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  1. The exact same frames from the clip where already available from the news report for years and the biggest difference is that they all had the logo and subtitles, but the clip Wanker already reported didn't. It looked like the picture of that video was kind of zoomed in to lose the subs and logo. The reason you can tell its Wanker doing the claims is the selectiveness of the video getting flagged. There's still loads of gnfnr vids on YT and if this was a professional company trying to claim gnfrs rights for them they would have definitely removed every single vid on YT!!
  2. New pro-shot ? 13/04/1993 - Detroit

    Live era audio was pasted underneath it and i highly suspect it to be from 1993-06-18 Waser Stadium, Bremen, Germany
  3. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    I assume you're talkin' about my earlier remastered Paris, that was made from johns dvd set? Well for starters this new one is coming straight from vhs tape so it will save the cost of an extra render, because every added encoding means losing quality. Also the tape i'm using is PAL which is higher resolution compared to NTSC and i think "My" tape is also a better quality one (can't really tell though never saw the original tape John used) And finally when i did this first remaster i wasn't that experienced yet so do the math.
  4. VPN recommendations

    I'm pretty sure that when an ISP is cutting you it is because your using a lot of bandwidth and by using a VPN your not gonna solve that. I mean the bandwidth usage doesn't stop, it's only harder to find out who's behind the ip address, making it very useful for uploading illegal files. Your own ISP won't have much trouble finding out it's you who's behind it and it's more for external parties to see who's uploading their content.
  5. So it seems this guy just wrote an official looking email to YT claiming he represents IFPI and thus making false accusations which are punishable, so therefore you should also contact YT and tell them this guy is abusing the system. Normally these strikes are going through the IFPI as in content holders who are officially verified always have an account with the IFPI and through that account, they can strike whomever they like even if its not their content YT and IFPI will hand out automated claims and strikes without checking the content. But according to your story it has to be a person who's acting without an account and has YT thinking its coming from an officially licensed to strike based account. So please notify both YT and IFPI about this matter. Another thing you can do is search for the claims made against you on this website, it features al content claims ever made, and since this is not official IFPI you might be able to see who exactly is claiming this and why. Most of the times this info is blocked when it was done by a real account but in this case it might show who's responsible https://lumendatabase.org/ Please let me know your findings
  6. So basically your saying you got a strike from the IFPI but it came from a different email adres? If so then IFPI should be researching because it look as if someone can hand out strikes from their name, meaning their system is broke because you did receive the strikes. The whole IFPI is a terrible organisation because all is automated, people with accounts can send in any video the like. They are not verified by IFPI nor anyone else its all automated and when yt receives a copyright its not verified either but immediatly accepted until you prove they are wrong. Always dispute the claims from IFPI as they never respond and you'll win every case simply because they dont have the manpower to verify every claim. After about 5 succesfull disputes you can take action and make your channel immune to the IFPI!!!!!. Can you tell me the exact email adres that was used to strike you?
  7. Is Frank Ferrer the worst GNR drummer ever?

    Is the pope catholic?
  8. As i said before UMG removed a lot of those demo's included in the box right before the box was announced, so they went manually through my channel blocking all content that was about to be released but UMG never striked me as you can see on this screenshot. Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part In this next screenshot u can see UMG claiming a video but this time they choose to let is stay on my channel but they will monetize it, which is fine by me because i even didnt have the monetizing option turned on and nearly all my video's where monetized by UMG anyways Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part Then suddenly the IFPI comes and claims the same video and gives me a strike for it, which i find very strange because the IFPI works for companies as UMG making sure any YT money goes to the right copyright owner which in this case is UMG. So here comes the IFPI overruling a decision made by the real content holder UMG and by doing this they make the company they work for LOOSE money. Please note the Takedown issued by IFPI part So when that happened it raised some questions and I contacted the IFPI about it and at first, they didn't react at all but after multiple emails asking them how they could overrule a decision made by the one and only copyright holder they gave me some automated bullshit reply, not even responding to my original question. Ofcourse i replied with screenshots proving the overuling story but they never responded again. So the whole point in this is I understand UMG doesn't want stuff to be sold on Youtube and even if they don't plan on selling it but still want it gone from the tube im fine with that i don't owe any single copyright from Guns N' Roses material. But be clear about because if i knew in the end they want it all gone i wouldnt have invested the time and effort in my channel but by monetizing almost all my vids they seemed to like the money offa it. So it's about time "someone to tell us what the fuck is going on Goddammit"
  9. As happened with my Youtube, Reddit, Mega and Twitter account. Funny thing about that is they don't seem to realize opening a new account is so fuckin' easy. Makin' their efforts totally useless. Makes you realize they must be really retarded considering the fact they do it themselves all the time on this and many other gnr related websites, desperately trying to see if their useless acts are being discussed.
  10. Did the band ever share any concert footage in all those years? .........
  11. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    True that but since its allready out there i decide to put out the paris gig first and gonna be a complete package so shitloads of works needs to be done, Tokyo with the uncut version included will follow later.
  12. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Yeah man i released that one last december Nope this is from a vhs tape that was recorded in the Veronica studio during the rerun of this classic concert one year later. It's also a PAL tape which is higher resolution compared to NTSC and has no timer, the audio sucks though but ill add a few good streams alonbg
  13. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Currently working on this one, scheduled for free release mid-2019
  14. do you have a list of your pro-shot concerts, So I can see if I have something you don't and vice versa ?