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  1. Thats for yourself to decide, compare the screenshots. I cant explain easily just google avisynth if u want to know how i work. both
  2. it's 60 Frames a second so it sizes up really quickly will do a regular version later. FAT32 Limits seriously? never heard a player could have that and these days 10 GB is nothing. Hard drives getting bigger 0,30 euro cents per GB would be the average price. 4kK Bluray average size is 60GB. Besides when it comes to classic GNR it's quality that u want no matter what size at least thats how i think
  3. Here is a preview of my upcoming MKV it will weigh around 10 GB took around 40 plus hours to render
  4. So here are some screenshots i promised i blackened out any sensitive info to be down with the rules First pic is a claim for Get in the ring song which i used for the intro of DTJ and after that couple of hours later second pic where they striked me for that video 3rd pic other Saskatoon Video being monetized 4th pic removal of sound city demo without any strike or whatsoever 5th pic monetizing claim for PARIS NEW SOURCE DISCOVERED MANUALLY 6TH Pic monetizing claim got this last week for had this video for over a year also DISCOVERED MANUALLY Estimated earnings so you can see what could make certain channels interesting for bands or record companies From what i've understand the strikes should be lifted any moment now if not i will take my own action tommorow
  5. I absolutely never made a single dime on my videos and you never seen me asking for subscribers, patreon or anything else. The DTJ video was a bait video to get the strike from him and he did bite so it got pulled exactly as i wanted
  6. Lot of my videos where claimed manually, bootlegs as in fan filmed? True but the music in this footage is still owned by GN'R / universal. I also learned they renewed the contract because there was enough to be earned of the old songs on YT and other places
  7. So this morning gibbo showed me a screenshot of him personally addressing the dude who's responsible for al this and he said it was universal who did and that's where he is wrong because on my video I already had a claim from universal about them monetizing it, in fact i had these claims from universal on all my Saskatoon video's. And some of u might know i was working on my own Paris tape conversion and I posted multiple samples of it and universal is monetizing these as well. So it doesn't make sense saying they don't want it out. Also just before the AFD box announcement they pulled al sound city demos i had in different clips never received any strike for it. A lot of my clips stuff was claimed manually by Universal which says enough. I will proof all I'm saying with screenshots when I'm home. I will show all this to the guy responsible for the strikes and i don't wanna ruin anyone's live or whatever so ill give him the option to remove those claims on Saskatoon or i will adress this to Universal so we will see who is the right content owner it's his choice.
  8. Hey guys just quick reaction from me cause I'm @work. This fella never took my Saskatoon video's down i put them on private so yesterday I made an Saskatoon DTJ video where I exposed his name because i wanted him to strike me. On all my videos i have monetizing from universal / geffen etc. In exchange they let me post their videos. Now I don't wanna brag about it but this is quite some cash I'm gegenerating for them. Even this exposure video I did was allready claimed by them...... To be continued in my next lunch break
  9. I know who he is PM me if u want to know. Can't you challenge these strikes? So he must proof things?
  10. I already posted something but it's gone i have quite a few Saskatoon clips on my channel and some of them have a copyright notice saying I can't monetize these vids (which I never do) but they will monetize them and I can leave them up without a strike. I have this on almost all my videos
  11. I did a version with the censored as base video and i patched all the missing uncut parts in which reminds me i still have to release it and fix the flaw in WTTJ
  12. I Will do a properly deinterlaced mkv with pcm audio (if available) for sure
  13. Dude at least i admit in the description box i ripped the video from that guy unlike the people who rip my videos and post them on Facebook or whatever and cut of the watermark and without proper crediting. Did u ever remaster any video with good results and synched it properly with decent audio? Well if you do than u should know how much time it takes to get nice results. And the sign says: AXL GET YOUR VIDEOS OUT and thats just a statement to GnFnR to release some fuckin' proshots asap. And now with this epic Saskatoon video u might see the importance of that.