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  1. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Tokyo 1992 up next, this one looks quite stunning. Still in the works but here are some comparison shots
  2. LOL WTF Marc Canters video got blocked by the BBC for containing their content, while it was Marc who provided the BBC with that content for that doc. they made.
  3. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Finally finished my remaster of chile 1992 uncensored and it's on usenet ready to be leeched Estadio Nacional December 2, 1992 Santiago, Chile Lineage: TV Broadcast NTSC Master VHS/DVD -> PC -> Avisynth - Adobe Premiere Pro -> MKV Toolnix-> YOU Uncensored TV Broadcast (Chilean Bootlegs) -> PC -> Avisynth - Adobe Premiere Pro -> MKV Toolnix-> YOU First, i remastered both sources, after that, i took the censored master version as base video and patched in the missing pieces from the uncensored version. U can clearly see the quality difference when switched to uncensored. Same goes for the audio had to patch in the audio from uncensored as well which is also lower quality. After that was done I synched the whole video with the FM Futuro audio source and added it as a 2nd audio stream, synching that was a pain in the ass because the speed was different and it had parts of the uncensored source missing as well. The final part was putting all streams in MKVToolnix added chapters and created this MKV. File Size : 10+ GB Duration : 2 hours 10 minutes 51 seconds Bitrate : 10,6 M/S Frame Rate : 29.970 FPS Tracklist Intro It’s So Easy Mr. Brownstone Live And Let Die Attitude Double Talkin’ Jive Vodoo Child Civil War (Stopped) RIOT / Axl Talks Civil War (Cont.) Piano Solo November Rain Wild Horses (Intro) Patience Bad Obsession Band Intro / Drum Solo You Could Be Mine Guitar Solo Godfather Theme The One (Intro) Sweet Child O’ Mine Welcome To The Jungle Only Women Bleed Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door Don’t Cry Mother (Intro) Paradise City Hope you enjoy, will put out a version without the uncensored stuff asap SPREAD FOR FREE, DON'T FUCKING SELL FRANSAD
  4. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    When either Wanker stops breathing and or when GnFnR vids are stopped from being reported The love is mutual gunners
  5. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Hey man, did they force u to pull your website offline? wonder from whom u got the order to do so? Let me guess the IFPI? Anyways my channel just got taken down no letters. U can hear my story here:
  6. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Yeah, I still have the most video's mainly the 2cams or the videos that where much work to make, and I still have all the source material to redo anything. But I'm more focused on doing full show remastered mkv's now. Upcoming releases will have some references to MOFO & WANKER the people who claim to be responsible for the YouTube takedowns and being GnFnR approved. Naming and shaming them on the mkv, free for everybody to watch until eternity or till someone comes up with better sources/quality. ;-) Here is some of my work, some are still in the works and more to come. Find them on Usenet. RITZ 1987 RITZ 1988 INDIANA 1991 CHICAGO 1992 SASKATOON 1993 MAKIN' F@*!ING VIDEO'S
  7. Not spending a single dime on this band and their management until they come with an explanation for the recent happenings
  8. Thats the weird thing about it, because not every single channel with gnr stuff on it is removed. There are still plenty of gnr clips to be found. Another reason to believe the usual suspects are behind it removing mostly mygnr visitors and links being posted on here
  9. Remember you can easily see all takedowns on this website called: The Lumen Database The Lumen database collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests for removal of online materials, helping Internet users to know their rights and understand the law. These data enable us to study the prevalence of legal threats and let Internet users see the source of content removals. In this screenshot at the bottom you can see the claim for the "I Don't Care About You" videoclip that was sent to MyGnR
  10. Nijmegen 2017 Request

    Yeah im still at it, the plan is to do the full 2017 show and add the different songs they played in 2018 as a bonus, the project got delayed because of all this copyright bullshit but it will definitely be finished. Already released a lot of single clips. PM sent.
  11. As i said before UMG removed a lot of those demo's included in the box right before the box was announced, so they went manually through my channel blocking all content that was about to be released but UMG never striked me as you can see on this screenshot. Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part In this next screenshot u can see UMG claiming a video but this time they choose to let is stay on my channel but they will monetize it, which is fine by me because i even didnt have the monetizing option turned on and nearly all my video's where monetized by UMG anyways Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part Then suddenly the IFPI comes and claims the same video and gives me a strike for it, which i find very strange because the IFPI works for companies as UMG making sure any YT money goes to the right copyright owner which in this case is UMG. So here comes the IFPI overruling a decision made by the real content holder UMG and by doing this they make the company they work for LOOSE money. Please note the Takedown issued by IFPI part So when that happened it raised some questions and I contacted the IFPI about it and at first, they didn't react at all but after multiple emails asking them how they could overrule a decision made by the one and only copyright holder they gave me some automated bullshit reply, not even responding to my original question. Ofcourse i replied with screenshots proving the overuling story but they never responded again. So the whole point in this is I understand UMG doesn't want stuff to be sold on Youtube and even if they don't plan on selling it but still want it gone from the tube im fine with that i don't owe any single copyright from Guns N' Roses material. But be clear about because if i knew in the end they want it all gone i wouldnt have invested the time and effort in my channel but by monetizing almost all my vids they seemed to like the money offa it. So it's about time "someone to tell us what the fuck is going on Goddammit"
  12. do you have a list of your pro-shot concerts, So I can see if I have something you don't and vice versa ?


  13. So i uploaded the Saskatoon show to Youtube to see if it would hold and guess what few hours ago it got pulled and i received a strike for it and even my twitter got suspended for having a ytlink to that show. But i don't mind because for me it's clear team moron is definitely involved with this. I mean how hard can it be to just say NO we don't want anything on youtube so people will know and stop uploading on the tube, is that too much to ask for? Anyways i'm done ill find another band with a decent management to promote and make some proper video's for.