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  1. Slash's best solos?

    I've always thought that his solo on "Serial Killer" is one of his absolutely best. That whole album (Ain't Life Grand) is packed with great riffing and soloing. Slash best work since UYI IMO.
  2. The aspect of this that I find really interesting is also that both Slash and Duff claims to have written the main riff to WTTJ and the chorus to PC, respectively. Duff has proof for his claims of the WTTJ riff, so clearly Slash's memory is tainted there...
  3. I don't think so either but it's identical to the riff from CD. It's a pretty generic riff so it isn't impossible that two people that happen to have been in the same band came up with the same variation of a standard minor pentatonic riff.
  4. Is this confirmed? I saw the pictures from outside the studio, but is it even confirmed that they weren't old pictures taken during the recording of rock or bust?
  5. I understand the analogy. With that said, I'm a musician myself, and when I've been on considerably smaller tours (like 15 shows in three weeks) neither me or my bandmates can stand to play the same set every night, even when we know that certain songs get more positive attention than others. When you do the same sets over and over, you feel like a machine and it kills the joy of performing. But it's all subjective I guess.
  6. They must be really bored playing the (almost) exact set every show for two years.
  7. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    Never liked Patience. The only good part of that song is the outro IMO. November rain and sweet Child bores me as well.
  8. Favorite Slash albums

    All of you that's not putting ain't life grand as (at last) in the top three, have you given it a good listen? I know that "one mans Coffee is another mans tea" but to my ears it's leaps ahead anything slash has recorded outside of GNR, therefore I can't understand that it isn't getting more love.
  9. Wasn't this show promoted as an event where gnr would debut new material? I'm really surprised that they played the same set as always!
  10. A click track seems pretty obvious since frank is counting in every song (the most obvious one being it's so easy).
  11. Technically better, yes. But, to me, sometimes when guitar players get more Technically proficient they can somewhat lose the magic they once had. I haven't heard much of the myles Kennedy-stuff, but can it be that the presence of Fortus has made slash more of a "noodler"? Since Fortus is a very technical and fast player, perhaps slash doesn't want to be the "slow hands" of the band and therefore he's playing a lot of fast runs where he earlier would focus on sustaining notes and playing a melody? Just a hypothesis.
  12. Wow, they're really switching things up
  13. Ballad of Death