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  1. Ballad of Death

  2. Two questions for the ones who followed the show: 1. Same setlist as always? 2. Rasp or Mickey?
  3. Haha! This showed us (once again) to never get our hopes up regarding this band.
  4. Any links to it? Can't find it on Youtube.
  5. I agree, but I would love me some pro-shot SOYL and Slither
  6. Fuck me, they seem to really love the song "play video". I've never heard of it, New single or a cover? Any vids?
  7. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/2018/dyrskuepladsen-odense-denmark-6bed4a9e.html
  8. + 1. He's really rushing it
  9. Great news! Last time izzy did a lengthy interview was in 2008, right?
  10. Right... I thought the band sounded "on point" on slither. Axl is doing some really poor choiches about his vocals though. Wrong octave, Mickey all over, even doing it over duffs vocal parts. I hope he'll recover and that they won't drop it from the setlist. Most (only) exciting part from this show.
  11. Yes, slither! On the stream I was watching, The sound was bouncing all over the place, so hard to evaluate the vox
  12. Any surprises yet or the same setlist as always?