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  1. Apparent tribute/ripoff (depending how you see it). Not enough bars of "imagine" to make a basis for a lawsuit though.
  2. I'm playing heroes of might and magic 3. That game is so addictive and a time thief from hell.
  3. Yeah, it's basically the same chord progression. The next part has basically the same chord progression as "comfortably numb" by pink floyd. No big deal IMO, a lot of songs share the same progressions (for example- a large quantity of "modern pop" has the VI-IV-I-V-progression, usually in the key of A minor).
  4. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    That's kind of harsh. Shouldn't they at least be acknowledged for their talent playing drums and bass respectively? I agree about the songwriting capabilities though I love Duffs bass lines. He also contributed some cool riffs like WTTJ (I know slash takes Credit for it, but it's obviously Duffs creation, taken from a song he wrote in his previous band)
  5. (wall of text) I can (and am) separating the person MJ from the artist MJ. I've watched the documentary, if you know the common mechanisms of victims of child abuse (especially in cases like this, where there was a lot of manipulation and no violence occuring) it's not uncommon for the victims to really understand that they are just that, victims, until a LOT of years later. My line of work is based on making decisions on whether peoples assesments is considered trustworthy and I would definitely consider both Robson and Safechuck stories as trustworthy. The circumstance of some conflicting details (like that the train station was built after the molestations stopped occuring) doesn't change the big picture. Of course some details will be flaunted, this happened nearly 30 years ago and peoples memories are often blurry and some memories will be distorted. Perhaps Safechuck and MJ didn't have sex in the train station, but if they had sex at a lot of those other places in Neverland and Safechuck later saw the train station, no wonder he might remember them having sex there as well. I've seen/heard about the "evidence" against Safechuck and Robsons assesments, and in my opinion, this "evidence" is WEAK. If you don't believe MJ was a child molester, I recommend you to read EVERYTHING about the '93 case (the detailed description of MJ's penis from the child for example), and the books that were found in MJ's estate that was considered art, would probably nowadays be considered as child pornography. I understand why fans of MJ are acting like rabid dogs, because he's their hero and could do no wrong, but it's very clear to me that he was a child molester. It is a phenomenon called cognitive dissonance, and people will go great lengths to avoid it. I will still enjoy his music, because his obvious crimes doesn't diminish his talent (not for me at least), and since he's dead, he won't benefit from my consumtion of his music. See you in Tokyo, bitch.
  6. Yeah, it's interesting how the ones calling out others as "snowflakes" seems to be the the most tender snowflakes around. It takes one to know one, I guess.
  7. Wow, people really seem to love to refer to people who makes the deduction "more shows= lesser chance for new music" and voices their concern about this as crybabies and "not real fans". It's almost like the ones who's calling out others as crybabies are themselves crying... Like... Hmm... Babies? Interesting...
  8. Doing those things to provoce, disgust and get a reaction from people (probably solely only for Pattons own amusement) has nothing to do with if someone lacks or possess intelligence. It's totally beside the point. I'm basing my opinion of FNM (as a whole) being a more intelligent band on interviews.
  9. I think that they weren't sickened by the actual act but by that the "groupies" were taken advantage of and, by using "Kantian" terminology (sorry, I've been on a philosophical binge the last couple of years), were treated as means instead of ends with intrinsical value. It seems like Patton always has been fascinated by the obscure and (sometimes) disgusting aspects of human behavior, but at the same time he's also frowned upon the patriarchal structure of treating women like possessions for men to play with. I've always enjoyed FNM, and I think that they, intellectually, has always been leaps ahead of GNR.
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Hear hear
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - Stevens drumming is overrated (the "less technique but more feel"-argument doesn't gel with me) - I've never liked Patience, it bores me. - Matt Sorum is the best drummer gnr ever had. - Izzys solo albums are ok at best (except ju ju-hounds which is a B+, mainly because of "shuffle it all") - "it's five o'clock somewhere" is pretty dull and generic, especially compared to the magnificient "ain't life grand" - I liked the horns and background singers on the 1992-leg of the UYI-tour.
  12. I think the original poster was referring to that It's pretty obvious that patton would never want to be the frontman of a band like velvet revolver. If you read/see some interviews with him (or fnm) it will become really obvious. Besides that- Patton's been asked about VR before and he pretty much said that he thinks they Were a joke.
  13. It's got to be PC for me, the first time I heard it (in 2001, believe it or not) it blew me away. That song made me buy AFD and after that, I consumed everything GNR daily for years.