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  1. More takedowns?

    As happened with my Youtube, Reddit, Mega and Twitter account. Funny thing about that is they don't seem to realize opening a new account is so fuckin' easy. Makin' their efforts totally useless. Makes you realize they must be really retarded considering the fact they do it themselves all the time on this and many other gnr related websites, desperately trying to see if their useless acts are being discussed.
  2. Did the band ever share any concert footage in all those years? .........
  3. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    True that but since its allready out there i decide to put out the paris gig first and gonna be a complete package so shitloads of works needs to be done, Tokyo with the uncut version included will follow later.
  4. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Yeah man i released that one last december Nope this is from a vhs tape that was recorded in the Veronica studio during the rerun of this classic concert one year later. It's also a PAL tape which is higher resolution compared to NTSC and has no timer, the audio sucks though but ill add a few good streams alonbg
  5. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Currently working on this one, scheduled for free release mid-2019
  6. do you have a list of your pro-shot concerts, So I can see if I have something you don't and vice versa ?