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  1. Lead: Slash, Finck, Bucket, Bumble and, if we really have to, Ashba. As much as I technically much prefer Bucket, Slash is simply irreplaceable in this list. Close second to me is Finck, great writing contributions and a tasteful but impactful expression with the guitar, he was an unusually perfect fit for GnR. Too bad nobody could possibly fill Slash's void. Rhythm: Izzy, Huge, Fortus and Gilby. Here the comparison is laughable, I put Huge above the others cause of songwriting contributions.
  2. I happened to stumble on an interesting bit on Instagram. On a video of Vegas' last night's KOHD, Axl says something to the line of "last one vegas, last one of the season, last one of this leg of the tour so we gotta make it count". Either he was fucking with them or 2020 is just another leg. Tour end my ass.
  3. Yessss, the way the rhythm guitar carries itself and the chorus are Guns by definition, I don't know if Slash had any participation in it but the rhythmic compartment definitely rings a bell. That's why I love Hard School, it's the very concept of modern sounding GnR that CD -although it may still be my favourite album by the band - lacked. Well I have to agree, This I Love is definitely pretty cringey, still a great song nonetheless but I get what you're saying. I actually like the sorta "whiney" vibe to some of the tracks, to me it's one of the things that make Axl unique and relatable to my eyes, the way he can open up and let his sensitivity - with his thorns and all that - perspire through the pieces. I think that it's something that actually makes me appreciate him more, the fuck it rock n roll vibe tends to get old after a little while. As a matter of fact I find Slash's solo material - Snakepit excluded - pretty boring, I think he needs a platform to let his expressivity and musical sensitivity shine, and maybe he can't get there by himself 'cause of the rock n roll frame he limits himself to. I may be pulling all of this stuff out of my ass though, maybe he just has more fun writing classic hard rock pieces. All in all the differences between the characters are pretty much visible by their musical outputs. I also have to agree with you about the cohesiveness of the album, but I guess that's because of all the time passing between the actual writing work and the release.
  4. Yeah, I also think that they put in the right place, after the mellower alts and to bring up the energy before PC. One thing I'd also love to hear is Slash playing the solo as he did at the Troubador show, it had the dirtiness that I love from his style.
  5. Yes, it perfectly fits Axl's voice as of now. Perfect substitute for The Seeker I'd say.
  6. Alright, but how many ballads do we actually have in the album? We have This I Love and Street of Dreams, with the first one that allegedly is about her and is the one that got actually played almost every night until a few months ago. I don't know, if a relationship held that much weight I wouldn't dream of playing a song that reminds me of it every single night, especially when GnR is in a rather peaceful place and doesn't really have to put any "sentimental" effort.
  7. Sorry, but how the fuck did we get to throwing opinions about his private sentimantal life from discussing about the release of an album? I think the issues with the CD release were all about the business side of the deal, I don't really think the album was postponed because of a break-up. I mean, we even got proof that most of the tracks were basically complete by 2002.
  8. 11/02/19 - Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

    Could be wrong but I think thats Axl's impersonator
  9. For being the first time in years in years, for being one of the hardest - if not THE hardest - songs of GNR catalogue... They did an amazing job, and let's face it - at this point playing Locomotive is pure fan-service. Really glad for Frank finally stepping up and receiving some well-deserved praise, pretty surprised by Axl, I think after all these years this was a good showcase of his technical growth as a singer. Still plenty of room for improvement tho, hopefully they won't let us down.
  10. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    I mean... Hard School being a regular on the alternate setlist basically confirms a new album, right?
  11. 10/01/19 - Jacksonville, FL - Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena

    Well fuck Axl is definitely rehearsing with a vocal coach. Civil War is much more controlled with good rasp in the right parts, even mickey parts are unusually strong.
  12. Quick Song has the kind of riff that makes it very radio friendly, hearing Axl on it would scream "comeback" in such a perfect way. That or Hard School, which I'd leave for the second single. Third single must be Perhaps, it's a classic Axl song. Atlas wouldn't do much as a single imo, it's not an easy-listening kind of song and at least for me it takes a couple runs to start appreciating it. A bit like ChiDem as a whole.
  13. Could it be that the "chopped" solo Brian May was talking about in an interview is the one in Perhaps? It doesn't sound really melodically cohesive to me, and listening to the leak it may have been a little tinkered with.