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  1. Marc Bolan / T-Rex tribute album....

    ...doesn't appear to have GnR on it. Elton John, U2, and Nick Cave are. https://www.nme.com/news/music/nick-cave-covers-t-rexs-cosmic-dancer-for-new-marc-bolan-tribute-album-2656250 Those rumours of Guns recording Children of the Revolution a while back may perhaps have been rooted in truth - it was meant to be for a T-Rex tribute album if I'm not mistaken which at that point hadn't been announced - you'd have to assume that this was project in question. Either way, they're not mentioned on the press release and Kesha is down as singing Children of the Revolution for it. Wonder if it went any further than them being approached or if they actually laid anything down for it?
  2. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    My guess would be Hyde Park - would tally up with them being over in July. There's a couple of nights still to be announced and one of those is supposed to be a big name rock act. Its an event they haven't played and they're one of the few bands out there on the circuit next year that have the gravitas to play it.
  3. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Going to chip in here. Don't know of any dates in terms of gigs, but they're DEFINITELY on the European festival circuit at the very least in July - friend of a friend is a producer on a live music TV show in the UK who have actively been pursuing them since the reunion for an appearance. They work very closely with promoters and labels and were made aware of the bands likely availability in the UK during July 2020 way back in May this year. They usually wrap up bookings for the bigger bands on the show for their summer run by January - the Black Crowes and Ian Brown he thinks are already confirmed. The producers got some positive encouragement but he reckons its very unlikely now that they'll now get GNR at this stage (no surprises there).
  4. Kind of understand why Finck was pissed off about Buckethead - those songs didn't need him.
  5. I feel really sorry for Axl. He was right. The songs were there and pretty much ready. I understand why he got Brain, Bumblefoot and Richard to overdub parts to make them part of the team, but I think that's largely been to the detriment of the songs. Freese's drums are superb throughout and getting Brain to overlay ended up making things patchwork - there's a band feel to these tracks - a push and pull - that just isn't there on the released versions - its so much more cohesive on these demos. Getting rid of May's parts was unforgivable.
  6. Keep reading people saying that this a rough mix. There’s panning, compression on everything and reverb and what sounds like early 00’s brick wall mastering. Sounds pretty fleshed out to me.
  7. Certainly bodes well for the rest of the material that's still out there in the ether - I think we can all agree this is far stronger than the majority of what made it onto Chinese Democracy - kind of fits into the "future rock" thing we were promised at the time. Got to say I prefer all the 2003 versions of the songs, all a bit leaner and not weighed down by all the Protooled patchwork flabbiness of the finished product.
  8. You wonder if this was held back because the lyrics would have have properly burnt all bridges with Slash. This has to be about him.
  9. Not one person yet has mentioned the similarity between this and Crash Diet....