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  1. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    I filmed the first Nijmegen show myself, together with another fan. So we have 2 good sources and after the gig i reached out to other dutch fans asking them for their master files and i obtained alot of them. The ultimate goal was (is) to create a multi cam with all the sources i have and i finished nearly every song of it. Unfortunately, there's a couple of songs that i can't create in the quality i want because i still need more material for that, so i released a few clips asking for more sources but there was hardly any response. It's been a while now and i still haven't decided what to do with it. This project should have been finished long time ago so i think i'll just put it all out soon, not sure yet if i will include the songs with less sources or just skip those songs entirely. PM SENT
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some management, you just can't reach. So, you get what we had here, last year. Which is the way they want it, Well, they can get it And I don't like them anymore, just like most fans.
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    Identifying bullshit is crucial to understanding the dynamics of a situation.
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    Geez people actually still think it's the label and not TB who's the initiator of it all. First of all Universal is known for monetizing the shit out of fan posted copyright material. And as you can clearly see in these screenshots, they were not on a mission to stop gnr content from being posted. They monetized almost every single video from my channel and many other gnr related channel too and im not claiming we made them rich but still every penny is one. Take a closer look to these (re)posted shots from my old channel, its a pretty good summary that shows that universal was liking the money gnr content created for them. As i said before UMG removed a lot of those demo's included in the box right before the box was announced, so they went manually through my channel blocking all content that was about to be released but UMG never striked me as you can see on this screenshot. Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part In this next screenshot u can see UMG claiming a video but this time they choose to let is stay on my channel but they will monetize it, which is fine by me because i even didnt have the monetizing option turned on and nearly all my video's where monetized by UMG anyways Please also note the Claimed by: UMG part Then suddenly the IFPI comes and claims the same video and gives me a strike for it, which i find very strange because the IFPI works for companies as UMG making sure any YT money goes to the right copyright owner which in this case is UMG. So here comes the IFPI overruling a decision made by the real content holder UMG and by doing this they make the company they work for LOOSE money. Please note the Takedown issued by IFPI part So when that happened it raised some questions and I contacted the IFPI about it and at first, they didn't react at all but after multiple emails asking them how they could overrule a decision made by the one and only copyright holder they gave me some automated bullshit reply, not even responding to my original question. Ofcourse i replied with screenshots proving the overuling story but they never responded again. So I knew I was working with copyrighted material and I also knew that one day this could happen. Therefore I'm not complaining, my whole point in this is the way TB executed their plans. First they monetize certain channels for years and years and then suddenly out of the blue many channels where being terminated. And instead of just sending an email or make a statement that they want the video's gone they'd hired some mentally disturbed tards to do the dirty work for them. Remember when the strikes added up TB was reached and nicely asked what was going on and they ignored it from the start until screenshots were given to them and they noticed the claims came from Uzisuicidal LLC. An account that was owned by GNR/TB, the minute they saw that action was taken and the copyrights stopped coming from that account. Soon after that, the claims began to come from the IFPI which is an organization that protects content holders and it's main goal is to make sure the revenue that comes from YT adds goes to the right content holders. Many content holders can get an account from them after making clear and providing proof that the content they claim really belongs to them. When the proof is verified a content holder gets a "license to strike" which makes it as easy as sending the IFPI an email with a link to the content they wish to have removed and then the IFPI will report to YT which always leads to the removal of the provided YT video. All of this is an automated process IFPI doesn't verify they links they get offered because they would need to hire a ton of employees to be able to verify every single link that gets forwarded to them which is way too expensive. Besides that, all account holders have already been verified anyways. YT also doesn't verify all the links they are offered because the IFPI is already a known company to them, besides that YT doesn't want any copyright bullshit to deal with. So they block any claim coming in, afraid to be sued by the claimer and basically tell the channel owner, hey you're guilty until proven innocent. So yeah more and more people blame TB for not being responsive and the tone against them get much rougher every day and in my eyes there's plenty of legit reasons for that if you consider these facts: - When noticing strikes came from Uzisuicidal they stopped it within 24 hours and now they say they can't do anything about it. I bet they never even tried it - Beta saying she doesn't know who's behind the claims but she does know it's not a fan and it will continue - Anyone can remove some video's through a scam but to remove them on this scale you need a verified account - How did them tards gain control over Uzisuicidal LLC which was proven to be tied to Wankers personal email adress - How can them tards remove vids on this scale when they don't own the copyright to it...... indeed do the math - Companies like UMG always use algorithms to identify their content so how come certain fb pages are being killed and others not while they have the same content - Almost every single claim on facebook says its from a third party that reported it which means someone personally reported it and not an algorhytm - If Universal was responsible they would kill every FB page that has video's and not being picky - Beta bashing a very dedicated fan that never disrespected the band nor stalked them and is always very helpfull to other fans - Selling a very expensive AFD box you know only hardcore fans will buy and cutting the price by 500,- within a few months without compensating the day one buyers so basically rob them for 500,- - Hiring tards to do your dirty work while they are known as a malignant tumor in the community for years and banned from nearly every gnr related platform for obvious reasons - Ignoring a disturbingly racist meme on your main forum without a permaban - Paying lots of money to the wrong person to keep leaks from happening but still have it leaked and killing peoples dedicated channels earning money for you with no reason - Asking to be tagged in video's in order to strike their channels easily - Terminating peoples non gnr related youtube channels which sometimes was their life's work without a warning because they went to a show and posted a small clip of it. I can go on for hours but for it's these kinda things that all add up on the bashing of TB and yet there are still people who can't understand why TB is being criticised more and more. Must be losing my mind, are they blind?
  5. Copyright Strikes....

