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  1. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Thanks for the feedback on my channel and i'm glad u like my videos and also thanks once more for sharing that great tape highly appreciated even in lq mp3 it rocks AF
  2. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Seems i totally missed this discussion, yes i've put them on Youtube mainly because there's a much bigger audience that can hear this great release and there's more people to reach out to than on soundcloud and the more people are reached the less will buy that stuff offa ebay when some bootleg company will press it to silver or vinyl. I was only able to rip it from SC in mp3 128kbps ,i also told this to your friend who did the original transfer. I still really wonder if u could rip it as true FLAC, ofcourse i gave you and your 2 friends credits for it in the YT video and i'm not monetizing any of my video's on my channel. I agree that it's best to keep the original files in their original shape specially when sharing and if u remaster or retrack, do it for private use only. Since this wasnt really shared and only rippable in LQ (for most people) i did tweak it but mainly volume settings because when upped to my channel YT will rape the bitrate and volume once more. Besides there wasnt much to tweak anyways because even in 128 mp3 they sound killer and so i guess the FLACS still stay rare and not heavily circulating
  3. Get your videos out Axl
  4. Both Stockholm 91 all day every day and both mountain view 91 shows to vary
  5. [REQ] 2007 Budokan Show and the 1988 Sunplaza Show

    Hey pal just join here: http://s15.zetaboards.com/Guns_N_Roses_BOOTS/index/ To forfill your fucking parasitic leeching needs
  6. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    So does anyone know what source was used for this bluray release which also contains the Paris gig Guns N' Roses ‎– Triple Illusion 1992
  7. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    Great, good artwork is always welcome I've put up a final sample this time synced with the limulus mp3 version which i tweaked a little myself
  8. Chicago 92

    In fact i do but it still needs a little work here and there. Every now and then i post a clip from this gig on my channel. And when i got all songs covered i will post the full show with a dloadlink. Probably in mkv or bluray format to prevent bootleg company's from selling it. When? I really don't know probably somewhere this summer
  9. Chicago 92

    II did 2 video's for Coma Chicago the original: And i (tried to ) synced one with the audio from 1993-04-10 - Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, Ne
  10. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    I wanna watch you bleed 😌 So here's another sample, in general i think the daylight footage is a bit sharper but that's always a fact. Used audio from say your prayers silver this time. Anyone know which audio boot is considered the best for this gig?
  11. Yes he's right here's an example of one, i have one planned too but too much running projects atm to get to it
  12. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    Well that's not for me to decide as I don't own the tape but i think it might take at least a couple of months for it to be done
  13. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    I have a sample of Foreverguns his version on my channel:
  14. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    Try potplayer it has built in filters voor avisynth, good deinterlacer and tons of filter which will enhance your image on the fly