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  1. Locomotive!!! It sounded pretty good, far from perfect, drums a bit rushed at times (and the alternative outro was so-so). Like many have said here, that song is "one tough cookie" to pull off so hats off for them for making the song justice.
  2. Probably because an unchanged and predictable setlist makes it look like they aren't being creative. This makes it look like the reunion is solely a "money grab" instead of a band who enjoys playing together and change it up. I bet the shows are still good (attended one of them) but I guess people (including me) are worried that the creative magic (between the current big three) is gone and that the stale setlist attests for it.
  3. Haha, what a bold and exciting change in the forever boring and predictable setlist.
  4. Really? How do you know that it was soundchecked and on the set list?
  5. I'm on the other side of the fence on this one. I love how axl sounds like an old nag in the verses. It makes it really interesting.
  6. Best of the leaks so far IMO. Love the first part and I like the structure. If they're working on this to make it an official release I really hope that they don't make it into a conventional verse chorus verse chorus Bridge solo chorus-song. I know that Slash loves that shit, but too many of those songs makes it really boring.
  7. Didn't like it at all when I heard the snippets. Now when I've heard it in it's entirety I think it sounds like a grower, no big chorus, but a pretty cool alternative rock song. Cool dynamics.
  8. The verses are awesome. Great melody. I think improvement's definitely possible for the rest of the song
  9. Songs about GNR

    The first line in the song: "fuck guns n' roses without Slash"... I agree.
  10. People do generally Enjoy variety though. If Guns would work on a few new songs and play them live, it wouldn't make them less money, and it would Probably feel fresh and exciting for them to have a small change in their daily routine. And since slash, Duff and axl (allegedly) are still creative, in that they are still writing songs, it doesn't make sense for them not to bring it to the stage. I've done a couple of tours and believe you me, more than three nights of identical setlists makes it boring. People are different though, and of course I haven't toured with a huge production that has a different background video and pyro depending on which song you play.
  11. I heard the one minute leak of (supposedly) atlas shrugged. Big disappointment. No big riffing, bland melody.