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  1. This file stinks for multiple reasons, first of all, its in wmv and one must be really a tard to use that as a codec for capturing since its lossy AF. Second it's shows signs of combing in the moving parts and i tried to inverse telecine it of to no avail. So either it was captured by a retard or it was converted and ruined on purpose so the original file still has some trading value. I'm quite sure it was destroyed with a reason and the fact that it has major combing, the picture was shifted, the audio is heavily compressed and the format this file has proves that.
  2. That's def. not the manager and just another troll account like the many they are known for creating. One of the usual suspects claims to regret signing a contract with the UMG takedown squad and tries to "sorry" his way into the community again. Prolly because he's scared shitless to attend some of the upcoming shows. Also trying to blame UMG to make look TB innocent, which is bullshit because UMG is known for monetizing the fuck out of everything. Besides that, just ahead of the announcement an AFD box was in the works, UMG went manually through my channel and removed all stuff related to the Sound City demo's including the It's So Easy video clip. (which also came out remastered along with the box) But no strikes or warnings where given prolly because they liked to keep monetizing my channel. Then suddenly a few days later the IFPI, who actually works for companies like UMG, and UZIsuicidal (registered to one of the offenders) starts striking different kinds of videos. So I bet my balls TB started all this bullshit and I still don't understand why, they could have just sent us an email or make a statement that they wanted all video's of the tube, fine by me, in the end, it's their content. But no someone decided its better to first monetize those channels for years and then suddenly terminate them all without notice. Like I said they could have just emailed us and skip getting all this drama, I guess it's just a case of bad management there's no other way I can call this.
  3. Nintendo Switch

  4. Nintendo Switch

    Agreed, the switch has a great catalog of games already and also some pretty nice complete versions of little older classic, they also got rid of the kiddy image nintendo consoles use to have. I really hoped a new mario kart would be announced it is about time for a new part in that series. Any news about mario kart android btw?
  5. TurboGrafx / PC Engine Mini Announced

    Geez, it looks like almost every console that existed will have his mini version. Can't believe it will sell bigtime, don't get me wrong i like my retro games but the older they are the shittier they look. I love to keep my good memories of certain classics because everytime i fire up a really old game it really destroys the memories i had of it, cos it looks so crappy.
  6. Loco-Motive

    someone's toilet seat sounds just like the opening drum fill from locomotive
  7. Since GnFnR released the Overpriced For Destruction box and some remastered video clips around that release, we might have hope not everything GnFnR burned because one would expect the source material used for those releases would be stored in the same place??????
  8. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    search for: invade paris the mp4 version is an old remaster I did a few years back which is a pretty nice remaster too, but better grab the new one as it is superior compared to the mp4
  9. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    A concert only mkv is now available on usenet the blu-ray with extras will follow soon
  10. What about calling them, didn't you buy a bundle to call them overseas, also saying the rather pick up the phone than responding to emails/ I think @sidman69 won a dispute with the IFPI last week and it took at least a month for YT to decide that!!!
  11. Sites For GNR Cover Art

    This one is still alive: bootlegcovers
  12. PC gaming chatter

    Yeah basically without integrated graphics u cant do stuff with it until you have a new card. If you are limited by budget i would maybe consider buying a 2nd hand gpu, people upgrade that a lot so sometimes you can find some very cheap 2nfd hand gpu's for a very low price
  13. PC gaming chatter

    Integrated graphics in the CPU is not necessary, but it could be handy for troubleshooting because you can still access the pc and also still use it to browse etc if the gpu would die. - The Ryzen 5 2600 is currently the undisputed choice in bang for buck. For the price of less than 160 euros you get a hexacore processor with cores that clock on a turbocharger of 3.9 GHz. With its six, the cores ensure that you can effortlessly get through the busy scenes of demanding games on full HD. In terms of value for money there is no better choice now. - The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 OC 6G is considerably more powerful, namely 25 percent faster than the RX 580 and it also uses 30 percent less energy. The dual Windforce fans of this video card are a proven recipe and deliver solid cooling performance without too much noise. With a low load, they even stop completely. Not sure about the paste, if your gonna build it yourself i would always order cooling paste, and if it would come with the processor it wont be pre attached, normally it's only a few bucks, but if you will have it assembled at the shop don't buy it because they will apply it in order to test run the system before they deliver so you dont need it. Another thing it to remind that a GPU unit can be replaced in almost every MOBO but be aware that if you wanna replace the cpu, chances are the latest processors will need a new socket and thus motherboard, so it would invest more in the cpu
  14. PC gaming chatter

    I would recommend this build, u should be able to get this for less than 700 but it also counts a pc case which i think is missing from your specs. With this system, u can play all nu gen triple a games on full hd without problems. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Wraith Boxed ASRock B450M Pro4 internG.Skill Aegis F4-3000C16D-16GISB Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 OC 6G Fractal Design Focus G Mini€ be quiet! Pure Power 11 400W Crucial MX500 2,5" 500GB U can also use a nintendo switch pro controller with windows or playstation controllers, works like a charm. Check this freeware to setup ps4 controllers for pc http://ds4windows.com/ Be sure to check out this game about building your own rig, its getting very nices scores on metacritic and is actually pretty good for pre build fun https://store.steampowered.com/app/621060/PC_Building_Simulator/
  15. The exact same frames from the clip where already available from the news report for years and the biggest difference is that they all had the logo and subtitles, but the clip Wanker already reported didn't. It looked like the picture of that video was kind of zoomed in to lose the subs and logo. The reason you can tell its Wanker doing the claims is the selectiveness of the video getting flagged. There's still loads of gnfnr vids on YT and if this was a professional company trying to claim gnfrs rights for them they would have definitely removed every single vid on YT!!