    Well, it's a long story, but you asking this is another reason to create an explainer video, the same goes for the numerous 'innocent' YouTubers that suddenly lost their channels which they, in some cases, had for years without any problem. All because TB felt the need to put some idiots in charge of removing videos from YT. While they could have easily made a statement about it so people would know and have peace with it. But no instead of that they asked people to share and tag them into any gnr related video for easy removal. What a way to treat your fans, think it's about time to repay them with an unremovable video and tag em all over it. /end of rant.
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    Yeah it was loaded till 100% so thats why it was pretty quiet with pms lately lol, i just created some space, not sure if its smart to say that here ;-)
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yeah it definitely is, i have a pretty decent rig but yet the game still freezes for a few seconds every now and then. Besides that i'm getting randomly thrown out of the online world with some vague error code. Sure there are some workarounds possible but at least i can play it. There's many reports from people that can't even fire it up!!!
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    The reason that video is still around is most likely because it doesn't have Guns N' Roses in the title because that's how the usual inbreds search for new youtube uploads. A well-known member of this board posted a black picture with GNR in the title and it still got blocked which is fucking lame and the worst part is that he countered that claim but there was no response at all. All in all, it's a shame to see that the management nor any band member responds to this bullshit and that they just ignore it all, hoping it will all blow over soon. So to prevent that from happening I'm looking into doing a narrative explainer video with all the recent happenings in chronological order. But in order to create a good one I need a good script. So I'm looking for volunteers who can write a good script that I can use to create a decent explainer video. The ultimate goal is to reach the mainstream media hoping they will pick up the story!!
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    Believe me you don't wanna know and get into that and there are enough nutcases to discuss already I can't believe I'm still trying to prove this shit. Seriously also wondering what people think it will take to have such an account where you can easily drop links and those links will be removed without verifying. You gotta definitely proof you have the rights of a certain band or songs before you can block them like that. After that authentication, it's all you can block!!!! So it's not that you can simply buy such thing and start blocking the shit out of youtube. So uzisuicidall was def a real account
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    Dude even Stevie fuckin' wonder sees it's like that. Maybe this will do the trick for you!!!!!!!
  11. Copyright Strikes....

    Fuck me sideways there are still some people that doubt all this? SIGH So here's a screenshot where you can clearly see that at some stage Wankers email address was tied to the uzisuicidal llc account and was used with both youtube and facebook to takedown vids!!
  12. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Sure i got it rendered full already but it needs more finetuning and at the moment i have other projects i want to finish first
  13. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I'm getting lots of pm of people asking me for mega links or torrents etc. The reason I put my stuff on Usenet is because the files there are untouchable and will be there for at least 6 years (some providers grant up to 10 years) Yes, it has a learning curve but there's plenty of good tutorials on YT for it. Yes for a good and stable dload you need an pay server account (i don't earn from that). It really blows my mind that certain people tell me that they don't wanna spend 2 hours to go through the hassle of getting into Usenet and ask me to upload it to a different place. I mean WTF uploading 10gb will take me 8 hours combined with the remastering, rendering, synching, creating chapters etc etc. will take me an average of at least 40 hours. Believe me, I wish I could put them in a torrent or whatever easier solution but it will be taken down as soon as a certain individual notices it and will have me lose my account. There are plenty of free trial options where u can test a pay server for free sometimes even for a few days, which is more than enough time to leech all my releases. Usenet only makes you dload at full speed and doesn't require you to upload. So if you don't feel like spending some time in learning how to deal with Usenet don't come PMing me for mega links cause I don't have any and if I had them I wouldn't give them to people demanding me to upload to mega for their convenience cause afraid to invest some time in getting it while it took met at least 10 times more time to create it. Really as much as i hate saying this i can't do shit about it and we all know who's to blame for that. Thank you
  14. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    i always post the shows along with at least 10% parset which means if a post is not complete you can repair it really easy with the pars. All you have to do is install quickpar and make sure you dwonload the pars too then you just double click a par file and it will verify all rars and if some are incomplete ar have a wrong name it will repair them and / or rename them.
  15. Copyright Strikes....

    It's unfuckin' believable really, so first Beta goes off about Stephanie Seymour then she says she's sick off Margott. Hahahahahaha she's just fuckin' jealous and sorta tries to keep other women away from Axl. I bet my money on Annette that Mofo reporting Meegans videos was a direct order from Beta!!!! Beta being on social media is great cause it really shows off how evil that woman is