inn and Born To Fly are defiantly some of my favourite tracks on the album.