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  1. Not sure if allready mentioned but the worst of all this, is that Duff posted a video on his instagram just a few days after the cheap rerelease of GH on vinyl (cheap as in low effort, easy money) In this video he's unboxxing a great vinyl boxset from Prince, showing off how epic it is and that it contains shitloads of demo's that are never heard before, a full never released live show audio only and even a dvd containing a never before seen full gig. Then he even says with fucking dry eyes that it better be good and how he will be the first to critisize it if it aint good and how he
  2. Spending nine years on an album that's sounds like one big fart is way worse imo
  3. Relationship between GNR and its fans in a nutshell.
  4. They way how Slash mentions GNR in passing when discussing what he's been doing lately in this interview from today, really tells me they haven't done shit regarding to new album/music. https://streamable.com/izfaff
  5. https://www.thisweekinpinball.com/guns-n-roses-pinball-deep-dive-in-depth-overview-of-the-machine-features-rules-and-more/
  6. I'm starting to wonder at which point this band got into thinking that GNR fans are all millionaires and that our money pockets are bottomless. Actually i wouldn't even be surprised that if you buy this machine, you still have to put in money for it to function and someone like Dell will come by to collect that each month.
  7. They got sent 18 HD Pro shots of 3 hours each to choose from and add into it.
  8. Game features include a real drum stick ramp, platinum record spinning toy, guitar pick spinners, hand sculpted toys, articulating spotlights, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and so much more! This kinetic work of art brings the concert alive with hundreds of LED lights, multiple LCD displays showing custom animations and hours of Not In This Lifetime concert footage, while 21 full-length studio master tracks from Guns N’ Roses blast from the 120 Watt 2.1 stereo sound system! Will there ever be another rock and roll pinball experience like this? NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!
  9. In the meanwhile on the Facebook page of the manufacturer :
  10. Limited edition Standard edition Collectors edition
  11. So i assume you'd be sober by now as I'm wondering what you end up with.
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