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  1. Yes he's right here's an example of one, i have one planned too but too much running projects atm to get to it
  2. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    Well that's not for me to decide as I don't own the tape but i think it might take at least a couple of months for it to be done
  3. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    I have a sample of Foreverguns his version on my channel:
  4. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    Try potplayer it has built in filters voor avisynth, good deinterlacer and tons of filter which will enhance your image on the fly
  5. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    Not sure if u can with VLC, download daum potplayer (i know that name sucks) u can open as much of them as u like and it's the best player anyway. Off topic: Merry Fuckin' Christmas
  6. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    U should do the comparison both in VLC because VLC has a lot of enhancers on board like deinterlacing and other filters Still haven't got that sample from u ;-)
  7. 06.22.91 - Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA 07.19.91 - Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
  8. Forever, And A Day [CD Songs Live From The Forum]

    Should have called it 14 years and a day
  9. Swedish scom documentary

    There's a topic about this documentary in the main section i explained it in there
  10. Chances are high you will get a content claim for putting it on YT. I've put a download link in the download section
  11. Swedish scom documentary

    Last week
  12. Swedish scom documentary

    Here is a download link for the Swedish sweet child o' mine documentary which could only be seen in Sweden or by using a VPN https://mega.nz/#!4DwSXIIA!v9-p6zDWHzhwK29wb86eHqPxGW5qoJfgEHfJZQ6Upkc
  13. Just paste this link https://www.svtplay.se/video/15864343/hitlatens-historia/hitlatens-historia-sweet-child-o-mine-sasong-9-sweet-child-o-mine?start=auto&tab=2017 in your favorite video downloader. Worked for me without a VPN using alavsoft video downloader got me a 1280-720 video which weighs 590mb and lasts for 29 minutes