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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Actually, the fishing is much better, much more polished than any standalone fishing game and the controls of the rod are so refreshing while its only a minigame in rdr i think thats says enough
  2. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    haven't remastered them all 3 yet
  3. 1993-06-18 Waser Stadium, Bremen, Germany Are these shots online somewhere and do you know where their headquarters are?
  4. Don't forget Doug was tour manager way before 1991 and basically yeah when the trouble began (axl leaving stages, showing up late etc. etc.) it was a much harder job for Doug to keep it together and clean up the mess after them. Where ever did u read that Doug was responsible for let's say Izzy leaving or Axl jumping the crowd in st Louis. Niven basically freewheeled through his years and in my eyes Doug did a much more respectable job!!!
  5. You can say whatever you want about Doug but thanks to him the guys are still alive and breathing even Alan acknowledged that and if he was still the manager Youtube would still have al the gnr stuff available for watching. Keeping certain members alive is the best achievement in gnr's history.
  6. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Everything you upload will be scanned by youtube's algorithms (a big database with audio, and content holders can add audio to it) and if recognized it's the content holders choice either to block, strike or monetize that video this goes for private video's too. and if nothings found this ugly little wanker will lead them to it as he said so himself recently
  7. The official MAME thread

    Yes i do believe that when he says every game its not 100 percent true but with a decent pc u can come close to playing all thats out there except for the modern system though i have to say that switch and wiiu are easy to be emulated on pc nowadays sure certain demanding games would give you a shitty framerate but if it runs it runs right ;-) the main thing i love is these frontends for pc with the nice menu's etc. which he shows. but i noticed your youtube guy discussed them to. Myself i go way back in gaming and started with a c16 when i was a kid and having owned many consoles after that, thing with retro gaming is certain legendary games which u have good memories of and u fire them up nowadays its mostly a big letdown cause the graphics suck which is offcourse logical but form me its mostly best to keep the good memories from the old days and dont waste them by comparing them to nu gaming. Kinda like the same as with classic gnr and nu gnr ;-) Not dure why u said it but ps3 is easily hackable for long time now but as it is most of the times sony will bring out new firmware which kills the exploit so u gotta stay on low firmware. Kinda like the swithch is having now but its always been a cat and mouse game between hackers and console producers. Not sure whats wrong with dreamcast but u can run those fine on pc. Have good memories from the dreamcast and for mew its still the biggest step in quality gaming from nu gen to next gen it was like bringing the arcade hall graphics home. I would highly advise to check if your switch is hackable you can tell by looking at the serial number, because the latest homebrew lets you stream any pc game to your switch even emulation and it also works in handheld non docked mode which is awesome new they just need to work on the audio some more. And of course it supports retroarch which you will probably now off
  8. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    This one is out now grab it from usenet sorry no other links, here's the info.txt Guns N' Fucking Roses February 22, 1992 - Toyko Dome, Tokyo, Japan Remastered MKV made from the official 2dvd ntsc release by Geffen I used avisynth and the excellent QTGMC deinterlacer to create this, among with other great avisynth filters. The results of that process are pretty impressive and great quality compared to the official release. For this MKV i removed all the aditional backstage footage etc and put YCBM in front of the piano solo exactly in the order it was played. For audio i added 3 different sources: 1 - Official AC3 remastered by me 2 - Untouched Lossless laserdisc audio by Limulus 3 - Untouched Lossless from the definitive edition (Japanese bluray which claims to be the best possible quality ever. I guess they never saw this version) This MKV is ideal for streaming purposes and since where in the streaming ages i wont do a dvd version. My initial plan was to do a blu-ray but i couldnt finish that project in time for a 2018 release. Hopefully i can finish the blu-ray early 2019 and it will feature this version and the uncut version both remastered among with the backstage footage from the official release and some other Japanese footage. will also add more audio sources including a DTS track if i can get that edited properly. For now enjoy this release and beware because its a big ass file which weighs about 16.5 gb's Duration : 2 h 49 min Bit rate : 10.0 Mb/s Maximum bit rate : 12.0 Mb/s Width : 1 620 pixels Height : 1 080 pixels Display aspect ratio : 4:3 Frame rate : 59.940 (60000/1001) FPS Standard : NTSC Tracklist: 1) Pre-Show / Intro 3) Mr. Brownstone 4) Live And Let Die 5) It's So Easy 6) Bad Obsession 7) Attitude 8) Pretty Tied Up 9) Welcome To The Jungle 10) Don't Cry 11) Double Talkin' Jive 12) Band Jam #1 + Voodoo Chile [Intro] 13) Civil War 14) Gilby Introduction + Wild Horses [Intro] 15) Patience 16) You Could Be Mine 17) Piano Solo 18) November Rain 19) Band Introduction + Drum Solo 20) Band Jam #2 + Slash Solo 21) Godfather Theme 22) Sail Away Sweet Sister / Bad Time [Intro] 23) Sweet Child O' Mine 24) So Fine 25) Rocket Queen [w/ It Tastes Good, Don't It?] 26) Move To The City 27) Only Women Bleed [Intro] 28) Knockin' On Heaven's Door 29) Estranged 30) Mother [Intro] 31) Paradise City + Outro SHARE FOR FREE DON'T FUCKIN' SELL
  9. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    They are on usenet, so find a tutorial about how to leech from usenet in your own language, invest 2 hours on learning it. trust me its worth it usenet is a goldmine and you dont need to upload like with torrents so u get the full speed on the downloads .
  10. The official MAME thread

    For 300 bucks u can build a pc that can run every game from every console ever made up until today. This excellent channel shows you how to build one and offers some great freeware to set up your own pc for emulation. Not sure if you know the channel but this is definitely the best video about emulation I ever saw very well produced. Especially the part with the freeware where he shows you how to have your roms running from a great interface. #Mustwatch
  11. Played this to death back in the day and i always considered this one to be the only good attempt at copying mario kart
  12. Nintendo Switch

    So none of you is using the dongle by team executer? It lets you run custom firmware and play backups, install emulators and much more even with the latest updates you can attach an external hardisk with tons of backups to it. Its really great and the good thing is that the exploit is in the tegra chip so Nintendo can't do shit about it. But be aware this exploit is only possible in the devices from before juli 2018, cos in the latest revision of the switch the exploit was patched. You can do a serial number check to see if your switch is hackable or not. The device costs about 50 bucks.
  13. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    I'm using Avisynth to do the main job(which is a pain in the ass, because it's a command line tool and has no gui so therefor u need to write your own scripts), like deinterlacing with the qtgmc filter and some other filters like degrain, resharpen, anti alias etc. etc. depends on what flaws the original video has. Then for color correction, resharpening etc i use adobe premiere pro also combined with various filters. As for audio i mainly use adobe audition but sometimes premiere can handle it too depends on what filters i need
  14. GNR Fonts

    This is the only "free" Gnr font i know of https://www.fontpalace.com/font-details/Corvinus+Skyline+ICG/